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Your Kerry will bring you the luck of the Irish

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2007 St. Patrick's Day Rescue


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5 Rescued, with 1 Resurrected

St. Patrick was surely watching over our Kerries today (17-Mar-07), because the luck of the Irish was with us. Every Kerry at today’s dog auction in MO was rescued—all 5 of them!

In our safe hands tonight are 3 females, ages 2 to 6, and 2 males, both 2 years old. Among them is one very special little girl—a girl that brought tears to the eyes of so many of us last July. She is the sister of sweet Faith (April Surprise #2), as well as the girl we were told “died”at the Rocky Comfort dog auction. By what means she was “resurrected” is a mystery, but her sudden appearance in the land of the living is one of the best Kerry miracles ever! (And you can bet we will be checking her microchip and paperwork very carefully!) One thing we know: her 6 years of imprisonment in a cage in a mill are over forever.

Some of the other Kerries are also familiar to us. One of them is the female we lost at the April Surprise auction last year. You may recall she had puppies on her, and we were outbid by a mill who wanted to cash in on the litter. Two of the other dogs we lost in an auction last February. Now, a year later, they are safe. Because we keep seeing the same dogs over and over in the auctions, it seems to me that eventually we’ll get every one out. Slowly but surely, we are emptying the mills of their Kerry breeding stock, thereby reducing the number of mill puppies bred and sold in pet stores and on the internet. This is the good news we have been hoping for, and the hope I clung to during the dark days 5 and 6 years ago when mills were paying up to $3500 for a female puppy. Today’s prices, by the way, were very low—less than 5% of what the prices were 6 years ago—and I’m extremely pleased.

The condition of the 5 rescued Kerries looks good. Their coats are “mostly shaved” except for their heads, which will help greatly in cleaning them up at our boarding kennel in Kansas City. All Kerries appear to be “in good spirits” and amazingly friendly, including one male our bidder described as an “absolute lover.” Temperaments will be evaluated in the coming days, but for now, it appears we have only one “slightly shy” girl who “wants to be friendly” but is cautious.

For those of you with special interest in the 6-year-old girl who “rose from the dead,” she has an abscess on her ear and is “very friendly.” She and the others will have a full vet exam in Kansas City and receive needed treatment.

This St. Patrick’s Day, everything came up shamrocks for the Foundation’s Rescue Team, who put so much into finding foster homes for each of these dogs. Thanks to them, every dog has a place to go, where it will be cared for, loved, and introduced to family life. To us, they are the “pot of gold” of Irish lore, and a special gift sent by St. Patrick himself. Irish eyes are smiling!


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