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2007 Rescue Kerry Placement: Cavan


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Cavan, 11months old, Philadelphia, PA

Rescue Coordinator: Tracey Fulmer

Cavan is an 11 month old male, neutered, housetrained, healthy and up to date on vaccinations. His owner relinquished him to the Foundation knowing there was a more suitable home for him. Cavan was purchased in a pet store -- an impulse purchase that the owners later regretted. He's had some basic obedience training and will do well in a home where he knows his place. Like all Kerries, he will take charge if he doesn't have a firm leader.     

Cavan lived with children ages 6 and 7 but was a bit too rambunctious for them, so he will do best in an adult only home or one with children over 12. For a Kerry male, he's a rather large, standing at approx 21 inches tall and 40 lbs.. He's wonderful with other dogs and does his darndest to get the resident Kerry to play, but to no avail. He would enjoy the company of a female dog or could be placed as an only dog.

Cavan is reliably housetrained but needs some work on crate training and learning what is and is not appropriate to chew (the crate training will go a long way toward managing this.) He's an active, alert teenager looking for something to do!

This boy is happy and just a real sweetheart who wants to be with his people at all times, so we are looking for a home where someone is there most of the time to give him the attention, companionship and exercise he needs. And of course, you must appreciate his jolly Kerriness.



Cavan was placed on 10-Feb-07.

Cavan in the snow at his new home, chased by his new housepal, Maggie. 

From: Kathleen Macfarlane

Subject: Cavan update
Date: February 19, 2007 9:55:34 AM PST

It's been a great week with Cavan. He and Maggie are bonding quite well and each one always wants to know where the other is. Maggie had obedience class yesterday and she seemed confused that Cavan didn't come along. Ron was home with Cavan, but that didn't matter because he still howled while Maggie was gone.

Maggie has quite a variety of toys and willingly gives them up when Cavan wants one. He will usually take her toy, she gets another, then Cavan takes that so Maggie takes the original and on and on. Cavan likes to play tug so I found a rope loop. He spent two days trying to entice Maggie to play tug with him. She finally got the idea. However, she holds the loop, rolls over on her back and lets him pull her across the family room!

Both really likes to run. They take turns chasing each other around the yard, but right now Maggie is at a disadvantage. The snow is up to her stomach so she is leaping and jumping while Cavan, with his long legs, just runs through the snow. It will be interesting to see them when the snow is gone because I think she will be able to keep up with him.
As far as we're concerned, Cavan is a love. He is so eager to please, usually comes in when called, sits for his treats, and takes them gently from our hands. He loves to snuggle with Ron on the sofa and takes running leaps onto my lap. I now have a 40 pound lap dog!

Thank you for arranging Cavan for us. He is a delight.

Kathleen Macfarlane



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