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2007 Rescue Kerry Placement: Finnegan


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Finnegan--1.5-year-old male fostered in OK 

Rescue Contact: Janet Joers

Finnegan, affectionately known as "Finn," was found abandoned on a discarded mattress on the side of the road in rural Oklahoma where he was rescued by a kind resident of the area. Finn has a small scar on his ear from his brief stay with the good Samaritan and her Labrador Retriever. Finn is approximately 18 months old with a silver gray coat and weighs 32 pounds. Finn has been neutered, received all vaccinations, is on heart worm preventative and the veterinarian says he is in good health.

Approximately two weeks after his arrival at the rural farm home, Finn transitioned to a foster home in the suburbs of Oklahoma City. The foster home includes a family of five, each eighteen years old or older. Finn gets along well with everyone, including the grandkids and nieces and nephews when they visit. Finn has made great strides with potty training and will require continued effort by his new family to fully accomplish this task. He is currently living with 3 Kerry Blue Terriers, one cocker spaniel, and one cat. Finn has displayed great social skills with his newfound roommates with the one slight exception being his determination to catch the cat.

Finn loves to play in the back yard and enjoys spending time with his foster family. Finn is a very loyal dog who loves to be around people. Finn can sleep in a crate at night or would be happy to enjoy more comfortable surroundings, such as the owners' bed or in his own bed in the area. Finn has been a model citizen in his foster home, has a lovely temperament, and will be a devoted member of his new family.


Subject: An Update for the Web-site
Date: May 30, 2008 5:42:38 PM PDT

We wanted to provide the KBT Rescue crew/family with, what we can proudly say, is another Kerry adoption success story. We are speaking, of course, of Finnegan (formerly of Oklahoma City and fostered by Patty Thomas and family).

Having become an official “Big City” Pooch and taking only a few months to learn how life operates in a big city like Chicago -- Finnegan simply loves the constant stimulation and entertainment of people and things on our walks; as well as down below from his balcony. (He loves this extension to the outside world when we are not playing or on walks -- this is where you will find him most often and so we call it his balcony!) He is extremely curious and a very quick study of routines/patterns. He’s a very bright young man.

Finnegan loves his ‘sister’ Emma. Quite often he will lay with his head on her bed when she is in/on it, simply to be near her. They play together well and often – she is very tolerant of his rowdy and “mouthy” nature of play, but on occasions, she certainly has no problem letting him know that ‘enough is enough’. He also enjoys being able to run free in the huge open lawns surrounding Soldier Field, which are two blocks from his house.

Finnegan’s favorite “high value” treat is bacon! But then, what dog doesn’t like bacon? Suffice it to say, we have never made bacon as much, as in the past 4 months! (Now if we can encourage him to stop eating our ferns and burying his treats in the topiaries on the balcony – we would consider him absolutely perfect!)

Finnegan had, at first, exhibited some poor social skills, which were appearing a bit worry-some. However, we are proud to report that he has nearly got this issue licked – no pun intended.

As you can see, his coat is beautiful and he is not only an absolute beauty, but also turning into quite the little athlete in true Kerry fashion.

We are so happy to have him and simply love him to pieces.

Thank you to everyone who has been so helpful and supportive and of thinking of us when this little guy came up for adoption.

With kind regards,
Anthony Messmer + Joseph Pietrzykowski
Chicago, IL

May 30, 2008

From: Anthony Messmer []
Sent: September-28-08 8:59 AM
Subject: Recent Candid Pics of Finnegan

Hello all. Here are a couple of 'less than professional' looking snap shots of Finnegan. He is so difficult to photograph, as he will not ever sit still long enough -- as some of you well know!

He is up to a 'hefty' 38# as of this past week while visiting the doctor for his vaccine updates.

He is still bounding about and instigating trouble with his big sister Emma. However, these days, Emma has become less playful -- I think he is a bit too rough for her 'delicate' nature.

Suffice it to say, he is loved to pieces and spoiled constantly. Just this past week he received his new winter Gortex boots, because as you may or may not know, he will not go out in the snow for walks without coverings on his little toes.

Take care everyone and all our best from Chicago.

Anthony, JP, Finnegan & Emma









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