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2006 Shelbina Express: Shelby (continued)


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Life With Shelby

From: Irene <harpsichord@SUSCOM.NET>

Date: Sun May 28, 2006 7:22:36 PM US/Pacific

Hi Everyone:

As I was watching Charlotte Bronte's classic, JANE EYRE, tonight it became apparent how Mr. Rochester grew to love Jane, the governess he hired for his ward. At first Jane was reserved and stoic, yet he found a dignity and self-assured countenance she bestowed. At that point he became intrigued with knowing her better. Although her physical beauty was lacking, her gaze and expression through her eyes shone out. Her benevolence was unquestionable. He could not hold back his love for Jane and asked her to marry him. He was not mesmerized with her money, her looks, her breeding or her position. It was her soul calling out to him and his heart being entwined in hers. He said to her,"YOU STRANGE, ALMOST UNEARTHLY THING." Mr. Rochester, a proud and prominent man, loved her soul and that transcended all she was not into all she would be to him.


Shelby has that "almost unearthly" mannerism. She is quietly there speaking to you with her eyes and gentle touch. Her glance has that mystical silence of all she is and who she will become. Shelby is my "unearthly" love in this earthly world of the fallen. Shelby is all our hope for a promising future for all other "unearthly" creatures whose souls are waiting to unfold and mystify us once more with the promise of the soul being born and unveiled for all the world to see.

Irene Mele
Brewsters, NY

These are pictures of Shelby after her operation -- looking beautiful.
She is on her new bed in my room.

Irene Mele

From: Irene
Sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2006 9:20 AM

Hi Everyone:

Suzanne Rodda came yesterday afternoon and spent 2 1/2 hours grooming the top part of Shelby's body and her face. She is going to come back next week to groom the legs and underbody. Yes, it took that long to get her face to look like a real kerry. And it took Suzanne an hour to get here and an hour to get back. She is very dedicated to her work and true to her word that she would donate a free grooming. Not only that, but Shelby loves her. Shelby was nervous at first and I hugged and comforted her until she was realized she was not going to be hurt. Then she was queen for the day and loving it. Suzanne was funny with all the funny dog things she says to make Shelby feel calm and secure. We were all cracking up. Wish we had a video camera. Thank you Suzanne for making our girl a prize Kerry and so beautiful. You have to see her. She has the daintiest face and great lines. Her hair is like silk. She is dream to look at. And thank you Suzanne for all your joyfulness that you bring to everyone and your talents. Grooming is a very difficult art.

I took pictures of Shelby with me and Suzanne and next week I will take more upon completion of her grooming. Then I will send them to Mimi for her to scan and then they will be up. You are not going to recognize her. You can't even see the very minute scar line on her face. That was job was done so well also by Dr. Wilson of Brewster, NY at the animal hospital. I took pictures of Shelby with him also that I am going to send to Mimi. Thank you all for donating to Shelby's operation and well-being. Now you will all get to see the fruits of your labor. She is a new girl with new life and new joy. That is so rewarding to see on a daily basis when she wags her tail and smiles. I thank you all personally again for the part each one of you played in her rescue up until now.

Irene Mele
Brewster, NY

From: Suzanne Rodda <SRodda@AOL.COM>
Date: Thu Aug 10, 2006 5:56:55 PM US/Pacific

It is such an honor to be Shelby's volunteer groomer and to be part of her
life. My first visit left me with such sadness seeing her pacing back n forth
and catching a glimpse of her hole on the side of her face. My first
reaction was a feeling of sickness and trying to see what or if anything I could do
in helping her overcome her fears. Shelby felt more comfortable just being
in a small closed off area. I left that day wondering if I could even get a
scissors on her.

Several months later, just last week, I returned not really knowing if we
would be able to groom her. When I arrived I saw a huge improvement. She was
doing less and less pacing, her coat grew in. ... was she a hairy little
Kerry. Irene was able to pick her up and place her on my lap ... what a sweet
little angel. At first she looked at Irene but after talking to her for a
little while she started looking up at me. I kept telling her she was all right,
that nobody was going to hurt her anymore. Eventually we were able to put
her on the table. Crouching and the tail between the legs was not going to
work so I kept telling her everything will be all right. She looked at me and
gave me a sniff-kiss, I just wanted to cry. She started to stand up...
Repeating those words over and over again and telling her how beautiful she was,
and a little angel ... now she was standing like a show dog. Well, close to
it. We spent 2 1/2 hours with the groom. I decided to quit to give her a
break. Next week I will be returning to help wash her and finish off the groom.
Wait until you see her ... what a beautiful little baby.

Thank you rescue committee and especially Irene for adopting her. Irene had
mentioned several times to me that she wanted a rescue ... you all will be
proud of Irene and her family. Mom, Dad, Irene and her son Nicholas are all
the angels Shelby needed. They have so much love to give that I thought
they may want to adopt me. only kidding

I just wanted to say that I didn't need to suggest anything for Shelby's
recovery her knew family gave everything to her - their hearts.

