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2007 Rescue Kerry Placement: Madison


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Madison, a 9 year old male

From: Allison Dawson

Subject: Farewell Mr. Madison
Date: November 2, 2011 8:30:51 AM PDT

Hello everyone. I have had to wait a few days to do this as I am too emotional still, but I wanted to let the community know that we lost our Madison to cancer Friday morning (10/28/11).

We came by Madison through the foundation in February 2007. He was an older dog in need of a home as a result of his owner no longer being able to care for him. I was really wanting to rescue a puppy through the foundation, but since we had a 13 month old at home at the time (and a female Kerry already), the foundation had its reservations about letting us adopt a puppy mill puppy. In early February, I got the call saying that an 9 year old male was currently living in a GA kennel, and that his owner had to give him up. Of course I was disappointed that he was so old, but I thought, "well, I want another dog and this one needs our help", so we said "yes". We made the trip to Atlanta later that month and picked him up. He didn't look like a Kerry because he had been shaved down, he panted so loudly it alarmed us, his breath was TERRIBLE, and he peed blood at the first rest area we stopped. My husband and I looked at each other and thought, what have we done. Well, we got him to the vet and found out that he had bladder stones and he immediately had a surgery (which thankfully his former owner footed the majority of the bill), and he was put on a prescription diet that costs $80 a bag. At this point my husband looks at me and it is no longer "what have we done, but what have YOU done".

Fast forward 4 years. Madison is fully a member of our family and even Brady (our female Kerry-8 years old now) accepts him sometimes. We now have 3 children (5.5, 3.5 and 8 months) and Madison allows them to do anything and everything that they want. He lets them put clothes on him, lay on him, and obviously feed him behind Mom's back. Even his TERRIBLE breath is par for the course. We love him with all of our hearts.

Then he stops wanting to go for runs, and stops wanting to eat that $80 food. After many tests at the vet, an ultrasound revealed that he has metastatic cancer that has already made it to his lungs and pelvic bone. We decide to turn our home into doggie hospice and feed him for well over a month (maybe longer--its a blur) boiled chicken and rice sprinkled with parmesean cheese, carry him out to go potty, and shower him with as much love that we can. But last week, he was finished fighting. He was miserable, and it made us miserable to see him that way.

We can't think of that now though. We need to only think of the wonderful memories that were created with our Mr. Madison over these short 4 and a half years. He is already missed dearly (even by Brady Pearl), and will forever be a member of our family.

Thank you to the KBTF for bringing Madison into our lives. The moral of our story is to not be concerned about adopting an older pet--they can still bring you joy for those years they have left, and Mr. Madison--rest in peace, we love you.

Allison, Jody, Kennedy, Reese, Zach and Brady Pearl Dawson Charlotte, NC


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