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2006 Summer's Pride Bridget


Bridget, #203 DOB 3/25/06

Bridget on the day of the auction:

Bridget, #203 from Summer's Pride Rescue, arrives in Boston into the waiting arms of Kathleen & Michael Connelly.

"Little Bridget is going to be a wonderful dog! She has had to survive up till now, but now WE begin the the best part of her life--to SPOIL and enjoy her! We feel God has blessed us and are so grateful. Thank you all involved with her rescue. I promise she will be loved very much. Kathleen, Michael, Petey, & Jelly Bean

The email below is from Kathleen Connelly, who adopted Bridget, to Susan Field, who adopted Somer, Bridget's mom.

To: SusanFField@AOL.COM
Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2007 10:54 AM
Subject: Happy Birthay Somers

Dear Susan,

Though we have never met I want you to know we own Bridget Mullins Connelly she is Somers babygirl.

She arrived in Logan air-port one year ago this past Sept. 5th! She was so pathetic a bag of bones(her ribs showed) she didn't even know how to chew!! The first night I held her all night long I petted and sang to her She was so frightened and shy, WELL let me tell you that did not last long she is a nut case! First her nick-name became Ameilia AIR heart!! She flew over the gates over the couches hated the crate!! So first the crate went, then she learned to eat from a dish from soft to kibbles in no time flat!! The next nick-name was chopper for obvious reasons.

Now every thing is licks and kisses she even knows a few tricks. She sleeps on Dads side and plays tug a-war with Pete (our 4year old Kerry) She has no desire to jump a gate now sheeeee loves attention she is 19 inches tall and weighs 24lbs. She is not perfect and sometimes like all kids she drives me nuts with the in again out again and that little woff out the window that she knows will get Pete going!!We love her to peaces she's fresh and sweet she plays hard and at night just like a baby she crash's around 8 o'clock out for the count untill the next day when she wakes to her new adventure's.

She was a lot of work in the beginning,but now Michael ( my husband) and Richard (our son) wouldn't know what to do with out her.I know all mill pups come with baggage and Bridget is no exception, but we all know what a tuff beginning she had after all she was 6 month's old when we got her and had never been loved only by her Mum! So thank you Somers pride for our pride and joy.

P.S. My Grand-mother's last name was Somers! Somethings are just ment to be. Hope to see you all at the Kerry Pic-Nic this August!

Kathleen Connelly

Susan Field's reply:

From: SusanFField@AOL.COM
Subject: [KBL] Somer's baby! and more about Somer
Date: July 18, 2007 6:37:07 PM PDT

Dear Kathleen and All,

Oh what a grand surprise to hear about Somer's baby girl.

Dear dear Bridget, Somer's baby girl. Let me tell you and all about Somer...What a miracle she is alive. Somer is only 24 pounds. Her ribs still show. Some of her bones had been broken and healed. When the vet first met her last Nov., he thought she had epilepsy because of her shaking and all her twitches.
She doesn't. faster than a speeding bullet. It's almost like magic. Somer is just beginning to be able to look at me face to face. When I say "I love you, Somer" her whole body jolts...and she turns her head from me, or bolts to her special hiding place; for she is so emotional and is afraid to show love.

Somer's fur is healthy now...soft and curly like black velvet....

But Somer follows me everywhere. Whenever I get up, she gets up...

She still won't show me that she has to go outside. I have to take her to the deck screen door, open it and gently nudge her out...and then tell her what to do. If she goes # 2 first, I have to sing to her the Pee Pee Song.....If she does #1 first, I sing to her the Poo Poo song. Sometimes, she does her business on her own and she is very proud.

Somer will now come back in on her own just in the last month! I have to stand with my back to her.. in the kitchen and that is the key. If I stand by the door and call her name..she runs away. In fact, if anyone calls to her, she runs away, like a bolt of lightening.

I had a smaller fence built in the already fenced in yard that is about 3/4 an acre. I call it the Faerie ring... It is Somer's space.

Somer is learning to trust safety, to trust that it is not a trick . . .

Oh, she hated her crate... She would stand on top of it, and like Bridget fly over it. One day we had a Crate Throwing Away Celebration.

Somer and I are very very close. I seem to be able to intuit what she is thinking.

She always runs away to the side of my bed and that is her special hiding place...Then I sit down on the coach and viola, here comes Somer. Or I pick her up. She holds on tight...her legs very rigid and an abused child...I tell her "I love her." And sing her a song...I hold her and rock her, very gently like a baby...She falls asleep; she tries to sleep with one eye open...but she finding it harder and harder to do.

When I leave the house, Somer often pees and poops on the kitchen floor...on the ceramic tiles..Easy to clean, thank god. Also, when I'm not home, I have to baby-proof the house. But she not longer becomes hysterical and howls...and knocks down lamps...running in circles....She knocks my school papers to the floor. She never shreds my papers, however. But she will shred a newspaper that she steals out of the little trash cans.... And sometimes she does nothing...Bravo!

Somer so enjoys her food... She adores Chicken!

She is learning to bark...What a low and powerful bark she has. One would think she was a big dog. She likes to practice her barking on if to say "Listen, Listen." She is very proud and loves to be respected for her independence.

She loves to be called "Lovely Lady." I also call her "Little Mama."

Somer sleeps on my bed...She has a soft pink blanket near her...For the last couple on months, she wakes up and shimmies to my waist... she licks my hand and then turns over on her back...belly up and lets me rub her tummy. I think she is still sleeping...because all of a sudden, she wakes up fully and realizes that she is on her back and scoots down to my feet. There... she goes back to sleep.

She eats her food in her special hiding the side of my bed. She loves her special hiding place...

I love her unconditionally...the first time I saw her at O'Hare airport...cringing in the back of her crate...Love at first sight.

More later....Thank you for sharing about Bridget....I am so moved. I wonder how Somer's son Gulliver is doing...
And then there's Finnean...who came over with her to America from Ireland-straight to the Missiouri Puppy mill.

Susan Field and Somer



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