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2007 St. Patrick's Day Rescue: Cialey


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Cialey is the six-year-old Kerry girl rescued from a Missouri puppymill auction on St. Patrick's Day. She arrived in Pennsylvania a few days later. She was underweight and frightened, weak in her legs, suffering from terrible teeth and gums, had infected ears and a very large hematoma in one ear that held the ear out straight. She would sit and stare into space, sometimes nodding into sleep sitting up. She did not eat from a bowl, only the floor, and had a hard time chewing, dropping pieces around. We thought she'd never eat enough to even sustain the weight she had and lost yet another pound. Cialey slept often and deeply. It took us a minute to wake her up and then she'd stumble around. She did not know how to take a treat from our hands. Picking her up was the only way to move her and that caused her to stiffen up. She froze if we went to reach for her and especially didn't like to be touched around her collar. When she did need to go into her crate, she would throw her front legs out straight and hold her head up high to avoid the opening.

Cialey probably never had a run on grass before if she ever even had a run on anything. Her first steps were tentative but then she moved around more. She loped around for a few seconds, front and back legs not coordinated, then sat down, energy depleted. As the days passed and she made faster time, she would run to us but couldn't stop and banged right into our legs.

Each day brought Cialey new things to learn, like stairs. Being the shortest way to the back fenced yard, she had to learn this quickly. If it wasn't so sad it would have been hilarious. The inside stairs, even though they're carpeted, still give her problems.

Cialey has toys but doesn't know how to play with them. She enjoys a grocery bag to tear up, and likes to pull clothing down from a coat rack.

Her first vet visit here went well and she liked everyone, showing particular attention to the resident cat.  Her teeth and gums are now beautiful and the surgery on her ear is healing well so far.

Cialey likes our Kerry, Kirby, but he doesn't like to play, so we haven't seen a lot of interaction. She has been good with both men and women and really happy around our grandchild.

One funny thing Cialey did was one evening when we were watching a tv show with a polar bear cub. She was watching the cub intently when it ran across the screen from right to left. She ran with it, around a half wall into the kitchen, and searched for the cub on the other side! She likes shows with animals that make sounds.

In the days after her surgery, Cialey became a new girl. She's eating better and drinking more. Her new identity is "Surfer Girl" for she finally got strong enough to surf the kitchen counter. How many dogs get cheers when they stand up on the counter?

Because Cialey can't, we thank everyone involved in her rescue from a life in misery to helping her on a healing journey. We wish you could all see her now!


Date: August 5, 2007 2:03:15 PM PDT

When David picks up a rescued Kerry from Philadelphia International, we never know what to expect other than the sex and age, but they're always terrified. And this little Kerry girl from the St. Patrick's Day Rescue was the most pathetic physically. The rescuers had cleaned her up but there is no way to fix a sick, underweight dog in just a few days. And thin was just the beginning. She had a heavy yeast infection both ears, very dry skin with scabs, eye discharge, anemia, severe dental disease, erhlichiosis, bloody stools and a huge hematoma under her ear that made the ear stick out straight.

She slept constantly and deeply and was hard to wake up. I like to think she was sleeping away the six years of obvious neglect and abuse in the puppy mills. She didn't eat from a bowl, so we started with putting food on the floor and worked up to the bowl. The millers must just throw what little food they allow on the floor or ground. She drank little. Maybe she wasn't use to clean water!

As bad a she looked, she was very sweet and quickly became comfortable with us and our other adopted Kerry, Kirby. Kirby didn't pay much attention to her at first; David likes to say that after she got her ear fixed he liked her better.

In a few days we named her Cialey, with a Celtic sound to it and after a child with the same sweet personality. She had her teeth cleaned and kept them all. She ate well, but continued to loose weight and had very bloody diarrhea. A third test revealed a heavy load of hookworms, missed by the first two tests. After two rounds of wormers and some food changes, Cialey finally gained weight. Her ear was corrected surgically and we were so thankful that she never bothered her sutures, for putting a "cone" collar on her would have been dreadful. We continue to give her subcutaneous shots of B12 for her anemia.

Cialey's coat has grown in. We love her floppy ears and stubby tail and tell her often how beautiful she is. She's learning to play with a ball and is showing some Kerriness with barking along with Kirby and shredding magazines. Cialey circles rapidly when she's nervous, and her little tongue darts in and out, but these things are improving too.

In the first weeks of fostering her, our young grandson, Jacob, took extra time holding and hugging Cialey. He sang her name to her, "Cia, Cia, Cia, Cialey," and told us all many times that he wished she could stay. And stay she did. The longer Cialey was here getting healthy, the deeper she worked herself into our hearts. How could we let her go...she has her own song after all.

Priscilla Harvey

Date: March 17, 2007 11:03:15 AM PDT

St. Patrick's Day 2008

A year ago today, a little female Kerry (six years used as a breeder in the puppymills of Missouri) had no idea how her life was going to change. Thin, sick and suffering, she was once again being auctioned off to continue her life of bearing litter after litter to make a profit for a low-life miller and it was very obvious that no part of any profit was used to keep her healthy.

Listed on two previous auctions in Missouri, this time she got lucky: the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation had a bidder in place and life was going to get a whole lot better. Rescued that day then vetted to be able to travel, the little Kerry flew out of Kansas City on March 21st, arrived in Philadelphia later that same day, then was transported to her foster home by evening.

We were only going to foster this little Kerry girl, but she had physical problems that needed some months to clear up and by that time we were all agreed that this would be her forever home. She's a real Kerry now. Arriving with only a number, Cialey received her first name (we refuse to use a mill name), good food, medical care, toys, a warm and clean place to live. And love. She can run now and do stairs, and bark and play.

Cialey is a sweet and loving Kerry, affectionate with everyone. She's a companion to Kirby and respectful of his food dish. She is lovely to look at with her long soft ears and almond eyes. Cialey has been the easiest dog to housetrain that we've ever had.

Cialey has had many angels from the volunteers in rescue to each of you who donates financially. I know that she would thank you if she could.

Priscilla & David Harvey
Kirby and Cialey


Subject: CIALEY
Date: July 24, 2008 11:03:15 AM PDT

Yesterday morning our Cialey left this earth. Her short life was mostly one of suffering. She spent her first six years in the disgusting midwest puppymills and their equally horrible auctions.

The wonderful rescuers of the KBTF were finally able to get Cialey out. She was one of the Kerries of the St. Patrick's Day Rescue in 2007 and she came to us to be fostered. Two years before her rescue, she was listed at an auction that coincided with a large auction that the KBTF had their rescuers at. Pleas for help from another Kerry organization fell on deaf ears, and Cialey was relegated to more years in the mills.

Cialey was very sick when she arrived for us to foster. Her body was totally spent. The greedy moneymakers of the mills could not have given one cent of profit to care for her. Her list of illnesses was long. After much treatment and surgery, we hoped that Cialey's health was turned around. It was not to be. She had only a year and a few months with us.

Cialey was the sweetest, most gentle dog we've ever known. She greeted all humans and animals alike with happiness. She had a kindness in her eyes, lovely natural ears and a stubby tail. Adopting her was an easy decision, even knowing there were health issues. The final insult to Cialey's body was cancer. Our mistake of starting chemo which resulted in a horrible last few days for her will haunt us. Euthanasia was the only unselfish option left. She was as gentle leaving us as she was in life.

Those of you who truly love the animals in your care will understand the pain. In memory of Cialey and for other Kerries still in need, we hope you will always support rescue in any way that you can.

Goodbye, Cialey. We loved you.

Priscilla and David Harvey
Kirby and Ozzie
Nazareth PA USA


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