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2006 Shelbina Express: Moya


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Female #120, Moya

March 27, 2006


Here are the first pictures of Moya and her new foster dad, Steve.

Carol Cain, Seattle, WA

March 31, 2006

From: Carol Cain <cain1950@COMCAST.NET>
Date: Fri Mar 31, 2006 9:22:32 AM US/Pacific
Subject: [KBL] News about #120, Moya
Reply-To: Carol Cain <cain1950@COMCAST.NET>

Moya has had an adventuresome week with us now. She is officially a Kerry
Blue Terrier - she's counter surfed and uses her front paws for all sorts of
things. Last night she learned to go down those horrible stairs and she
found out it was OK to bark when she heard a noise in the middle of the

Now for the potty training.........

I have to say there is such a difference between Moya and Finnean - both
rescues from the Mills. Finnean was afraid of everything - it took him a
year to freely walk into the kitchen and even now he only comes in there
while we are sitting at the table. Moya on the other hand gets into
everything! She is curious and if afraid, curiosity quickly takes over
fear. She plays with the cat - Finnean just sits there and looks at it. If
Finnean thinks he's done something wrong, he goes off to a corner - not Moya
- she stands her ground and says, "oh yeah, what'd I do?"

All the dogs are getting along great. Moya plays in the yard - Finnean just
wants to go in unless Mom's out in the yard with him.

I find it amazing that as much as Moya obviously went through in her young
life, she is loving, curious and bright. She's smart as can be and learns
very quickly. Finnean is a thinker: Mom wants me to sit, why? Don't get
me wrong he is well mannered but she's a quick study. He still holds back a
bit. He's great with strangers and good to bark protectively at the house,
but I think Moya is more forgiving.

As with all the dogs rescued, there will always be problems, but this little
one is eager to please and rewards us with smiles and happy tails. I just
can't imagine what kind of people worked in the mills.........certainly ones
I don't want to know.

Carol Cain
Gig Harbor WA
Finnean (Rescued and loving it)
Rosy (Why is HE here?)
and Now Moya

April 17, 2006

From: Carol Cain <cain1950@COMCAST.NET>
Date: Mon Apr 17, 2006 5:44:46 PM US/Pacific
Subject: [KBL] Moya, #120, update

Well, after trial and error, a small cat uprising, many nights of wondering what's right for Moya, we have all, including her, decided that she is home.I had about a 48 hour period that I seriously wondered if she shouldn't be in a no other animal home or at the very least cat-less home. I think I've
told the list that I have a rescue Russian Blue cat who has this constant "death wish" with our Rosy to begin with. Finnian doesn't think any cat is worth getting excited about.

Moya was curled up on my lap and "DW" as we call him now, was curled up over
my feet - not touching each other. All of a sudden "DW" decides that he
wanted attention and burrowed into Moya's tummy area....not a good idea.
She moved with lightening swift speed and therein followed some really loud
cat screams, other Kerry's running to the rescue - not sure whose - and Mom
nearly having a heart attack and Dad running up from the family room at
break kneck speed.

Whew. Moya could not have been more calm after the incident. DW was in
hiding. Mom had her heart in her hand and Dad just picked up Moya to make
sure she was ok.

The cat has two more scars....Rosy already gave him two several months ago.
But nothing major was impacted.

I know that Rosy is an unusual Kerry in that I can call her off any
chase.....and yes she is a Kerry, so I know we're also spoiled. Finnian has
never shown an interest in either cat - maybe a squirel in the yard....maybe
but that requires running and Finn has just never got the hang of running
for pleasure. So I began to question if Moya should have a home with no
other animals because she certainly needs and deserves peace and all the
comfort that someone can give her.

I am pleased to announce that after one week of "thinking", Moya has made
the decision: she is staying with us. She, Rosy and Finnian have
determined the pecking order of where they walk, where they sleep and who
gets the first bite of milk bone after coming in. I feed them 10 ft apart
but all in the same room so I can make sure no one steals food - which Rosy
would if she could. Not a problem, although we do not leave them alone,
ever, when there is food around.

Moya and Rosy sniff each other occasionally and Finnian has figured out
she's not going anywhere so maybe he should liven up a bit and get really
friendly towards Dad.

