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2007 Rescue Kerry Placement: Dessie


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Fostered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 

Contact: Rescue Coordinator, Linda Grisley

#136 from the St. Patrick’s Rescue is Dezi Diva, now named Dessie Lu in her foster home here in Edmonton, Alberta. She’s only been here since March 22nd and she knows her name and will come when called.

Dessie was born on January 2, 2005. She appears to have recently had pups and is being treated with antibiotics for a vaginal infection. Dessie is of small build and weighs 27 lbs.. She is being fed a holistic puppy food and vitamins to nourish her deprived body. As has been common with the puppy mill rescues and the changes in climate, she has been scratching quite regularly. She is being bathed with an anti allergenic shampoo and will be monitored for allergies. She arrived with gunky eyes (now responding to gentle wash and eye drops) and the usual dirty teeth from the puppy mill diet.

Dessie is in a foster home with two cockers and two cats, and gets along very well with everyone. Well..... she is more curious with the cats and nudges them to move to play with her. She shows no aggression and is a free with her kisses, whether the cats want one or not. She shares toys well with the dogs and enjoys the squeaky ones best.

Also common with the rescue dogs is a fear of men. Dessie loves her foster dad, Joe, except when he approached her with a leash. She is quickly learning that Joe and the leash are good things because she loves to explore outside and this fear is rapidly waning. She is, however, still fearful of strange men. Outside means potty time, too, and Dessie has had to learn that outdoors is where the bathroom is located. We can speculate that she was kept in an indoor kennel and could void indiscriminately. She would hold her waste on the walks and want to go in the house. Potty training should be complete before adoption, but may need to be relearned in a new home.

The right home for Dessie would be with adults where someone is home during the day and is willing to train her. She will need a securely fenced yard. She has not yet been exposed to children, but we will update the site on the possibility of a family home, perhaps with older children.  Because she has spent the majority of her life in a puppy mill, Dessie Lu requires potty training and needs to learn most of the rules of polite society, like walking on a leash and staying out of traffic. Dessie's personality is already starting to shine through her rough upbringing. She likes to speak to her humans. She's still a puppy at heart and play time is important time.


Event: Pets in the Park 

Date: Sunday, June 24th, 2007
Place: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Reporting: Dessi-Lu Kapler

I've just returned from an early day visit to Edmonton's Pet's in the Park Expo, and I gotta tell you it was simply exhausting. These humans just don't understand the true priorities in life. However, the greatest moment had to be with the "Luring Course". Those little pretend rabbits were fun to watch, but my human would not let me chase them. Well, truth be told, I was also kinda hoping to catch one of those fluffy white things running around. Maybe its a rabbit... only way to tell is to catch one... dang, stopped again.

Following the Luring Course was the herding exercise. A couple of wise arsed collies showing off with the sheep. I like Bean's advice ... lamb stew. Sounds Great. But no, the humans just wanted to watch the show off's. They would only laugh when we tried to explain the delicacy of Lamb and Rice.

Back to the Expo... There were plenty of new sights and smells. Just this morning I had the opportunity to sniff a great dane. Plenty of new treats and foods, and plenty of fun activities for us doggies, and even educational stands for the humans.

And the main event of the entire Pets in the Park Expo, the moment you have all been waiting for... the Kerry Blue Foundation Rescue get together. I met with some of my sister puppy mill survivor's from the St Patrick's Day Rescue, and even a little puppy kerry straight from the farm. We got together for some pictures and sniffs. We even kept the messes to a minimum too.

So there you have it. A great day for us Kerrys and even some fun for the humans too. And for those of you that do not know us, we have the following attendee's in order, in the photo.

