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2006 Shelbina Express: Quinn


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Male #128, Quinn  

Quinn charms the world. He is a beautiful lovable little cuddlepuppy! He came here with poor muscle tone, but that should improve soon with all the exercise he's getting. He is almost house broken--he likes to go out & play & seems to enjoy the freedom, but he's not good at asking about going outside, and does not like to be put out alone. He plays well with our adult male Kerry, and was friendly with our cat until Charlie chased him. Charlie was playing, but it scared poor Quinn, yet he holds no grudge.

From: R Lockwood <ritasway2@YAHOO.COM>
Date: Sat Jun 3, 2006 10:36:40 AM US/Pacific

I was impressed this morning when I was loading the dishwasher, & Quinn was having breakfast. I didn't get the large bottle of dishwashing liquid firmly on the counter, & it fell. (-loud noise, no mess-) Quinn came rushing over to the source of the noise & checked with me. He seemed to be checking that things were OK, then he went back to breakfast. Such a contrast from the ones that startle & leave when they hear a loud noise.

He is also basically very quiet. If he is outside, the door is closed, & he wants in; he gives two barks, otherwise he's quiet, which is special in this neighborhood of barking dogs. Now if he would just learn to do that when he wants out. As long as a door is open, he goes in & out & no messes in the house. But if the doors are closed, he may or may not go to the door. Got to work on that.

He doesn't like his crate, is resistant to being put in, but doesn't howl, bark or whine, & he sleeps through the night. He does want to be in the same room with people, but doesn't make a fuss if he is closed out. Seems to like men women & children, dogs & cats. He was sprawled out on the floor last night getting loves from Andrew, Charlie came right into the middle of them for his share, & Quinn just nosed him. Charlie Cat nosed him back, then told Andrew he wanted some loving too.

Is Quinnie just perfect? Well Of Course - - - He's a Kerry!
Rita Lockwood Portland OR

From: R Lockwood <ritasway2@YAHOO.COM>
Date: Tue Jun 20, 2006 10:10:59 AM US/Pacific

Quinn's Beginners Obedience class starts this Saturday. Not a moment too soon. Last evening he took my eyeglasses off the table and chewed them up. They are not repairable.! Fortunately I love him.

He continues to charm, and is very helpful. When we work in the yard, he supervises our every move.

He touched my heart yesterday when a child fell off his bike and cried. We didn't hear the fall, but we heard the boy cry. Quinn does investigate noises, but that time his running and stance was urgent. Fortunately an older brother was with the boy, but Quinn didn't relax until the little one stopped crying. I gave him a hug and some "good boy"s.

When I had an injury on my leg, he sniffed it a couple of times, then ignored it - It was not infected at the time. I've had an infection lately that kind of laid me low. Quinn comes and smells my breath. If I'm really feeling bad, he stays beside me.

He's a puppy mill rescue (Shelbina # 128), and he does have some leftover issues; but they're hard to see. He is happy, outgoing, funloving, reasonably quiet, & good with other critters.

Rita Lockwood Portland OR

From: R Lockwood <ritasway2@YAHOO.COM>
Date: Wed Jun 21, 2006 11:12:45 AM US/Pacific
Subject: [KBL] OK Housekeepers

Attention Housekeepers - Quinnie is being auctioned off. His beginning price is $50,000.

I'm a sporadic housekeeper at best. This morning I started picking up dishes & putting them in the dishwasher, picking up trash & putting it in the bag under the kitchen sink, right by the dishwasher. Quinnie watched me for a minute then started picking up the toys & plastic bottles he plays with & put them together under a table. When I stopped to watch him, he looked at me & wagged his tail. "See Rita, I'm helping."

Previously his professional specialty was as a paper shredder. He not only shreds regular paper, he makes confetti out of telephone directories & novels as well. Night before last he totally destroyed a pair of eyeglasses, but that just shows his ability to shred tougher items. Just think of all those plastic containers you can't flatten out for discard.

OK, I'm joking about the auction. But if you knew how I felt this morning, & how stunned I was when I realized what he was doing...

Rita Lockwood
Portland OR

From: R Lockwood <ritasway2@YAHOO.COM>
Date: Wed Jul 26, 2006 1:33:30 PM US/Pacific

I love reading the updates on rescues, and it occurred to me that I may not have written lately about Quinn. He began basic obedience classes, loves the class, great people, interesting dogs, but "isn't this play time?" We were theoretically practicing 15 min, twice a day, & it just wasn't working. He doesn't focus that long yet. Now we try a particular point about 2 min, then we break. Of course we use lots of praise and goodies. We practice various points off and on all day long.

One other problem developed quickly, he learned that goodies are sometimes found in purses. He will check any & all purses for a treat. He's a sneak thief. We're working on that. It's challenging, because he eats the evidence, often before we realize what he's done.

He loves the Magnificent 7, plays beautifully with them. Hops around and over them and grrs at them. They have just hit 10 weeks, & will be gone soon (aaggghhh). Fortunately a couple of them will be here for a bit yet.

Potty training - Pretty good. He can't yet be trusted alone in the house for any length of time, but if the door is open, or if someone is here to let him out, no problem. Goes through the night with no problem.