Moya has learned her name, gets going "out" now and does a good job of
telling me when. She's also learned that it is her job to be back up barker
for Rosy - Finnian only chimes in when it's a really serious sound outside.
Moya also talks like Rosy. She'll talk while she's got her mouth full and
do the "yah yah yah" just like Rosy.

We are constantly reminded of Rosy when she was younger - and yes we were
horrible parents and forgot Rosy's 10 th birthday because we were so excited
about Moya......we'll pay for that later I'm sure.

am amazed at how much Rosy and Moya act like each other. Finnian is
different. Moya jumps and runs and barks when I come home - she's so
excited that I came back I think. Finn looks down at her like "what are you
so excited about, she's suppose to come home" Moya does the Kerry dig in
your heels and flat out run manuvre and jumps up and down anything.
Now for the cats: the pecking order has been established: Moya does not
even look at the cats now. Of course DW doesn't try to burrow into her
belly anymore either. (I do not understand how he survived 5 months in our
forest with the coyotes) We normally have only one cat at a time with us -
they are still not sure about each other, so it's not too confusing. But
we're all getting along wonderfully.

Oh, the cats are NEVER left out with the dogs when we are not around. While
everyone is doing great, we separate when needed and do not leave room for
aggrivated activities. Moya has an X pen with access to a securely fenced
yard while I"m away and I'm not gone more than 3 hours at a time. Finnian
and Rosy are not on the same level and she is when we're not here. The cats
have their own rooms.....yeah, we have an animal friendly house.......!
Moya has made eye contact with us now. When she first came she wouldn't
look up at us. Now her little tail wags and she's right there for her
dinner and her milk bones and the face rubs. She sits with her butt on my
foot and watches the birds out the windows.....she's curious about
everything. Not much other than humans scares her. Loud noises do not
bother her at all.

We will be taking her the end of next week to get her spayed - the vet will
check her out even better than before to see if there were reasons she never
had a litter, but he thinks she seems fairly sound. So, our little family
is complete and we are very happy to have Moya with us. I think Finnian
will even adjust and be happy about it. His naps are sure shorter these

Carol Cain
Rosy & Finnean & Moya

From: Carol Cain <cain1950@COMCAST.NET>
Date: Sun May 28, 2006 9:45:49 PM US/Pacific

A short note to update everyone on Moya. She's been with us now the whole
time, we were going to foster - right. Took one look at her and she was
home. Rosy and Finnean have accepted her and she's now part of the family.
Poor Finn though = the girls really pick on him at feeding times!

Moya has been spayed - a bit of a setback with her trust issues when she
came home but that was quickly worked out after about 3 days. Our Vet said
that she was in good health and he was pleased with her progress, although
she's not gaining weight as fast as we would like, so she now gets a lunch
meal as well as her breakfast and dinner - and an extra milk bone too!
While she will eat people food, if there's a milk bone on the floor along
side people food - she will pick the milk bone - someday I really want to
see how they make those!

Moya is not afraid of anything - she gets scared at certain noises and
sometimes will duck and run off from people, she always comes back to
investigate and never cowers. She will bark at anything that frightens her
also. She is now the first of the three to bark at noises at odd times or
someone at the door. That is the only thing Rosy will let her do first.

She still paces in circles when she gets nervous or excited. Although now
when I come home or into a room that she was left in, she doesn't circle as
much and she definitely barks her hello's. She has learned to run and play
in the yard and seems to really enjoy it. Hasn't figured out what squirels
are for and has learned to like the cats. Whew on that one! That was a big
hurdle after a close call with our Russian Blue who has a death wish to
begin with.

I read many of the emails with adventures of all the rescues and I wonder at
the similarities and the differences. They all do similar things but
they're all developing at different speeds. It is really nice to know that
all of them are going to end up being trusting and good temperments after
all they've been through. We're all really lucky to have such forgiving

What a family we all have! Thank you Jan et al.....!

Carol Cain
Gig Harbor WA
Finnean (Rescued and loving it)
Rosy (Why is He STILL here?)
and Now, Moya.......

"In order to keep a true perspective on one's importance, everyone should
have a dog that will worship him and a cat that will ignore him."

From: "Carol Cain" <>
Date: Mon Aug 14, 2006 9:12:31 AM US/Pacific

It's really hard to get Moya to hold still!

