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2006 Shelbina Express: Ozzye


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Male #136, Ozzye

#136 formerly Louie Baby is now Ozzye. He lives in Northern, CA with Christine and Larry Callaway and their female Kerry, Ruby. Ozzye is a character and quite the escape artist. Larry has already had to reinforce the base of the fence to keep Ozzye from tunneling over to the neighbors yard. Evidently the attraction over there is the swimming pool, which Ozzye has tried out to his satisfaction. Larry was just stripping down to go in and "rescue" Ozzye all over again when Ozzye proudly swam across the pool and came up the steps onto dry ground! Happiest at Christine's knee while she works at the computer or walking the lake near their home Ozzye is settling in well.

Eileen Andrade

From: Eileen Andrade <my3kerries@COMCAST.NET>
Date: Wed May 10, 2006 6:52:39 PM US/Pacific

Well Ozzye from the Shelbina rescue has had a change in his surroundings. You might have read that Ozzye joined the Calloway family and their Kerry Ruby and promptly discovered the swimming pool next door. It became his obsession to go next door and swim with the kids - however the neighbors that owned the pool didn't think it was funny or charming. After several trips next door and attempts at turning the fence into an Ozzye-proof boundary it was decided that Ozzye needed a home far from the lure of the pool. Actually I think the kids jumping in the pool were as much an attraction as the pool itself.

After some deliberation, discussion with other possible homes and review of at least a dozen applications we made a decision to send him to a new home with Johnye and Steven Saylor in Nevada. So Ozzye came to spend the night with me in preparation for the transfer. He got along well with Hope, ignored my cat, co-existed peacefully with Tristan and Trudy - though from the other side of the dog run and prompted remarks from my roommate about why didn't we just keep him (so far she has said that about every Kerry that has passed over my threshold I will admit)!

Yesterday morning we made a quick stop at Kutz for Mutz to test Ozzye's reaction to clippers as we had a report that he freaked when clippers were turned on. He was an angel baby though as we accomplished clipper work on his head, ears and throat. After that he and I hit the road headed for a half way point to meet his new mom as she drove down from the Carson City area. We met in the parking lot at the Burger King in Auburn (at one time owned by Jim Otto of Oakland Raiders fame, if you are a football fan and of my generation). When Johnye pulled in and got out of the car my gut told me we had made the right choice for Ozzye and he seemed to agree. When I popped him out of his crate he went right to her, stood on his hind legs, wrapped his front paws around her thigh and rubbed his head against her while giving a sigh that sounded like he was saying "now I'm home". It brought tears to my eyes.

I'll let Johnye tell you the rest as time passes but suffice it to say at this moment that Ozzye is happily running with an elderly American Eskimo male, a deaf Brittany spaniel female, a number of cats, kittens, peacocks and chickens - all without incident. It sounds like he is having the time of his life and I know that he will be well loved, as a matter of fact he already is!

Eileen Andrade
with Trudy, Tristan and Kitty
and Grant who will forever live in my heart and memories
Northern California

From: Johnye Saylor <amahjohnyehk@AOL.COM>
Date: Thu May 11, 2006 10:16:18 AM US/Pacific

We are so thrilled with our new boy. He is a total delight. We have a large amount of animals and he gets along with allof them and this is his second full day here. I cannot thank the Kerryblue Foundation enough for pairing us up.
He is a reamarkable boy and captured my heart at girst sight. I will be posting some photos in the near future.

Johnye Saylor

From: Johnye Saylor <amahjohnyehk@AOL.COM>
Date: Thu May 25, 2006 1:52:41 PM US/Pacific

Well Ozzye has been here for over 2 weeks and things are going great. He is in the pasture at the moment, playing with Mistye, our deaf Brittany Spaniel. He went on his first journey in our motor coach to our granddaughter's graduation from university. He met alot of the family as well as canine family and did fabulously. He did get frightened by thunder but we had him on our bed and held him closely. Everyday I am amazed at how wonderful he is. I am also amazed at some of the things he does that are so much like our darling departed" Kerrye ". He travels next to my seat facing backwards which was Kerrye's favorite way to travel. He is also very cautious about taking food and he crosses his front paws when he lies down, all traits of Kerrye's. It is so wonderful to see his curly body lying on the floor, sound asleep.

We have not had him groomed yet. He has had several bathes as he gets very dirty in the pasture, but it is still cool so we are waiting until June for a fur cut. His fur has gotten much softer with the use of proper shampoo and conditioner.

He does have a favorite cat, who loves him and lies next to him at night.

We are working on clicker training and have a long way to go but I am patient.

I will post pics from his trip in the next couple of days.

Ozzye's Mom,
Johnye Saylor

From: Johnye Saylor <amahjohnyehk@AOL.COM>
Date: Sat May 27, 2006 10:08:43 AM US/Pacific
Subject: [KBL] Ozzye meets the sheep

Have to tell about this mornings wake up call at 5:45. The dogs were going nuts and Ozzye was right there barking as well as he could. He was debarked while in the 'care' of the mill owners. Going down our little street were about 250 to 300 sheep being herded by 4 Aussies and a Great Pyrenees.

There were 3 shepherds directing the dogs. It was really a wonderful sight. One we have not seen for about 10 years. The dogs were absolutely frantic but calmed down when I got to them. Ozzye was so curious I took him out to the gate to see all the activity and he was so good, he just stayed by my side. Guess all the newness is just being taken in and digested.

Mom, Johnye


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