We took him over to Denise's for a playtime while Denise was home. She is the angel who has been trading off with Olivia & Quinn. He stayed with her for about two months. Then she brought him here & took Miss Livvy & family home. We never really thought about how that seemed to him, he's very happy here. OOPS! When he saw Denise, he ignored her. She called & he came to me. She clapped her hands & called again, he wagged his tail & went the other direction. After a few minutes, she tried again, and it became obvious he was "dissin" her. We had a laugh, then I held him while she came over to him and gave him some attention. The next time she called, he went running & all but leaped into her arms. I presume he has forgiven her for giving him away.

He does have a little habit that is new to me. We have two small vegetable gardens. He loves them. He can find the sprinkler on for a cool drink (very important lately) & after watching a friend here pour water over his head, Quinnie sticks his head in the sprinkler too, OK - BUT Bri samples the greens while outside. Quinn saw that they are edible, & ta-da - - - Not too fond of Kale, but lettuce is ok, basil is interesting, likes the smell of tomato plants, & really enjoys a group of what I can only call mixed greens. The strawberries were good also, as were the few green peas that grew. He gets a drink, "freshens up" & strolls through the garden sampling the produce. Surprisingly one rose, Black Magic, apparently tastes as good as it looks & smells. Not the leaves, just the petals.

When the tomatoes ripen, if he starts in on those, he's going back to Denise's.



From: nej@TELUS.NET
Subject: Re: [KBL] Shelbina 128 = Quinn
Date: May 28, 2007 9:41:59 PM PDT

I thought that I should write since Quinn has just had his second birthday
(May 20th) and I’d like to update everyone. In February I was lucky enough
to have received a call from Candi, (organized by Linda here in Canada) who
said that Quinn needed a new home. Rita in Portland felt that Quinn would be
happier in a home as an only dog (or at the least the top dog). I was so
thrilled to have received the call that we made quick arrangements for me to
meet in Tacoma to visit with Quinn and see if we were a fit. Well, I think
we all decided that Quinn wanted to come with me to live in Canada in short
order so that day Quinn & I traveled back to Surrey, BC.

Ever since that day Quinn has been showing me his “Kerriness” daily. Each
day he presents a new aspect of his personality and he constantly has me
laughing. He really is a kind soul however he also likes to be that
schoolyard pest - stealing balls from other dogs, only to be chased down,
that is. If the other dogs pay him no attention he will jump around them and
bark until they get so annoyed that they chase him (away, perhaps?). It
really is a hoot to watch. He has also been known to knock the ball out of
the other dog’s mouth but head-butting him… quite a neat trick actually!!
Then the chase is on.

I think the funniest moment was one morning when I was trying to sleep in
and a fire truck went by the house. After about five minutes Quinn decided
to test his vocal cords and he started to howl like the fire engine siren.
He did quite a nice job and I was actually thinking of hiring him out to the
fire department although I know he wouldn’t stay on the fire truck for
long!! Ha Ha!!

Rita started his obedience training while he was living with her in Portland
– I don’t think that he’s progressed a lot since then. He’s as stubborn as
ever. I’m just now trying to hold him back a bit & remind him who’s the boss
(a thing that he challenges on a regular basis). His attention span was not
good during training, but got better as we carried on. We still have to work
on that a bit more though.

Quinn loves dogs, people, children and playtime. Wherever I go he usually
attracts attention because he really is one of the cutest dogs out there.
He’s got a beautiful & full coat, and he’s soft and cuddly. He’s loving and
affectionate and a character to boot. I added a picture with him & his
miniature poodle friends at the groomer.

Rita, sorry… he sleeps on the bed (just don’t seem to be able to break him
of this habit, although he doesn’t get up on the bed until he gets the
command to do so).

Nancy Surrey, BC
From: Rita Lockwood <rlockwood40@GMAIL.COM>
Subject: [KBL] Quinn
Date: March 7, 2012 8:42:56 PM PST

Quinnie's story is a bit different, but close enough.



He was a puppy mill rescue during the time we were picking up lots of them. When he lived in
Portland with me and my entourage, he was a Blue Ribbon Mischief Maker. He
destroyed two new pair of prescription eyeglasses the day Alexander got
them and stopped by the house. I usually wore contacts, so from me he only
got one pair prescription eyeglasses, and two pair of sunglasses. He raided
my purse several times, also raided my chocolate stash, and is the only dog I
have ever known who could open the refrigerator and help himself to a tasty
little snack. I quickly learned to put everything in sealed plastic
containers, but he could open some of them. Yogurt containers were safe
only if in the back of the refrigerator on an upper shelf. The list of
mischief goes on and on. He was also very dear, cuddly, beautiful, and always

I will likely always remember one day when I was cleaning the kitchen. He
watched me picking things up and either tossing them in the trash or placing
them in the dishwasher. After a few minutes, he began picking up his play
things an putting them all under the kitchen table. I suppose he thought he
was helping, or maybe he was just saving his things from the trash.
Waaayy too clever, and too cute. Most of his destructive behavior seemed
directed toward me. If another dog needed some special attention, he acted
out & it seemed like a need to be an "only dog". I couldn't/wouldn't stop
fostering & place all other fosters & pets elsewhere; so I made the tough
decision to place him as an "only"

Enter Nancy Joyce! He took up with her right from the first. Watching her
every move, sitting on her feet, following her out to her car without even
looking back.

And there he is... Adjusted nicely to the little female she brought home.
I understand that Nancy now has another little female. And she tells me
his behavior is really quite normal.


Rita Lockwood, Oregon, USA


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