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2007 Dallas Express Rescue


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Dallas Express

by Janet Joers

Cheers reverberated today from Texas to Canada and up and down the California coast. Your Rescue Team--this time Tom Sawyer in TX, Linda Grisley (Rescue Director of Canada), and Eileen Andrade (Rescue Coordinator for CA and beyond)--has done it again. This morning we pulled 3 Kerries out of one hell-hole of a puppy mill, and there are none left there. This mill is out of Kerries, and the last ones to go are in safe hands tonight, and will be on their way to loving homes tomorrow thanks to our Rescue Coordinators. This Rescue was teamwork at its best!

We have a darling (and beautiful) silver girl of 3 years old flying to Seattle tomorrow morning for her Kerry home in Vancouver. Two boys, one 2 years old and the other a puppy only 7 months old, will be flying to San Francisco tomorrow night to meet their new families. By a sheer fluke of fate, I will be there with Eileen to meet the flight. Usually I'm on the other end, shipping the dogs out! Being on the arrival end of a Rescue will be a moving experience for me, I'm sure.

This Rescue would not have happened without the outstanding effort of Tom Sawyer. Not only did he drive 5-6 hours this morning to pick up his precious cargo, but he arranged the vetting, grooming (much of which he did himself, along with his wife Kathleen), bought the crates, and is providing overnight accommodations for the little girl and transportation of all of them to the airport. Wow! His work represents a huge contribution to the Kerry community.

All dogs are in good health--far better than expected. They were overgrown, matted, dirty, and stinky, like nearly all the Kerries we pull from mills, but surprisingly, none even had an ear infection. They were treated for parasites, and the little puppy underwent a very minor surgery on an old wound on his leg which hadn't healed properly. The little girl has sores all over her body from fleas, and will need a medicated shampoo to clear things up. Our initial worry about her was that she didn't walk. Judging from what we saw of the mill, she has been confined a long time to a cage and lived on wire (the bottom of the cage was nothing but wire). However, after she was groomed, and had her pink collar on, she discovered she had room to move and began to walk. How sad that just the ability to walk was a newfound experience for her.

I want to thank not only our Rescue Team and the volunteers that helped them make this such a successful Rescue, I also want to thank our donors for supporting this work. It was your contributions that allowed us to buy needed supplies, pay the veterinarian, and air ship these Kerries to waiting homes. You made this, and all the other Rescues possible, and we are deeply indebted to you.

A big thanks to all of you for putting 3 Kerries on the Dallas Express--it was their ticket home!

Jan in Santa Ynez, CA
Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation, Rescue Director

Subject: Dallas Express - Mission Accomplished
Date: August 4, 2007 10:05:47 AM PDT

Before and after clean-up pictures.


From: my3kerries@COMCAST.NET
Subject: [KBL] Dallas Express Boys
Date: August 5, 2007 5:39:40 PM PDT

This is going to be short as the humans at this end are plenty tired! I
just had to let everyone know that the two boys from the Dallas Express
rescue arrived safe and sound in San Francisco at midnight Friday night.
There were four humans waiting to greet them at the airport and two more
waiting at home trying without much success to sleep.

American Airlines did a good job for us. When Tom Sawyer delivered the boys
to the airport he found that the temperature was 1 degree above the
allowable level to ship dogs - even at 8 in the evening. The flight was due
to leave at 10:20 pm. Tom spent time talking with the airport officials and
telling the sad story of these rescues and how their homes in California
were waiting for them. The captain agreed to accept the dogs for shipment
with hope that things would cool off. He made sure that there were fans on
their crates as they waited on the tarmac outside the plane to be loaded at
the last minute. In the end they were loaded and the flight took off 20
minutes late. They must have had good tailwinds as the flight arrived in
San Francisco right on time - at 11:54 pm PDT and by 12:05 they were in our
hands! I've never experienced such a speedy delivery!

This was a first for Jan Joers - she is usually on the sending end of a
rescue, but this weekend she was in Northern California with me and got to
be at the receiving end. Since the dogs were delivered to us in the baggage
area of the terminal we brought them on out to the parking structure where
we used a disabled parking place to welcome them and give them their first
glimpse of their new families.

The 7 month old boy, now called Jessie (or Jesse?) didn't want to come out
of his crate until he saw his cousin, Lucy (from the Shelbina Rescue) wait
to meet him and then he popped right out and into the waiting arms of his
new family - Susan Francisco and Marshall Seavey. The little guy has a
wound in his chest under the shoulder which had required surgery that
morning but it didn't seem to affect his spirit one bit. On talking with
Marshall yesterday the reports were all good that Jessie is settling in and
doing well. I'm sure that Susan and Marshall will be sending us reports in
the next day or so.

The 2 year old boy, who is waiting to declare his name to us but it might be
Declan, was even more reluctant to come out of his crate, but eventually he
did - joining Lucy and his new mom, Francesca McCrossan. He is timid but
also quick to give kisses and is a real sweetheart. He will be living not
only with Francesca and Lucy but with his new dad, David and 6 year old
Maria. These are the two who were spending a sleepless night at home
waiting for the new arrival. Maria informed me that when she heard her mom
and the Kerries arrive at 1 am she got up to meet them! Declan (or dog-dog
until we are sure of his name) is having trouble with very itchy skin and
managed to scratch his neck raw during the night, but the vet declared him
basically healthy and a sweet guy. The itchy skin is in part due to poor
nutrition, partly to the recent new experience of shaving, and partly due to
fly bites - not flea, fly. Declan is enjoying exploring his new yard and
house and has been distributing Kerry kisses to one and all. We'll be
hearing more in the next few days.

On a side note, Jan's trip to Northern California was initially to help me
with an activity at my church. As outreach we held an "Accidental Dog
Show". Any dog could accidentally win and all of them did. We invited
neighbors and friends to come with their dogs and there were almost 20 of
them there, mostly rescues from a variety of organizations, with several
purebreds. Mixed breed mutts to purebred GSDs and Goldens. Jan was the
judge for us and many prizes were awarded - for biggest, smallest, longest
tail, shortest tail, looks most like owner, best kisser, most beautiful to
best trick, most talented and two Grand Prizes. Three rescue Kerries
competed for prizes with Ollie (from the Ohio Escape) winning Most
Beautiful, Sheila rescued back in the days when we only had a few in a year
winning for Best Trick (she spins and dances on command - also will do a
down stay with a piece of steak sitting in front of her and not touch it
until given the correct command) and finally Tully from the Carolina Blues
who received a Grand Prize for being a survivor after living six years as a
brood bitch in a puppy mill and still having a resilient spirit and loving
heart. Don't worry - we gave prizes to all the other breeds too!! Can't be
too prejudiced.


So kisses from all our Kerry kids to the Foundation supporters who have made
their rescue possible. Big hugs to Tom Sawyer for all his work this week to
make this possible. And kisses TO all the Kerry kids out there from me and

Eileen Andrade
Northern California
Rescue Coordinator for the Southwest


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