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2007 Rescue Kerry Placement: Bailey


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Bailey--6 year old female

Located in MD

Bailey is a much loved and well cared for family pet, but she is too much terrier for her current owner, so the Foundation is looking for a home for this sweet girl.

Bailey is a very playful, energetic 6-year-old who loves her toys (especially plush ones with squeakers!), her walks, and people of all descriptions. She was raised with young children, and adores them all. She will follow toddlers around the house and lick them non-stop! This girl loves the company of people, and would do well in a busy, active household with lots of people to love. She also does very well with other dogs, and would be thrilled to have a canine companion to play with.

Bailey knows her basic commands--come, sit, stay, but can be a bit selective in performing them, and she tends to pull on a lead, so a refresher obedience course would benefit her. She is crate-trained, but prefers not to be crated, and was taught to ring a string of bells on the door to go outside. Bailey is endowed with the legendary Kerry prey drive--for squirrels, birds, cats, and wild critters--so her new owner needs to make allowances for this. Floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a squirrel haven might keep her busy all day, but any curtains and blinds will be worse for the wear! More constructive outlets for her energy would be daily walks (which she is not getting now), a secure fenced yard of her own (no invisible fences, please) where she can expend energy, and training classes to keep her focussed. Bailey's lively spirit and zest for life are her most endearing qualities.

Bailey is spayed, and apart from hypothyroidism (easily controlled with a daily pill)--a condition common to her breed, she is a very healthy girl.


Bailey, a spirited 6 year old female whose owner threatened to dump her in a shelter (and whose breeder couldn't be bothered to help her), has been placed in Massachusetts. Instead of being scolded for trying to get to the pet rats (she was successful once!), shocked by her electric fence that she easily broke out of and left to tear up the house when her owners didn't have the time to walk her, she will now enjoy the freedom of a securely fenced yard, daily walks and doggie day care a few times a week. She'll also have her own doggie friends and children to romp with. Since I've been volunteering in rescue, I have never seen a more well-adjusted, kid and dog-friendly owner-turn in. She is exactly what a Kerry is all about but just needed an owner who appreciated her charm and her wild prey drive. Needless to say, her new owner, who has 30 years of Kerry experience, is thrilled to get her.


Below are pics of another wonderful new beginning for a Kerry -- Bailey (the owner turn-in whose prey drive was more than her previous owners could handle) is now happily settled in with Bev McEvoy in Rockland, MA.

Bev and Bailey have signed up for agility classes after an initial try out practice where Bailey was the star.




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