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2007 October Rescue: Bonnie


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Fostered in Southern CA 

Rescue Contact: Janet Joers

Report written by Danielle Monroy, Foster Mom

I would like to introduce Bonnie Blue Bonnet, or Bonnie, an eight-month-old beautiful little Kerry. When the Foundation called and asked if we would be willing to foster a puppy, we jumped at the chance. Our last foster, Darlin’Darla, was such a wonderful experience for us. So we traveled to Ventura, CA about an hour south of Santa Barbara to meet Pasquale Goglia, who had graciously offered to pick Bonnie up for us at the airport in Los Angeles.

Bonnie was very timid, and didn't know what a leash was for, and immediately tried to back out of her collar. I was ready for her, and picked her up, and held her on the car ride home, leaving the smelly crate in the back. After we drove home, I proceeded to the park and Brian went to the house to get Jimmy, our three-year-old male Kerry. Bonnie checked out a section of the park with me, and when she saw Jimmy coming down the path she made a beeline for him. She acted like she was in Puppy Heaven!

Now, a few weeks later, Bonnie is on the road to being a wonderful Kerry. She is allowed daily visits to my preschool, and she LOVES children. She does not nip, is not mouthy, and does not jump up on them. She is very well behaved. With adults, she can be a bit barky, until she gets to know you, then she is a little lamb. She offers tiny little kisses, so polite they are almost not there at all (unlike Jimmy who gives us slobbery face baths). She bathes easily, is a wonderful walker--she is now accompanying Jimmy on his two long walks every day. She wears a halter lead, which works very well.

Bonnie is still skittish around strangers, and does not like loud noises or trash trucks, but she is getting more confident everyday. She has a very dainty, beautiful face! She has perfect teeth. Her conformation and features are really quite nice. We are planning to clipper her ears and neck up and groom her face today. We held off till now because she is afraid of the clipper noise a bit. She LOVES to play ball!!! She will amuse herself forever with a ball, and plays with all Jimmy’s toys. This suits him fine, because he is too mellow to play with toys; he was never interested.

She came basically already crate trained. She has only had two accidents in the house--one was when the back door was closed and we weren’t paying attention, the other was when she was recovering from her spay surgery. Bonnie has a lot of energy, but she has very good manners, and doesn’t chew on anything but the toys we gave her. Bonnie is the happiest little dog I have ever seen, and would love to live in a family with children and/or other dogs! Once she gets to know you, she is a delight!

Danielle Monroy, Foster Mom

5 Dec 07

12/26/07 Report written by Danielle Monroy, Foster Mom

Just before Christmas (2007) Bonnie was united with her new forever family in Salt Lake City. So here's her happy Christmas story.

There were many people involved in her rescue: Tracy Campenella for the initial rescue, Pasqual Goglia who picked her up at the airport and delivered her to us, Mimi Karsh for working with the adoptive family, and Eileen Andrade who worked tirelessly to make all of the travel arrangements.

On Saturday before Christmas, we drove down to LAX and shipped her via Delta, because even though it was an expensive flight, the hub in Salt Lake City was heated. Brian and I were very sad to see her go; but that's the sweet sorrow of a successful foster experience! Bonnie traveled like a true trooper. At 8 months old and 28 pounds, she had gained 4 pounds while with our family, and was just the sweetest, happiest dog I ever saw!

On the other end waiting was Chris and Alison and Bonnie's future brother Nixon, a 2 1/2 year old Kerry. From all reports, Bonnie arrived a little scared, tail down, but very happy to play in the snow and with Nixon. Daily reports have been coming in, and Bonnie has adjusted very well. She has enjoyed her first experience with snow, with sleeping on the bed, and has taken to stealing Nixon's balls - even from his mouth. Nixon in turn is very excited with his new playmate and on their first day brought out all his toys to share with her. So, in the end, two Kerries have been made very happy and Bonnie's future life looks to be very bright and with lot's of love and attention.


Bonnie with her new brother Nixon, on Christmas 2007.

From: my3kerries@COMCAST.NET
Subject: [KBL] Update on Bonnie Blue from Alison in Utah
Date: January 16, 2008 2:48:17 PM PST
Reply-To: my3kerries@COMCAST.NET

Bonnie Blue was one of the six 7 month old puppies we rescued in Ohio back in October. Initially she went to a foster home in southern California with Danielle and Brian Monroy and their boy Jimmy. Then just before Christmas we sent her to a forever home in Utah where she has a new Kerry companion, Nixon and two forever parents. Her mom, Alison, writes the following:

Hi Everyone, Bonnie is doing great!

What is new with Bonnie: she is eating well, causing trouble and giving Nixon a hard time, but we are all so in love with her, and we are thoroughly entertained. I swear Bonnie carries around a pair of scissors and cuts things when I'm not looking. Her teeth are like Razors. I accidentally left Nixon's harness with them I went to work, I came back and the floor was covered with little sections of harness, but it looked like someone had taken scissors and cut it carefully into 20 pieces!

She and Nixon are too funny together, and I am going to try and get some video of them playing in the snow. Nixon's favorite game is "chase me." And, not so many dogs are interested in playing at the dog park, it's a very one sided game, as he doesn't chase them. Well, now he has Bonnie who is always willing to chase him, over and over, and perhaps it's too much of a good thing for Nixon!

I am starting dog training at the end of January. We are going to She can do basic commands with us? sit and wait. I'm looking forward to this class. I like Johanna's focus on reward based training, encouraging dogs to try new behaviors to find the right one, instead of saying no, no, no

She did some in home training with Nixon to work on barking at house guests and got us started on clicker training.
And that is my latest news. I will send more pics and hopefully video soon.

Warmest wishes,

Eileen Andrade

From: Alison <>
Reply-To: Alison <>
Subject: Invitation to view Alison's Picasa Web Album - Dog Hike Memorial Day 2008
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 18:38:36 -0700

Greetings from Utah!

We've had snow and cold weather well into spring this year. The snowpack has finally melted and we can now venture higher up into the mountains. Bonnie had her first adventure in East Canyon - a canyon trail just north of Park City. Here are some pictures from our first spring mountain hike.





Warmest wishes and Happy Spring!


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