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2007 Dallas Express Rescue: Keely


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Keely, 3-year-old female    

Before and after cleanup in Dallas.

From: nej@TELUS.NET
Subject: [KBL] Keely - Dallas Rescue
Date: August 4, 2007 9:16:44 PM PDT

Sorry for the long post, but I thought I would post an update on Keely’s
progress since she’s been up here in Canada (since 11:00 p.m. on August 3rd,
2007). She started as “J’s Wonder Willow” in OK, and then was given “Dee
Dee” in TX. I sent Janet a few names that I was thinking of for her and
we’re now calling her “Keely” for “lovely”). She arrived safely at Janet’s [Beeby]
home in Seattle and I went to pick her up and she was content with Gabby and
Annie. We loaded her up in her crate and then traveled the 2.5 hours back to
Surrey. Thankfully it was only a 30-minute wait at the border last night
despite it being a long weekend.

Once we were safely in Canada I headed over to a friend’s home and picked up
Quinn. We let Keely wander the yard and it appeared that she was trying to
emulate Quinn and what he was doing. She had a piddle (on the lead) and then
we headed for home.

Once home she wandered around the house and sniffed. I carried her up the
stairs and into her bed. Once home she rested fairly peacefully over night
except she is quite itchy due to the flea bitten areas on her body. I feel
so bad for her but I know that these will clear quickly.

This morning we headed out on a walk through the neighbourhood. Quinn has a
tendency to pull (he’s got to get “there”, wherever “there” is and he’s got
to do it “now”). Quinn seemed to sense very quickly that Keely was not as
quick as he was so he slowed his pace. It’s amazing how dogs are with each

We headed home after our very short walk and I put out some food. Keely
didn’t eat anything – it seems like she’s more comfortable eating off the
floor that from a bowl.

Oh, it’s 10:30 a.m.!! Off to the dog park!! Keely is very afraid of going
into her crate and also being taken out of it once she’s in it. I carried
her out and then lead her to the park… she was on lead for the first little
bit, sniffing around and then she looked comfortable and she was off!! She
looked like a cute little rabbit bouncing around the park chasing some of
the other dogs. Yes, she was bounding around the park – full speed at one
point as there was a chase on with three other dogs (Quinn was there too!)
She was definitely having fun. With this kind of exercise I have no doubt
that she’ll gain muscle strength back quickly. She even seems to know her
name as I was able to call her and she came. She did about an hour of
sniffing around, got to sample some water from the dog fountain and then we
headed for home.

For about 30 minutes Quinn & I coaxed her up the stairs. Keely was quite
itchy so I wanted to bathe her in some medicated shampoo that I had
purchased. She went up the first four without any difficulty after she
figured out how to do it, and then there were the other fourteen. This took
some time for her to figure out, but she did it!!! Now she’s up and down
without any problems.

Once she was upstairs I bathed her – she’s quite a gentle soul and had no
difficulty with the bath. She did the usual “run around and get doggy scent
back on me” after the bath and it didn’t take her any time to dry up. We
then went for another walk. I almost had to drag her around the whole way as
she’s so scared on the lead. When we got about a block from home she started
to come along. She was able to meet a few dogs along the way and she’s so
good with them (so is Quinn!!)

She’s now eating up what’s in the bowl and she’s figuring out how to
navigate the laminate flooring (it’s a bit slippery mom!) We’re going to
head out for one more walk, sleep and do it all over again tomorrow.
I thank the KBT Foundation for having faith in me to care for this very
beautiful Kerry girl. She is a wonderful dog, I know she has a great spirit,
and I just can’t believe that she’s here.

Thanks also to all of the people
involved in the rescue – Tom, Jan, Linda, Janet – what a great team! I will
try and get some more pictures up tomorrow.

Nancy Joyce
Surrey, BC, Canada

From: nej@TELUS.NET
Subject: Re: [KBL] Update on Declan from the Dallas rescue
Date: August 23, 2007 9:52:38 PM PDT

[...]Keely is as well.

I started her "leash training" right away as I like to take them around the
block first thing in the morning.

