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2008 Rescue Kerries Placed: Aidan


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Fostered in Colorado 

Rescue Coordinator: Mimi Karsh

Aidan first came to rescue attention when he was placed for sale on “craigslist”. I went with another experienced Kerry owner to see him in the hope of having this five year old neutered boy surrendered to rescue for evaluation and proper placement in a forever home. We were greeted by a sweet, full of Kerry personality and exceptionally well trained boy who was living with another dog and two very active young children. Aidan was purchased directly from a well known mill in the Midwest and his owner was determined to recoup the “investment” refusing any negotiation. Needless to say, we left with heavy hearts knowing Aidan would be spending most of his life ignored in his crate. However, several months later, Aidan was purchased by someone wanting companionship for a female dog. While the dogs got along well, Aidan’s Kerry exuberance was too much for his new owner and after much advice and soul searching, he was surrendered in mid November. He is currently in an experienced foster home being monitored by a no nonsense Kerry girl. He has learned his boundaries with her and he and his foster mom are working on leash walking manners. He loves to go for car rides and behaves well while letting approaching pedestrians in parking lots know that he is “on duty”. Aidan shows a strong prey drive typical of most Kerrys and he must have a well secured fenced yard with walks on a leash. The next two paragraphs have been taken directly from an assessment written by his foster mom.

“His gentle disposition would make him an excellent companion for children- he fetches, loves balls and squeaky toys, plays tug o'war gently, and I'm quite sure could be taught many other tricks. He knows all his basic commands by voice and hand; sits for his dinner until told to eat, and waits politely while food is being prepared- though he likes to be nearby when it is. His high energy level might make him better suited for older children, strong enough to hold a leash on a walk when a squirrel runs by. He is interested in meeting other dogs on walks and does not show aggression. He is content to snooze quietly beside the couch and really just wants to be with you. He does not display signs of separation anxiety, but will follow me from rom to room. He's energetic and needs a good walk daily, but would probably be content to play ball in the back yard for exercise.”

He will do well with the companionship of another dog but should not be in a home with a cat. Children old enough to respect and properly handle a dog would be fine. He is happy in his crate when he has to be left home alone with his Kerry housemate. When his foster mom is home, his crate is left open for naps and it’s not used as any form of discipline. He happily sleeps on the bed with his foster mom the entire night curled in a ball but knows that the couch is off limits. According to his mom, he is a great snuggler and is relishing the human contact. Aidan is a handsome boy with a lovely dark silvery coat and a very short tail, typical of the mill from which he came. This tail has not hampered his enthusiastic “wag” ability in any way. He was photographed on the day of his surrender and after a proper grooming, he will be one handsome boy! Even after two unappreciative homes, Aidan’s love of life and Kerry personality have not been dampened. Hopefully, he will have a “Very Merry Kerry Christmas” and the start of a loving new life in the coming year.

From: mkarsh@COMCAST.NET
Subject: [KBL] Aidan: The Best Christmas Ever
Date: December 27, 2008 1:43:02 PM PST

It is with great delight that I report on Aidan's forever home. He had been in a loving foster home since November 15th after spending the 5 1/2 years of his life in two different homes that weren't right for him. Many good people who saw his story wanted to be his next family but it was very important that this sweet and loving boy have the absolutely perfect "forever" home this time. Indeed, the third time was a charm and that family did appear.... complete with Kerry experience and two happy canine companions.

Getting him on a plane from Denver, experiencing record cold temperatures, seemed like it might not happen for months. Fortunately, we only had to worry about low temperatures in Denver as he was flying to Southern California. With constant contact with the weather forecast, a glimmer of hope appeared for a possible warm up on Christmas Day. At nearly midnight on Christmas Eve we got news of the lifting of flying restrictions for animals and the next morning Aidan was sent on his way, not by sleigh, but by red station wagon and silver jet. He arrived in California by late afternoon Christmas Day, safe and happy and by evening he had a new teenage best friend, two new four legged friends and a spot on his new mom and dad's bed. Christmas for all concerned just doesn't get better than that!

