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2007 October Rescue: Mickey


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The following is a note that [Eileen Andrade, Rescue Coordinator] recently received from the adoptive mother of one of these boys. Initially we called him Rider (from the song Ticket to Ride) since his journey here to the West coast was long and protracted, the flight was very late and the wait for him seemingly endless. Now called Mickey he lives with two miniature poodles, Georgia and Bill, and their extended family who visit frequently. Georgia was previously a Kerry breeder and knows what a good Kerry looks like.


Just wanted to send you a note on Mickey's progress. He is a loving dog now and always wants attention. I can't get out the door without him. He is good in the car and just lays on the seat and licks me. He loves to play. Bill takes him to the dog park everyday. Some days, when he is having a lot of fun, he does not want to leave and we have to catch him. On warmer days when he gets hot and tired he follows us to the exit.

We hired a trainer. She is very good and Mickey seems to listen to her. He doesn't want to run away anymore. He just wants to get into the car. He still barks at my sister but loves my grandchildren. He lays on them when they are on the floor. He never gets enough loving. He sits on the couch by me when I am on my computer. He is very verbal and has certain types of barks to let you know what he wants. He is so playful all the time. He loves to run whether it is inside or outside.

During the day when I am working on the computer I have the animal channel on and he loves watching TV. When he thinks an animal is in trouble he comes to me and whines so I will look at what is happening. I believe he is very happy now. We are having him neutered on Tuesday. I hate to do it since he is such a beautiful dog, but the trainer says it will help him be more settled down so he won't try to hump all the dogs in the park. We really love him to death.

The next note just came today:

Mickey's just beautiful. He was fixed last week and he has already lost his stitches. He's loving the running around. We have an appt with the trainer again today. He is getting better with everyone except my sister. He just won't quit his barking when she comes around.

He is getting groomed on Monday. He is in good weight and oh so beautiful. If he could have been shown I know he would be a big winner. His body is almost perfect. His stance is great when he is focusing in on the squirrels in the back yard. He loves to chase them around the yard. They throw their nut shells on his head and it really irritates him. They are far enough away they know he can't get to them when they are on the fence. He loves watching the Animal Channel on TV. Bill has totally fallen in love with his personality. Mickey prances around the house with his toys. He has gotten in the pool twice. I am glad he can swim since I would worry when I was gone if he couldn't. He thinks the pool is his personal water source. He has always got his head or beard in the water. He is a great pet and he is getting as much love as he can take. He gets on Bills lap and licks him to pieces. He sits on the back of the couch with his head on Bill's shoulder. Thank you again for letting us have him and tell everyone we got the best dog!

Just sharing the latest (25-Jun-08) note on Mickey from the October Rescue, Georgia Swann wrote the below:

I am so happy and proud to own Mickey. He is always the topic of conversation at the dog park. He comes when he is called most of the time. (unless he is having too much fun with the other dogs) He wags his tail and he has gotten out front a couple of times and comes right back when he sees we are not going anywhere. He loves to to be loved and I think this is the best dog we have had for Bill. He is so proud of him and baths and combs him out every week. He wants to have the most attractive dog at the park. Mickey has really started changing to blue now. From his neck back he is definitely greying. Let me know if you have any of the background on Mickey so I can just look at it and see if there is anything I recognize on his papers. We love him dearly and so do my grandchildren. They think he is very special and he is ! ! !

The following message was just received from Georgia Swann who adopted Mickey from the October Rescue last year. It looks like he is doing well and loves nature! Georgia Swann writes (on July 16, 2008):

Well, last Wednesday night Mickey went outside about 10:30 pm and I heard Max barking his head off. When I opened the door to see what was going on, Mickey was prancing around the yard with a baby skunk in his mouth. He thought he had found a new squeeky toy however, the squeek was very smelly. He was very gentle with it and I told him to let it go. The skunk slowly walked away under the deck. Mickey was so cute and his prance was quite funny, however, the smell was very bad. He has had two baths and been to the groomer but I can't seem to get the smell out of him. He really doesn't seem to mind it. The vet said that when they get sprayed in the nose, the smell goes right into the blood stream and can last over 3 months.

He ran through the house with the smell getting all over the carpeting. Bill cleaned the carpets with an organic smell killer. I tried this on Mickey and it did not work. It seems nothing works. He still likes to sit on the couch and has no idea he smells bad. He has also gotten into the pool 3 times. At least he can swim, but when he runs through the house shaking all over I have to catch him and dry him off. He is really a family member now. He doesn't know he's a dog anymore. We really love him. He has gotten out front a couple of times by accident and all I have to do is call him and he comes running back. I think he knows he lives here and I think he really likes it.

Just wanted to keep you updated. Have a nice day ! ! !


Eileen Andrade
Rescue Coordinator for the Southwest

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