Keely wouldn't come on the leash at first, dropping to her belly when we'd
head out the door although she was eager to get "out" the door. Pulling her
only caused her to not want to walk with me & Quinn. I then started letting
her out the door without me hanging onto the other end of the leash. She now
comes out for our walks with less fuss than she did before although
sometimes she gets out & lays down. Quinn & I just keep walking out of her
sight (slowly) and she eventually peeks around the corner and heads out on
her own. Once she's out on her own steam I take the end of the leash and
we're on our way.

This has taken since August 3rd to get her to do this and on occasion we
have an "episode" where she just zones and appears to go to another place (I
figure something reminds her of where she came from). These times are
happening less and less. She walks well beside me as Quinn still pulls on
the leash (he's got to get "there" and has to get "there" quickly).

Keely & Quinn are doing well together - play fighting while at home & having
a ball meeting other dogs & checking in with each other whn out. Quinn has
been very generous and gentle with her.

Funny, he seems to be the "king of the walks" but she eats first & chooses
which bowl to eat from... she will also get the first bone that is given &
he will concede to her... so the question is, who's the dominant or do they
take turns?


From: nej@TELUS.NET
Subject: Re: [KBL] Keely - Dallas Rescue
Date: August 23, 2007 10:45:16 PM PDT

Update on Keely,

She is really coming along... Keely & Quinn are doing well together - play
fighting while at home & having a ball meeting other dogs & checking in with
each other when out. Quinn has been very generous and gentle with her
(although he plays rough like a Kerry does when they are play fighting). I
think they're both settled in and just judging by how one takes cues from
the other they're bonding well.

I have decided that I'm going to adopt Keely (it was inevitable really).
She's a cutie & Quinn has given his approval. We're having a few problems
with house training but I think it's both of them - is it possible for one
to learn bad habits from the other??

Keely is now coming along well on the leash and she comes (for the most
part) when she's called (Quinn has issues with this command still). She will
even come from 100-200 metres away if she hears my voice. I'm so proud of
her for this.

She sometimes still resists the walks on the leash but we've gotten around
this (I try and trick her and it seems to work!!). She has a bit of a
nipping issue and likes to nip at those oh-so-very-tender spots on the
inside of the arms, calves, etc. I'd love to get some ideas on how to break
her of this habit that she's got.

A friend & I were able to scale off most of her tartar with her lying still
for us (she was amazing). I couldn't believe the big chunks of "rock" that
came off of her teeth. She will go in to be spayed & hopefully her teeth
will be completed at that time as well.

All in all she's coming along very well for only being with me since the 3rd
of August... I keep reminding myself that it took Quinn about 3 weeks to
figure things out as well. I'm looking forward to the next years with Keely
& Quinn at my side. Thanks again to all who took the time to rescue her and
help her on her way to Canada.


From: Nancy []
Sent: November-05-07 12:14 PM
Subject: Keely & Quinn

The early days with Keely

Keely initially resisted when we went for our walks, but on day two I was able to put her on a lead and she readily walked out the door with Quinn. She was still holding her head low while walking but her tail was horizontal (a big improvement from yesterday when her body was just completely drooped).

Even as early as August 5, 2007 Keely was taunting Quinn and play bowing with him. She’d nip at his back legs and ears then he’d run off wanting her to chase him. She just stood and barked (maybe she’s smarter?) I’m so surprised that a dog with her background has “play” in her. What a great surprise.

It took her a while to actually relax and roll over however she is allowing herself to have belly scratches now.

November 5, 2007

Keely has been with Quinn & I now for 3 months. Keely is a different dog from when I first picked her up on August 3, 2007. Quinn and she play hard & are best of buds. They look so great together and I’m always being asked about my “Schnauzers” (oh brother). I love the fact that Kerries are so rare and people want to know about them – the Schnauzer comment always opens the door to talk about my great rescue dogs and the Foundation. The KBTF has been such a great supporter of this breed and all who hear about where the two kids have come from are impressed. They really are great looking and lovely dogs. In fact, I took both of them in for their annual grooming (just kidding) and the groomer, a former Kerry breeder, was commenting on what lovely temperament they both had (yes, I was proud).


They’re both social and want to meet people & dogs alike. They are both gentle with kids and only play rough with each other (most people figure that they’re out for blood when they’re out playing together).


It’s so great having them around & I thank the Foundation once again for putting their trust in me and allowing me to adopt such great companions.


Nancy Joyce
Surrey, BC, Canada


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