Finnean's coat (2004 rescue) is growing out after his incident with the skunk and we have not done his head, so he's a bit shaggy but the expression in his eyes really shows.

However, yesterday when I took these Finn and Rosy, Moya's two room mates, were not coming closer as Steve had gotten the grooming table out!

Our grooms are too perfect right now - Steve has taken it upon himself to learn to groom them and he's not too good with the heads yet. I was just pleased he wanted to learn! But we're getting there. I'll send you the "completed" groom when Steve gets them done.

You may be able to tell by Moya's head shot that she is really turning grey! And her coat is very very wavy, not currly like Rosy's. We went ahead and stripped her legs to get her a fresh start since she had not been completely clipped when we got her. I can't begin to tell you how she ran and jumped when we first did the trim! It was like freedom and she just loves it. She bounces around like she's about a six month old pup. As you can see in the picture with Finn, her tail is up now and she hardly stands still.

All in all the dogs are getting along really well. We do not ever leave them all alone together - just as a precaution. They seem to not like being split up but better safe than sorry.

Moya now knows come, sit, down......we're working on stay but that's really not in her vocabulary right now. She is doing much better with potty training. We just put in a new doggie door versus just leaving the slider open, and she hates it. Goes through it at a dead run with her head down, and once through it she turns on a dime and barks at it.

Finn is easily double Moya's size and yet he is very gentle with her and she is constantly crashing into him. When he's had enough of her getting attention he just casually pushes her aside and buts us with his nose.

Quite a threesome.  

Carol Cain
Gig Harbor WA
Finnean (Rescued and loving it)
Rosy (Why is He STILL here?)
and Now, Moya.......

From: cain1950@COMCAST.NET
Subject: [KBL] Update on Moya from Shelbina Rescue
Date: October 29, 2006 9:31:20 AM PST

Just a short note to let everyone know about Moya's progress. She was #120
from Shelbina.

She's grown, is developing muscle nicely. Her coat is beautiful, thick,
waving and the blue is spreading all over her. She is growing taller. I
know everyone says they don't grow at her age, but she is a solid inch
taller than she was when we got her. I truly think diet helps no matter the

She loves to run all out up and down, over and around boulders, trees,
bushes. She did her first run through and I mean directly through, the
huckleberries and blackberries the other day. Kind of stopped when she
wound her way out of the grove and shook, looked at where Rosy was and took
off to catch up! That's a first for her. Rosy does this on a regular basis
and I expect this will only be the first of many runs for Moya.
Moya is very dainty in the house next to Rosy and Finnean. She paws the air
with ease and doesn't pound her paw on anything. Rosy just pounds her paw
on whatever it is she wants. Finnean just sits in front of whatever and
raises his paw and holds it up.

Moya knows what going "out" means. What she has not learned is how to "hold
it" while we are gone. She's great while we're home but, we have work to do
on the holding part of housebreaking. She is doing much better on lead now,
still does not like to go through doors while on lead. At least now she
will go through and we don't have to help her.
She loves to ride in the car and is a perfect lady while doing so. She has
figured out it's her job too, to bark at strange sounds and people which we
do encourage since we feel that's a big part of all the dog's jobs in our
house. She loves to cuddle, she is getting along with both cats now and all
three dogs are settling in to the pack order with not much fuss. A few
squabbles between the girls but nothing really serious. We do not however
leave the two girls alone together, ever. That's asking for trouble I

She still gets jumpy and scared, but she always, always comes to investigate
whatever made her scared to begin with. Very impressed by her tenacity and
willingness to learn. She's a nice addition to the family!

Carol Cain
Gig Harbor WA
Finnean (Rescued and loving it)
Rosy (Why is He STILL here?)
and Now, Moya.......

From: cain1950@COMCAST.NET
Date: June 16, 2007 4:24:45 PM PDT

I write this post with both trepidation and a satisfied heart. However, I
need to write about our home situation and the solution we found to
demonstrate several things: why it is important to remember our Kerries are
dogs not people, we're here for the dogs not for ourselves first and
foremost, dangerous situations can happen to any of us and most of all,
solutions should always be for the dogs health, safety and well being.
I have written many times about how good our 11 year old Rosy is. I've told
you stories of how good Finnean (rescued in 04) has become and of the antics
of Moya (Shelbina #120) since she joined our family. We've all worked out
where the pecking order is etc and not had much problems other than the
normal housebreaking etc. that we have when older dogs have lived in cages
for a lengthy time.