Mimi Karsh
Denver, CO

Aidan was placed with Shannon Whiting in Southern California

From: Shannon Whiting
Sent: Monday, July 20, 2009 9:56 AM
Subject: Aidan


I must share with you the joy that our recent adoption, Aidan, has brought to us. He arrived on Christmas Day from Mimi Karsh in Denver. Someone was looking out for us because we lost our Kerry, Willy, on December 15 and Aidan arrived on 12/25. Aidan is an angel and as everyone who meets him says “The two families that gave us this dog were stupid because if you don’t like Aidan, you don’t like dogs!” He loves everyone including our vet and his groomer, our neighbors, Colleen’s boyfriend, just everyone he encounters. He is smart, loving and really easy to have around. We have a 14.5 year old Airedale and a 13 year old Basset and there has never been a cross word between them. For us, it was wonderful to have a young terrier again. We are so grateful to the Foundation that we were chosen to share our lives with this wonderful boy!        Shannon


From: Shannon Whiting
Sent: Monday, August 17, 2009
Subject: Aidan

I wanted to share with you how Aidan, the perfect dog is doing. As you know, it has been an emotional time in our home these past couple of weeks. Aidan has been a saint and was there for Colleen every step of the way. He has been her shadow, comforting her and just being his easy, loving, patient self. She told me that she misses Rosie, terribly, but she is certainly glad that Aidan has been there to help her through it. He seemed to sense that she was needy and he was there for her. He slept with her every night since Rosie passed away. I checked on them one night and he was actually lying on top of her all stretched out with legs stuck up in the air. He also seemed to have been a comfort to Charlotte too, who was depressed, lying around like a beached whale. He would approach her, bark at her quietly and then nip at her giant foot. She would lift her head and plunk it right down again. She is doing better now and is back to unrolling the toilet paper and playing with Aidan, a bit. We have noticed that she has slowed down; don’t know if her age is catching up with her (she is 13) or if she is still mourning.

Aidan continues to charm everyone he comes in contact with. He and Fred walk me out every morning when I leave for work. Aidan knows that he isn’t allowed out the front door without an “ok” from us. So Fred and I stand and chat with the front door wide open. Aidan sits, twitching and adjusting himself, until he received the “Ok” to run out front. He sniffs around a bit and then he has a command “Go to Fred” which means he moves up on the grass so that I can back the car out. The amusing thing is that now we don’t even have to give him the command and Fred doesn’t even have to be there…he just goes there himself and sits down so that he is safe. Then they watch me drive away, husband and dog enjoying the morning air. It takes me back years, long before Colleen was born, when Fred and I were newly weds with our first Airedale, Dinah, and they walked me out each morning to send me off to work.

Fred loves Aidan more than I can express in words. Each evening when he comes home from work they have a routine. After Fred greets the humans, Aidan goes and gets his special toy, and then he and Fred play. After they play for a few minutes, Fred sits down and Aidan jumps into his lap and then Aidan tells us about his day. He is very democratic, dividing his time between the family members….he spends time with Fred watching baseball, then he moves in to spend time with Colleen and then he goes to bed with me because I retire early since I get up so early. Mimi, he is truly a dream dog who came into our lives when we truly needed him. He has seen us through the loss of two beloved dogs………..

Now, we eagerly look forward to Jazz joining us. We are busy picking out the perfect collar for her….naturally everyone has an opinion. Aidan wants her collar to match his but in a more feminine plaid; Colleen wants polka dot. You mentioned that Jazz is a “wild child”. Fred and I look at that as a gift too because of Colleen heading off to college we will have the time to love and train Jazz and give her the kind of home she deserves with a family who will adore her for the rest of her life.


Thank you again for the wonderful blessing of having Aidan in our life, for he has enriched us beyond measure. Shannon



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