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2007 Carolina Blues Rescue: Tully's Four Puppies


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Maggie, one of Tully's puppies, now lives in Northern California.


Maggie in January in coat

Maggie went to visit Eileen Andrade in January to have her ears glued. She had been up in Tahoe cross country skiing with her family and was wearing her winter coat. She already knew sit and stay at not quite 4 months of age.


Placed in Encino, CA


Puck, one of Tully's puppies, now lives in Northern California.

Date: July 30, 2008 4:51:12 PM PDT
Subject: Puck by the pool


Puck by the pool

We have returned from our trip to Boonville, and I am happy to report that Puck ran into 2 does, and a herd of cattle. and was a well behaved gentleman. He just barked at them and sniffed the air. He would have chased them if he had been on the other side of the fence.
Naturally they wanted nothing to do with him.

I was able to walk him with out a leash and he returned to me when called. Great place for him to run and explore the woods and the area. We had him in his harness for the ride home and he slept all the way.

We could not tempt him into the pool at all, he had walked across the pool cover and really didn't like getting his feet wet. So I decided not to push the issue with him.

Right now he needs a bath and brushing from all the dust and junk in the air and on the ground.

Kim Applegate

Subject: New Pictures of Puck
Date: January 12, 2009 6:21:37 PM PST


Puck has been exploring a inlet by San Francisco Bay, near our sailboat.


Puck & Kim
Near Alcatraz, San Francisco


Siobhan, one of Tully's puppies, now lives in Southern California with Thomas Gaffney.





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