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2006 Sumer's Pride Lucky


Lucky, #206, DOB 12/15/03

Lucky on his lucky day:

From: Susan Petronio
Sent: Thursday, September 07, 2006 11:56 AM

Here are our first pictures of our cute Lucky boy. You can see from the shots of him laying down how skinny he is! I really want to feed him lots and lots, but don't want to mess up his stomach. I give him extra, plus vitamins and lots of my homemade cookies that are made with ground turkey and whole wheat. So far so good, but he still seems famished! He even tried to steal a jalapeno pepper out of someone's pizza box on the curb side trash. Very funny.

We just had our 5th walk today and he finally pooped. I want him to follow Spookie's example and get the job done first thing in the morning, then again on one of our night time walks. We'll get there eventually.

I am going out now to buy ground beef to make those cookies...he needs more protien to help build some muscle mass.

We'll post a few of these these weekend.

Thanks again for your help and encouragement!


From: franciscofedz@YAHOO.COM
Subject: [KBL] Lucky from Summer Pride
Date: September 19, 2006 6:09:41 PM PDT

We are thrilled to have little Lucky as our new baby boy. The minute we saw him in his crate at the airport and heard his tail
thumping, and saw how eagerly he took some cookie from my hand, we knew we had made the right choice to adopt #206 from the Summer's Pride rescue. Despite his almost 3-years of age, he looks and acts like a puppy and is as skinny as can be! When he lays on my feet all Ifeel is his rib cage. He is so much smaller than our resident female, Spookie, but is a bundle of energy, curiosity, and affection. When he stretches while napping, he emits long, deep sighs. I think he knows now that he has a loving home and can relax. Lucky already is a pro at counter surfing, runs when he hears the fridge door being opened or something being unwrapped and has disemboweled two of Spookie's stuffy toys. Spookie was stand-offish at first, but now wants to know where he is at all times and makes it clear that she wants her brother Lucky to join her outside and on all walks, car trips, etc. It is hillarious to see his reaction when he sees his reflection in the oven glass door or mirrors, and to watch him play flaying his front legs about like a monkey. He does NOT like grass but mulch is ok, and car rides are FUN!! He saw his first squirrels last weekend and, like Spookie, was very excited! He is slowly becoming house-broken and with a bit more time and self-confidence, he hopefully will outgrow his submissive and/or excitement urination.

Although he is not timid or anti-social in anyway towards dogs or humans--he seems fascinated by children--but he clearly was abused or at least handled roughly. Rapid movements such as kicking or throwing a ball or waving a stick cause him to jump back and cower. We had such an incident in the park and it took him awhile to recover and lift his tail again. The saddest thing is when we finally heard Lucky attempt to bark, he did not even sound like a dog! Rather, some pitiful wounded creature. Apparently, he was de-barked in the mills, so he will have a hard time yelling back at Spookie.

We are thrilled to have one of the 122 Kerries rescued this year. We wish him a long and happy life with all his Kerry brothers and sisters! Thanks to Foundation for its heroic efforts, and especially to Debbie Ewing who helped make this possible and continues to provide us with advise! Susan, Francisco, and Spookie

Date: October 21, 2006 12:42:26 PM PDT

Subject: Lucky Update
Date: November 12, 2006 12:41:57 PM PST

Lucky has passed his two- month anniversary in his new Virginia home and has made wonderful progress evolving from a hyper yet often submissive boy! Lucky is adored by all the "dog" people and their pooches in our neighborhood because besides being cute and puppy-like, his little stump of a tail wags 100 miles an hour and he loves attention--as long as you don't bend down too quickly and startle him. He hasn't gained much weight despite our efforts. A few bouts of diarrhea sent us to the vet where we learned he had a biological infection. After 1 week on Baytril, he already was fine! This has made all the difference in his house-training progress. Lucky hasn't had an "accident" in more than two weeks and really surprised us a week ago when he stood at the front door indicating his need to go outside to poop! YAY! He is even getting used to grass.

We are so happy to have him with us and love watching him get more and more confident everyday, especially since our resident 7yr-old female Kerry Spookie died suddenly on 5 October. He was with us on our early morning walk and seemed just as traumatized as we were (still are) at her death. He has calmed down so much and although he doesn't have a real bark (apparently he was debarked in the mill) he talks to us sometimes when he wants us to wake up in the morning or when one of us is outside and he can see us from the window. He wants all three of us to be in the same place at the same time. It is hilarious to watch him chase chipmunks and squirrels--he seems baffled when they disappear under a pile of leaves or up a storm drain. But he takes it all in stride and keeps on walking alert to any new opportunity. Lucky gets very playful, running and jumping like a crazed madman, and when he flies up or down the stairs he often tumbles and hits his head on the wall or furniture. He doesn't care! We hope everyone else from the Summer's Pride rescue is faring as well as Lucky is!

Susan, Francisco and Lucky

Subject: Lucky Update
Date: September 10, 2007 6:53:57 PM PST

Hello Kerry Blue lovers,

Lucky, who was one of the August 2007 Sommers Pride rescues, has been with us for one year as of 5 September. He has come a long way from the skinny, worm-infected, cowering, afraid of grass!!! 3-year old boy who we met at Reagan National airport. Lucky is the sweetest, most friendly lover boy! He loves his long morning walks with his neighbor Alf, the miniature poodle, and loves his dog walker at mid-day, and still gets homemade chicken treats from mommy. His new trick is jumping onto the cool, leather couch after each walk, before anyone else can get a seat!
Lucky has learned to walk and play on grass--but still prefers the middle of the road or the sidewalk--and can't get enough sticks to chew on. He is obsessed with his toy balls and is a pro at sniffing out stray tennis balls in the bushes around the neighborhood. We play "catch the ball" every night until he is exhausted to the point of near hyperventilation!

The only tell-tale sign of Lucky's unfortunate past is his submissive urination. He is 100% house-broken, but any attempt to pick him up, or bend over to pet him too quickly causes a little leak. Poor baby. Other than that, he has fattened up nicely, is quite social with humans and other dogs -- except the local Weimeriner --and is very healthy at 36 lbs. His best friends are two black Portuguese Water dogs, a female beagle, Alf and Magic the miniature poodles, and his cousin Wylie (a shelter rescue). He doesn't like puppies one bit, especially when they pull on his beard and bite his legs. He also hates loud noises such as garbage trucks, school buses, and motorcycles (who doesn't?) so we stay off the main roads to remain stress-free.

Lucky does love to RIDE in the car though. He goes right to sleep!

Lucky's personality is different in many ways from our previous Kerry who died at age 7 soon after we adopted Lucky, but he is a Kerry through and through.

We enjoy following the progress of all the other rescued Kerries on the Foundation website and are always heartened by how quickly they are rehabilitated with the love of their new families--human and beasties!

Keep up the good work!

Susan, Francisco, and Lucky boy



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