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2006 Sumer's Pride Gulliver


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Gulliver, #205, DOB 3/25/06

Gulliver on the day of the auction:

Gulliver's foster mom, Priscilla Harvey, sent us Gully's first pictures of freedom.




Today, November 6, 2006 turns a new page in the story of Gulliver's Travels. His new adoptive family, Barb & Sean Maloney picked him up from Priscilla Harvey's foster home in Pennsylvania and started the long drive home to Ontario. Barb & Sean live in a beautiful log home on 66 acres of land outside of Sudbury, Ontario. Gulliver will have 3 playmates, Kerry Blue "Lia", Bull Mastiff "Rocky", and Lab/Shepherd "Riley" and tons of (fenced) room to run and enjoy the rest of his life in freedom. All of us involved in the rescue and placement of Gulliver are so happy he has found a permanent home and wish him and the Maloneys a happy life together.

Linda Grisley
KBTF Rescue Coordinator--Canada

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Gully is home! We had a long drive, but he was a wonderfully good boy. I don't usually allow dogs in the front seat, but his crate wouldn't fit in the back seat of our truck, and we couldn't put him in the box, although we have a cap on it, so he spent the entire trip on my lap, and we had some serious bonding time. We spent last night in Niagara Falls and he slept in his crate and didn't make a sound until morning.

We do have some issues here at home though. I'm calling the vet tomorrow to schedule emergency neutering or Lia is going to leave home. His male horomones are in high gear and he won't leave her alone. Then Reilly gets protective of her. Rocky just lies on his bed and watches everything! He did try to play with Gully outside, but Gully only had one thing on his mind. Once he's neutered we're sure things will settle down, but until then, Gully will like his crate.


Barb Maloney and Sean

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Gully's next trip will be a short one, although no less traumatic from the male perspective. Ideally, we would have given Gully more time to settle into his new home, but our vet has an opening tomorrow, and Gully will be there bright and early for his surgery. Then hopefully, Lia will have a playmate instead of a suitor with one thing on his mind!!

It is funny to watch them. Gully goes near Lia and she sits down and won't budge, so he lies beside her and waits. They were playing this am until he remebered his male needs!

We've decided to erect a large exercise pen in our yard as it will be some time before Gully can be trusted on our huge property without a leash. Sean will be working on it this weekend.

I will send photos as soon as I have the opportunity to take some.


Barb and Sean
Gulliver, Lia, Reilly and Rocky

From: Barbara Maloney
Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2009 9:05 AM
To: Linda Grisley
Cc: Priscilla Harvey
Subject: Update On Gully

Hi Linda and Priscilla:

Thought I would let you know that our Gully boy is doing very well. With spring in the air all the pups want to be outside more and we've been gradually letting all 3 stay out together. We keep a close watch on them and if there is anything to start them barking we put a stop to it right away. Reilly still enjoys a good snooze in his bed after exercise, so Lia and Gully are outside keeping watch on the squirrel population while Reilly naps.

I am attaching a picture of Gully and Lia running on the pond awile back. Gully on the left. Our pond system is about 1 mile long and 1/4 mile wide and is perfect for walking when there isn't much snow.

We had so much snow (it's still not gone!!!) that Gully could hop over the fence whenever he felt the urge. He would suddenly appear in the corral when I was feeding the horses and my yearling, Majic, was quite intriqued by him. He and Gully would sniff each other and then Gully would roll on his back in front of him (EEK!). The others didn't bother with him but Majic thought he was something to play with. The only problem is he plays with his hooves! Needless to say Gully's stay in there was short-lived. I usually leave the pups in the house when I feed or work with the horses cause they won't learn to not bark.

He sleeps in his crate and when we're leaving to go somewhere he runs into it happily with the promise of a Cheez Whiz fiilled Kong - "Kong Time!!" Of course he's even happier to be set free upon our return!! Luckily he doesn't have to spend too much time in confinement as I usually go into town only once a week and on weekends we like to stay home if possible. In the last while Gully hasn't been coming upstairs to the family room with us in the evening as he always did, but is electing to stay downstairs with Reilly and Lia. Reilly can't do the spiral staircase anymore, and Princess Lia graces us with her presence occassionally. They're usually pooped and want their beds in th evening.

He so enjoys our walks in the bush and along the ponds. He'll be everywhere - running up on the edge of the hills along the ponds, marking every muskrat house he sees, and bounding back to join us (Lia and Reilly go with him at times, but often stay and walk with me). He's so full of energy and exuberance that I thank God he's here and not walking on a leash in a suburban setting. We don't regret our decision to keep him for one moment, in fact we can't imagie life without our Gully boy!

I just read about Guinness's rescue and I am praying for his healthy recovery. Dianne sounds like a wonderful person and her anger at the ones who caused his grief is certainly justified. We'll never know why some people treat animals so badly, but knowing how many are dedicated to their rescue helps offset the anguish.

Happy Easter to all,
Barb Maloney, Sean, Reilly, Lia and Gully :)
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Gulliver, from the Summer's Pride rescue in 2006, was adopted by Barb & Sean Malloney. They worked with him for all these years, but he had a persistent problem with one of the other dogs in the house. He has now transferred to Whitehorse, Yukon to live with:
Mary and Perry VanderKop


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