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2007 Rescue Kerry Placement: Nexis


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Nexis--4-years-old female Kerry mix fostered in OH 

Rescue Contact: Connie Spicer

Nexis is a large Kerry Blue Terrier mix, and rather resembles a small Irish Wolfhound at about 55 pounds. The mother is believed to be a lab/shepherd mix, and her father, Corky, was a purebred Kerry out of my parents own girl CaySee with a champion father. Nexis just turned 4 years old on 12/9/06. She is currently intact but spaying is a condition of adoption. She has her shots and her vaccinations will be updated again before she goes to her forever home.

Nexis spent the first year and a half of her life either stuck in her crate or locked out in a back yard alone with very little interaction or socialization. She has been in our household just over 2 years now and is such a lover! We taught her how to play because she didn't have any idea what playing was. She has been around other dogs, male and female, cats, and our grandson (who is almost 3), and is gentle with everyone, though she gets pretty rambunctious with her sister, Scamper.

Nexis is more mellow than most purebred Kerries, but will bounce shoulder high if you ask her if she wants to go outside. (My shoulder is about 4 feet high). She is also one of the brightest dogs I've ever worked with and is as much touch-motivated as she is treat-motivated for training. She knows "Sit", "Off" (as in "Get Off Me") and "Off the Bed", "Down", "Crate", "Do You Wanna Go Outside?", "Potty" or "Poopy", "Let's go for a walk!", "Come", "Where's the Toy?" and is working on "Stay", but she is not very good on lead and pulls still. I have not worked with her much on that yet. She is also incredibly stubborn, but when she looks at you with those big baby eyes, I promise she will melt your heart. She doesn't kiss very much, so don't expect to get your face washed, but she is one of the most affectionate dogs I've ever known and will gladly climb in your lap for belly and back scratches if you will let her. 

Nexis will do well in a home where she is the only dog because she wants so much attention, but will live quite happily with others if she has to. She also is used to having companionship almost all the time, and may become bored or even howl if left alone. She travels well and does not have a history of motion sickness. Anyone thinking about breaking in to your home would be well warned: Nexis has a very Big Dog bark when she feels her home may be threatened.

Please note: I would love to keep her if I could. She was my daughter's dog and my daughter has released her to me because she is moving into an apartment that won't accept pets and she can't bear to find a home for her. We are moving from Ohio to Florida very soon and have 2 other dogs (and moving into a home with 2 other adults and 1 other dog) so we absolutely can't take her with us. There just isn't enough to go around, sadly. I hope you will consider this loving girl for your family.


From: kerrybluerescue@CNSTARZKARAOKE.COM
Subject: [KBL] Nexis Update: Grand News!
Date: May 14, 2007 10:28:45 PM PDT

With my many thanks to the Kerry Foundation, I announce the happy adoption of my Nexis to Candi Marzano's son, Rich and his wife, Evalynna and their kids -- who recently lost their beloved Labrador. When they looked at the website and saw Nexis' picture, it was reported to me that they said, "that's our new dog!" And so it is.

Nexis arrived safely in San Francisco on a straight flight from Cincinnati and the first thing she did was to pull Evalynna all over creation investigating this new world of hers.

She will have plenty of dog walkies to learn how to properly behave on leash, weekends at the country to play, children to love and a kitty to chase (gently-which she does quite well.) I understand she will visit Candi during the summers also! I am looking forward to updates and photos of her in her new home, where it promises she will be an only dog -- receiving all the best love of her family.  My daughter and I could not be happier for her, even if we have bittersweet tears saying goodbye, I know this is the very best world for her.  Blessings and love to my old girl and her new, beloved family! Live long, be good, and take care of your family.      

Connie Spicer
Now of Vero Beach Florida.  


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