Suzanne Rodda
203 218-3350



Suzanne with Shelby

Suzanne, Shelby and Irene

Irene Mele with Shelby

Where there was a gaping hole, is now a pretty face.

From: Irene
Subject: Shelby's Update
Date: December 12, 2006 12:30:42 PM PST

Hi Everyone:

Shelby will be with us 1 year in March. Seems like she has been with us forever. She is the sweetest girl and the big update on Shelby is that now she chews on the Nyla-bones, peanut butter bones and 100% rubbers toys we give her. She would never touch them before. Now while I work she just chews away and is very happy on her plush bedding. She is still afraid of the men and runs away from them or strangers and growls at them. That will take a lot of more time to heal as she has been badly injured both physically and emotionally. The main thing I find is that he is happy and jumps for joy when she sees me or food or her toys. But compared to when she first came here, she has improved immensely. She lets me pet her and trusts me enough to come to me for more. I spend a lot of time with Shelby giving her everything she should have gotten in the first place. She is my love and does everything with me. I could not have found a better friend in Shelby. She lets me give her the love I need to give and I know she loves me back when she gently comes over and licks me, especially after I walk her, take her for rides in the car or give her treats. You should see her jump around for her treats. She is the cutest girl in all the world and I LOVE to see her happy and smile. That is the greatest gift I could have ever received.

I would love to hear about all the other rescues. It is so exciting to hear our babies have new lives and are happy.

Irene and Shelby

From: Irene
Subject: Shelby's Update
Date: January 25, 2007 12:30:42 PM PST

Hi Everyone:

Suzanne Rodda who gave Shelby that complimentary grooming in the summer said she liked this picture. It shows her form more.

From: harpsichord@COMCAST.NET
Date: March 24, 2007 8:47:31 AM PDT

Hello all my dear Kerry friends. It has been one year with Shelby, one wonderful year! It is hard to believe how fast time has gone and how far Shelby has come along thanks to all of you. I have dedictated a poem to Shelby written by the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns (1759-1796). Here is to Shelby, the love of my life, the shoulder I lean on, the one I seek each morning, my confidant and best friend:


O, My Luve's like a red, red rose,
That's newly sprung in June.
O, My Luve's like the melodie,
That's sweetly play'd in tune.

As fair art thou, my bonnie lass,
So deep in luve am I,
And I will luve thee still, my dear,
Till a' the seas gang dry.

Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wi' the sun!
And I will luve thee still, my dear,
While the sands o' life shall run.

And fare thee weel, my only luve,
And fare thee weel a while!
And I will come again, my luve,
Tho' it were ten thousand mile!

It took one year for Shelby to go through two operations, to come through a doorway, to pick up a toy, to sleep without pacing, to eat without looking over her shoulder, to look into your eyes, to wag her tail, to let someone pet her, to let anyone near her, to walk on a leash, to jump for joy, to go near a water bowl or take a treat without fear of being grabbed.

It took one year for Shelby to know what it was to be a pet and not a slave, to be loved and not abused, to smile and not wimp, to have a home instead of a cage, and, of all else, to be loved just for who she is and just as she is, to be loved unconditionally.

One year with Shelby was possible because of all of your good hearts, because you did not give up on her or the rest of the Shelbina rescues, because their lives meant more than the opposition, because of your steadfast dedication to your motto of saving them no matter what the cost. Robin Hood, the Scarlett Pimpernel, William Wilberforce and Oscar Schindler never gave up even though more and more refugees would be coming. Their life-long quest was to free as many as they could, despite the circumcirstance and ridicule, despite all the pros and cons. Theirs was not to ask why. Theirs was to do or die. Let us continue in their footsteps, let us pick up the flag and move forward and make a difference in all the lives of all those who are relying on us to save them from a life that is worse than death itself. I can hear them calling. I can hear their cries. We all can because our hearts are open. We can be the difference. We can be there and we will! We will not faint. The flag will fly high and brave!

Irene and Shelby
Brewster, NY


I can't believe we have Shelby for over two years now. Shelby turned 7 in March and had a big birthday party with Shea. Those doggy cookies look good enough for humans to eat. Shelby wanted to thank you all for your rescuing her and saving her life.

She wrote this poem for all of you and a current picture of her is below. Isn't she the sweetest girl, too. She wouldn't hurt a fly. It still grieves us the first time we saw shelby in her carrying crate right off the plane. And we cried for half an hour, trying to comfort her from hear fears and trauma. Well, thanks to all of you, Shelby is a new girl and knows how to play and run with joy in her heart!

[...] Shelby said she wishes she could thank each one of you personally. You will be in her heart forever. thank you again.
Irene Mele





Just received [the Foundation] March 2009 Kerry newsletter. You all do so much to help our Kerrries. Shelby and my family will always be grateful to [the Foundation].

Shelby just turned 8 years old at the end of March and we now have her 3 years. She has come such a long way even though people are still fearful to her. She is my constant companion and the love of my life.

Shelby had problems with her teeth two weeks ago and had to have surgery to remove many of them. When they were cleaned three years ago they said they did what they could and hoped they would last a few years. It didn'tmatter what the cost. We charged whatever Shelby needed, including meds, blood work, vaccinations and tick control prophylactic. The bill came to $750. Shelby is worth a million dollars to us.

