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2007 Kerry Rescue: Carolina Blues


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Carolina Blues

by Janet Joers

Yesterday, July 24, 2007, we rescued 3 Kerries out of a mill in North Carolina--the Carolina Blues Rescue. The wonderful news is that they all have homes already (thanks to Eileen Andrade, our CA Rescue Coordinator), and temperaments look very good. When our volunteer, Ron Ledbetter (yes, the same Rod Ledbetter who distributes our plush Kerry toys) picked up the Kerries, they were all over him and friendly as could be. Obviously, they were more than ready to be rescued!

We have one 3-year-old female, one 6-year-old female, and a 7-year-old male (the oldest Kerry we've rescued directly from a mill or auction). They were taken to a vet yesterday afternoon and spent the night there. All have hookworms (very common in mill dogs) and ear infections--conditions that are easy to treat. The 2 girls were taken to a groomer this morning, who clippered off their filthy, matted, smelly coats, bathed them, and turned them into real Kerries. To give you an example of how overgrown the coats were, and how much dirt they contained, one girl weighed in at the vet's office at 50 lbs., but after grooming weighed 41 lbs! I'm having trouble believing it myself, even given a few pounds variance between the two scales, but those are the numbers. As I write this, both girls are on an evening flight (to beat the airline's temperature restrictions on shipping live animals) from Charlotte, NC to San Francisco, and we wish them a safe journey. Eileen and others will greet their very late-night flight, and welcome them into the real world where Kerries are loved and cherished. Their new lives are just beginning.

Let me tell you about the male, Winston (named by his adopter in SC). Like the others, this sweet boy was filthy, matted to the skin, and stunk to high heavens. He also had a 4 1/2-inch diameter open wound right below his shoulder blade from an attack by a Doberman. And he had maggots. Maggots are fly larva that feed on necrotic (dead) and dying tissue. They were feeding off the flesh of our brave boy. Winston was clippered down and bathed at the vet's, and more wounds were found on his neck, back, and leg that were superficial. He underwent surgery today to excise the dead and infected tissue from the shoulder gash, and was sutured. Thankfully, no skin grafts were necessary. The surgery was extremely successful, the incision looks "fantastic," and Winston is resting in his crate tonight, where he will need to be confined for a week to avoid strain on the sutures. Ron will be visiting him to make sure he feels chipper.

Our Carolina "Blues" are now in safe hands after a life of neglect and abuse. But there are more coming. We are currently working on rescuing 11 more Kerries, including some puppies, in the very near future. If you can help by fostering one of them, we would appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible. Please contact the Rescue Coordinator nearest you. And if you can help by donating to their care, we appreciate that, too!  Because of you, our Rescue work continues.

Jan in Santa Ynez, CA
Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation, Rescue Director

Report by Eileen Andrade
Rescue Coordinator for the Southwest

The two girls from the Carolinas arrived here in San Francisco in the middle
of the night (July 26, 2007). Anticipation had been high all day as phone calls passed
between Ron, Jan, Eileen, and the crew waiting to receive the girls here on
the West Coast. The first wave of relief came when the vet signed the
Health Certificates, the next when the airlines confirmed that the weather
was holding and that they would accept the dogs. When the plane actually
left Charlotte 8 minutes early we thought things were going without a hitch
- and basically they were. There was a delay at the connection in Atlanta
that pushed arrival in San Francisco from 11:50 pm. to 12:30 but as long as
things were still on track we didn't care.

The group waiting at Delta Cargo were prepared with towels, newspapers,
Nature's Miracle, water bowls and water, kibble, slip leads and a lot of
love. When the crates finally arrived at 1 am we were more than ready.
These poor kids had been in their crates for about 11 hours at this point.
One of the girls was so scared she didn't want to come out of the crate but
the other popped out and greeted us joyfully - seeing this her traveling
mate crept out to join the party!

I'm kicking myself because I took my camera with me but forgot to take any
pictures. I was too busy saying hello!

Rescued July 25, 2007



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