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2007 Rescue Kerry Placement: Chad


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Chad, 2-3 year old male fostered in Northern California 

Rescue Coordinator: Eileen Andrade

Yesterday our intrepid shelter scout Tracey Fulmer found a terrier mix on PetFinder that she suspected was a Kerry. By early evening we had located an experienced breeder in the area who volunteered to go down and identify the dog. By early this morning we had a foster home identified if the dog turned out to be a Kerry - and guess what!

The following is a note from Neil Hamilton who identified the dog, pulled him from the shelter and took him home to bathe and groom in anticipation of the arrival of his foster mom tomorrow morning:

I picked him up about 11 am this morning. Brought him straight home and bathed him right away. The woman at the shelter said that they were having a bad time with kennel cough. Although he had gotten his shots I wanted to get him clean right away. I did some grooming on him before I bathed him, then I bathed him, dried him and groomed some more. He was so good on the table I couldn't believe it. I had a little bit of a problem bathing him at first. My tub is high so I can stand while I groom and he occasionally started to get out. For a while I thought I would need three hands to bathe him. In the end he was no problem. After he dried I did a little more grooming. Not a great job but he looks more like a Kerry now. He still has a few small matts but I didn't want to stress him too much.

Let me tell you this is the sweetest dog. He has never barked since I have had him home and only slightly whined, mainly because he wanted to be with me. I have put him through a lot and none of it has phased him at all. He is evidently used to being worked with and likes the attention.

I did have an old Norwich in the pen next to him when I took the photos and he is interested but in no way aggressive. Maybe if another dog showed aggression towards him he might be different. (The shelter informed us that he did well with 2-3 other dogs at a time in the same run.) He will make someone a great pet. I will say that when I picked him up the woman that had picked him up in someone's yard said that he was very aggressive towards her when she tried to catch him and she had to use the noose to get him. I am guessing he was freaked at the time. This is no way the same dog since I have had him.  

His ears were never set but are very thin and show some arch when he pulls them up so he has some good expression. As you could see from the other photos he has a full length tail and I noticed he still has his dew claws on the front. I don't think he had them on the back.

He is very small, I am getting him about 17.25 inches. A great size for a Kerry. Too bad they don't normally come in that size. My first Kerry back in the late 60's came from England and was 17 inches. His coat is similar to hers and with work and care it will get better. Nice silver color with black coarser guard hairs, same as my English Kerry.

If I didn't have four other dogs I would keep him in a New York Minute. He is such a love.

Another win for Kerries! We're guessing that this was a puppy mill puppy who was sold through a pet store and somehow got lost from his family. When the animal shelter worker picked him up he had been hanging around the neighborhood for about a week. Weight wise he is not in bad shape so he was either a very successful hunter or not on his own for all that long. His age is guessed at about 2-3 years old. The shelter called him Chad, but his new foster mom will be listening to him to find out what he says his name is. After evaluation and neutering this little guy will be available for adoption - if we can pry him out of the hands of his foster mom, after all foster parents always have first call on adopting and from the sounds of Neil's note above it isn't hard all to love this guy.

Chad was placed on March 16, 2007


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