She is a strong little girl and my "red, red rose". I need her more than she needs me as she is my closest friend.

Shelby needs a new winter vest so enclosed is $50 for the rescue vest.

Best wishes,

Irene & Shelby

People L to R: Jeanette Mele, Irene Mele, Tracey Fulmer
Kerries: Shea, Shelby, Isobel and Bailey

PS: Tracey came for a visit in September, and Suzanne Rodda stopped by too and took this picture.


She is a trooper. She turned 13 on March 27th and we took her and Shea to McDonald's for chicken nuggets! I got her a brand new collar and a plush bed for her birthday. She is such a sweetheart. I'd be lost without her. She follows me everywhere I go. Where could you get a better friend than her? I was the lucky one to get her.

We've had Shelby for 8 years now. She has gone through five operations and has slowed down a bit but still eats like there's no tomorrow with lots of liver treats, fresh meat, brown rice and vegetables for lunch and then Blue for dinner. She deserves to be treated like a princess after what she went through.

Two years ago a woodchuck came through our fenced-in yard and Shea went after it. He is quick so he got it and was biting it. But it also had sharp teeth and Shelby was barking at him and got bitten. He broke her entire left jaw. She needed two operations, my poor baby girl, but she survived. I cried when the doctor took her into the operating room and I cried more when she came out looking at me with her big brown eyes. I hope she lives a long, long life with us. Shea loves her too and watches over her. Shea is 9 years old now. We love them as our children and since we are retired, they are always with us, even for car rides and walks.

Please give my love to everyone on the list and thank them for all their help rescuing Shelby and the others. I can't even think of what would have happened to my girl if someone else had bought her. I shiver with the thought. I don't understand cruelty in any shape or form and am still fighting it by signing petitions and writing letters to officials to have the laws changed protecting animals.


I got my old 35mm camera to work and took some photos of Shelby. They are from his past August (2014).

Shelby is 13.5 now this month (9-2014). You can see how happy she is in our big fenced-in yard. She has slowed down and walks more now than runs. […] She loves sitting outside on the deck in the back (not in the photos) of on the grass (in these photos). She has plush beds in every room of our house.

She is our beautiful, loyal girl. We take her on car rides and walks. She has all the treats she wants and fresh food every day. We love her so much. I think she rescued us!

Enclosed is a donation from us. We wish it could be more, but we are still paying off the $4,000 […] bill for Shelby’s teeth, […] woodchuck bite, and jaw bone operations. I have to puree all her food now, so I keep her beard short.

Shelby came to us at five years old. I am so happy she was recued thanks to all of you. […]

Irene Mele

Monday, February 6, 2017


Irene Mele and her family have asked me to post this for them to thank all
who have been involved with Shelby and them over the years.
Francesca Fein

Dear Kerry Blue Rescuers, Friends and Family:

As you all probably know by now, our beloved Shelby crossed over the
Rainbow Bridge Friday night at 7 p.m. She started to shake violently and within
30 seconds expired. She was on her bed next to our couch in the living
room when it happened. I tried to hold her, but she was limp, and then I
realized she left us for the Bridge. I ran over to her and screamed for her
to not leave us, but it was too late.

My mother and I are heartbroken. Shelby was our everything. She had a
horrible first five years of her life, but the last 11 years were heaven for
us and Shelby. When we got her, we did not think she would make it, but
then she fought and survived another 11 years with us. We were inseparable
with car rides, a fenced-in yard, toys, many beds and treats. She survived
three operations for her 16 years. When we got Shelby she was half-dead
with a hole in her mouth that the food came out of. We cried and cried when
we first picked her up at the Hartford Airport. She was so frightened and
tried to hide. It took a long time for her to even be in a room with
people. We never pushed her. We let her heal slowly and held her all the time
with kisses, sweet talk and hugs. Slowly she'd come into the room when we
had company. Slowly she'd trust us and come to us on her own. Shelby was
finally the girl she was meant to be...happy, loved and secure. Shea
loved her too and is lost without her. Shea is 12 and misses Shelby. He was
very watchful over her and protected her.

You all made that possible with your love and support. A personal thank
goes out to all the Shelbina rescuers who saved Shelby's life and many other
kerries. It was because of your dedication, sacrifice and courage that
they all survived a terrible future. I can't even think about someone
hurting my girl or any other kerries. The pain would be too great. I still
fight for animal rights and will never stop. We are their voice. We must help
all we can.

There will never be another Shelby for us. She actually rescued me. She
was my constant companion, my friend, my hero. She needed me. I could
read her face and know what she was saying or wanted. I hope they are taking
care of my girl up there in heaven. I worry she won't get what she needs
nor her treats. I can't be with her now to comfort her. It is so

Thank you all for remembering and loving Shelby. That brought comfort to
us. Thank you for all your calls, emails and prayers. We appreciate them
very much. You are such wonderful, amazingly kind people and we will never
forget you.

Warmest regards,

Irene and Jeanette Mele

Brewster, NY


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