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2007 Rescue Kerry Placement: Bree


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Fostered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 

Contact: Rescue Coordinator, Linda Grisley

Bree is #138 from the St. Patrick’s Day rescue and arrived in Edmonton, on March 22nd. Her foster mum and I picked her up from the airport and she shyly came out of her crate, accepted a leash and calmly explored her new domain. Bree is small in stature and very sweet in nature. At only 26 lbs. she has a bit of weight to gain and once she was given the right bowl, she showed a healthy appetite. (The first bowl was too small, said Goldilocks).

At first introduction to the other dogs at her foster home, Bree was curious, but she was shaking and her tail was low. Once the dogs had a chance to calm and sniff through the fence, we allowed the calmest male to come in to greet her. Bree’s tail went straight up and even wagged, and she ran around the yard with glee. She is happiest with the dog companion but will still snuggle with humans, male and female alike. She startles to loud sounds and does not like television at all. However, she has never been exposed to so many things that we take for granted, and her indomitable Kerry spirit will help her to adapt.

Bree quickly acclimated to her foster home and was exploring comfortably the first day. She has a slight dislike for another female in the house, but they are easily managed. Bree’s potty training is going well with only one accident upon arrival. She comes when called and is very quiet. She’s only given a small bark once, and is mostly silent.
Bree has a dozen or so spicules on her body and what looks to be a small scar on her throat. Otherwise, she is in good body condition except for the filthy teeth from the puppy mill diet.

At this early point in her assessment, Bria would do best in a home with a securely fenced yard and someone who can be home during the day to work with her. More information and pictures will be forthcoming.


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