Layla Belisle (Shelbina Rescue) - 3 yr old who was once fostered by my family
Puppy Patrick Walker (new addition from Barb Thompson)
Kristie Carrier - a breeder rescue - Here to show the new guys the ropes.
Dessi-Lu Kapler (St. Patrick's Day Rescue) - your most humble author
Bree Shelley (St. Patrick's Day Rescue) - 4 years older and many years wiser
Kerby Grisley (Pet Therapy boy)

Also in attendance, but not invited into the picture:
Beans Grisley (annoying Hunting Brat (PWD)) - Out to join the party with brother Kerry
Calahan and Emily Belisle joining in for the fun of it too [Layla's adoptive brother and sister Wheatens]

Maybe next year we will have an even larger party with plenty of water, hamburgers, and of course wabbits.

Smell You Next Time

Dessi-Lu Kapler

From: lgrisley@SHAW.CA
Subject: [KBL] Update on St. Patrick's Day - Dessie
Date: June 13, 2007 4:03:07 PM PDT

Following is an email I received from the Kapler’s – Dessie’s adoptive
Linda Grisley

Dessi has been finding that home life is certainly different from that of Puppy Mill Life.

The New Day in the Life of...
0530 - Up with the break of dawn. Expected to do my "little Girl Business"
out in the cold and damp. uh oh ... that’s not the way it’s done ... no siree

0600 - After sneaking back into the warm dry house, I'm kicked back out side
being told to go potty. Well maybe a little exercise will warm me up... a
couple of monster trots around the yard, giving those cruel humans the sharp
edge of my tongue for throwing me out here... ahhh relief...

0610 - Time to Eat ... What? No Snaussages? hmmmph....

0611 - Sneak back into Daddy's Bed. Sure glad I got some fresh water from
that nifty white water cooler. Nuzzle Daddy's neck to move him off my warm
pillow. Snuggle under blanket and take first nap of the day...

0615 - Open door of shower and speak around curtain. Why is Mommy screaming at me?

0630 - Mommy telling me to go and get daddy? Whee Fun Time... Jump on the
bed and jump on daddy.... come on daddy lets play...

0635 - Dodge Holiday ( the cocker) and maul Daddy as he gets up. Jump On
Daddy to show him how much we love him

0640 - Try and trip daddy... maybe he'll drop that plate of goodies.

Dessi is quite happy during the days now. She has accepted and been accepted
by Bebe and Holiday (the cockers). Dessi still needs to learn her place on
the pecking order, but she is learning quickly. When daddy is not
involved... she has the household rules down pat with the other girls. Dessi
is not used to the idea of multiple owners. I'm her daddy. Jennie is good
for scratches and rubs and cookies. She's good people and safe. But I'm her DADDY!

Afternoons are about the same no matter what, play eat sleep... go outside
and stand looking depressed... come rushing back inside ... eat play sleep
... look for a warm place to potty.... ooopsss.... outside again....

Dessi will still rush the front door if you are not watching. Not because
she wants to run away, but she needs to know what’s on the other side. And
it’s almost always something good (new people, new dogs, food). She still
needs to learn some more manners such as not jumping on people, food plates
are for people, not a handy place for Dessi to sample from (she actually
walked up to someone, tilted her head as she looked at the plate, and gently
chose a piece of pork chop which she promptly ran off to the corner with and
ate it. She didn't comprehend why we yelled no at her, because a moment
later she was back again to choose the next morsel.

Dessi is still upset with me at night. She feels she should have the bed and
Jennie can sleep in the kennel. She jumps into bed at night, pushing Jenn
out of the way so that she can snuggle next to daddy.... of course now daddy
has to catch her outside of bed, and carry her to her kennel (wish I had a
picture of that too ... but Dessi would be embarrassed).

(Pictures on web site) you can see Dessi and her outdoor play (only
difference on indoor play apparently is not to run out of control as much,
speech optional). She runs at top speed from one end of the yard to the
next.  And soon... we can consider looking at the next rescue foster.

And you can always ask us anytime there is need. I can generally afford to
donate time as well if needed. And of course it goes without saying, if you
are in need of a foster home, we will always have room. Any other services,
just ask, and we will do the best we can...

Until Later

Joe and Jennie Kapler
And Bebe, Holiday, Dessi, and the furballs






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