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2007 St. Patrick's Day Rescue: Reily


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Reily Irish Tartan – appropriately blue!

Reily, born August 22, 2005, is male #140 from the St. Patrick’s Day rescue. Reily is currently in Winnipeg, Canada and has already made lots of friends here! His first temporary foster parents wanted “visiting rights” when he was placed in his longer term foster home!

Reily wagged in his crate when he was first met at the airport on March 21st. He is naturally a friendly little guy who loves to cuddle - and he is little, weighing only 28 lbs. Otherwise, Reily appears to be in good health. 

Reily is not afraid of people, always has a wag. Although he is can be little shy and startles a bit at strange noises, he does exhibit Kerry curiosity. He is equally friendly to male and female humans and will let you hold his paws, handle his mouth, and rub his stomach.

Everything is new to Reily, but he is learning quickly. He has learned to walk on a leash, go up and down short flights of stairs, and he is starting to play with toys and respond to his name. Some things, like dog biscuits, he does not recognize as food, although he certainly eats his kibble!

Reily is not aggressive with other dogs. However, it seems as if he has had to fight for food in the past. When something he recognized as food dropped on the floor, he immediately went after a young female Kerry who was in the vicinity. Earlier she had been teaching Reily to play and they had been getting along well, but food was a trigger for Reily. He could likely get along in a home with another dog, but the food situation would have to be tightly controlled.

Reily has also had the opportunity to interact with a two year old child. He was calm and friendly, and soon went back to sleep. Reily is sleeping a lot right now, likely because he has little in the way of energy reserve and is not used to doing many other things. He is happy sleeping in his crate at night and goes into his crate without complaint.

Reily would probably do best in a home where he was the only dog at the moment. Right now he needs lots of hugs, attention, and caring humans to help him learn about the world. With love and patience, he will make someone a wonderful companion dog!

Update on Reilly - St. Patrick's Day Rescue 2007 - One Year Later

Subject: [KBL] Update on Reilly - St. Patrick's Day Rescue 2007 - One Year Later
Date: March 15, 2008 5:38:05 PM PDT

One year ago, Reilly (Reily) was one of the dogs in the St. Patrick's Day
Rescue. He came up to Winnipeg, Canada, where his sweet nature was
immediately evident to everyone who met him! Reilly made good progress in
his wonderful foster homes, working on many of the same issues found in lots
of dogs rescued from puppy mills. Stairs were unfamiliar; he didn't know how
to walk on a leash; he did not know how to play; he had some toileting
issues; and, if you saw his photos on the website you will remember he was a
very skinny guy!

In early June, Reilly went to his forever home - a family experienced with Kerries, including a previous rescue dog. It was a super placement; an extended family with everyone dedicated Reilly's care.Last fall his "Mom," Candice, wrote me an update. As you will appreciate, Reilly was showing some typical Kerry characteristics and this very skinny guy was slowly putting on weight."Reilly had a great summer with us and spent weekends at the lake. He is not a lover of water, but he does know how to swim. He also doesn't like the heat - some mornings he didn't even want to go for a walk, he just turned back to go inside the house!

Now that it is dark in the mornings, he is not anxious to go out for a walk. He is very stubborn at times!!! When he doesn't want to go, he lies down and puts his legs out in the air, so it is hard to pick him up.I spent my 7 weeks vacation with Reilly literally glued to me. This was a fabulous opportunity for him to learn that he has a permanent home and when we go out we do return.

We have had to get him a new collar, as he has outgrown the one he arrived with."

Candice and I stay in touch. All reports are very positive. Recently, we
connected again because we were trying to find a time when Reilly could out
to visit us and our Kerry girls.

Candice's latest email said:

"Reilly loves to play with his toys; loves to take my shoes and runs around
the house to be chased. He is not very fond of the cold weather, so walks
have been very limited lately. Jordan and Rosa took him to be fitted for
winter boots and he amazed the staff at the pet shop as he took to the boots
immediately and didn't do the high step that dogs usually do when they first
put the boots on.

We were actually out in Gimli twice before Xmas and drove by your place to
see if you were around. We definitely want you to see how Reilly has
progressed. He is a very different dog!"

This St. Patrick's Day, let's celebrate another Kerry rescue success story
and the great families who take on the challenge - and receive the rewards -
of adopting one of our very special Kerries! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Update on Reilly

Reilley died at the end of September 2013 from a medical condition. He was only 8 years old.


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