We have had in the past two small tiffs between Rosy and Moya - girls will
be girls - but nothing serious. I've been in constant contact with both Jan
and Candi Marzano about Kerries and behaviors and Candi has always reminded
me that they are dogs and they are terriers and there are things we need to
be careful about.

For instance two boys have a tough time being together and sometimes two
girls. Many folks out there have never had a problem, some have had to live
with separate rooms for two dogs because of not getting along etc. And some
folks have lost one or both Kerries to a fight that happened in seconds or
just a few minutes.

Last week, early morning, for no apparent (to us) reason, Rosy attacked
Moya. I was right there and got them separated, Steve was there to help and
he had hold of Rosy. I was checking to make sure nothing happened to Moya
and he let his hold on Rosy loosen just a bit and she went for the
kill.....only she got me NOT Moya.

Had she been able to lock down on Moya's throat the way she did my arm, I am
sure Moya would not have survived.

We separated everyone and I called Candi. After much discussion of what lead
up to all this, a Vet trip for Rosy which determined there was nothing
extraordinary going on with her, lots of long discussion with Candi, we came
to the conclusion that Moya had been fearful for some few weeks now.
There were signs and hints from her that we didn't catch. She would start to
come in and then look through the door and then back out again. Sometimes we
actually had to go out and bring her in. She would stand next to Steve or I
if Rosy were in the room and not move. She started her pacing in circles
again for no apparent reason. She seemed to only relax at night when Rosy
went to bed with Steve and left us downstairs.

I should say that I never, ever left Moya and Rosy together if we were not
home. Not even if we were outside. I never quite trusted them since I had
heard some awful stories about what could happen.
But I didn't put all the signs together. We didn't get it and Moya was
trying to tell us: she was afraid of Rosy.

Our hearts were broken: Rosy has been a wonderful dog. Moya is a sweetheart
that needs love and a safe place and we suddenly realized that we didn't
have that safe place.

There was never a question of getting rid of Rosy, either putting her down
or a new home - she's been with us 9 of her 11 years. But Moya was not safe.
Candi and I made the decision rapidly that we could not safely live with the
girls being separate all the time - Moya would never be totally comfortable
and Rosy would just worsen her hatred. She would look for that lapse in
watchfulness and attack again.

Thankfully, Candi as all the other coordinators, always has people in the
background that are waiting for a rescue. She had a family, close by, that
were looking for a rescue smaller girl to go with their male. Candi made all
the arrangements and Sunday morning Moya went for a visit to see what she
thought of a possible new home.

Moya, now Mattie, has a wonderful new home! She has an older brother Mac,
who just loves to play with her and before we left had showed her all his
toys. They went to the beach and saw waves for the first time in her life.
Jerry and Pam got down on the floor and showered her with attention and
affection and as we were leaving, she looked up with the "wow, what a good
home I've got now" look. Between the time we arrived and the time we left,
Moya had decided that she was "home". She was so relaxed when we left it was
wonderful for her!

We are still upset and sad that we didn't catch all these warning signs we
had. But we are so happy that we got to know Moya and that we had something
to do with her getting out of the mills. I've heard from her new family and
they just adore her. She is running and playing and relaxing.

I know this is an unusually long post, but I wanted everyone to know what
happened. We take these rescues because we want to make their lives better,
safer and happier. But, we have to be careful, we have to realize that not
every situation is going to work out the first time and it is our "job" to
do what is best for the dogs.

And first and foremost, our Kerries are dogs and they don't think like we
do. We love them and we can't imagine not having them around, but we have to
be careful with them.

I am thankful every day that Moya did not get hurt. That Candi has been
extremely diligent in the Foundation's work that we had a place for Moya.
And that everyone, including Rosy, is now safe and much happier. I can't
wait to hear how Moya is doing in a month - she's got a new lease on her
life and I am grateful for that.

Rosy, is back to being happy and not terse all the time. Of course to say
that I was mad at her is a real understatement. But my arm will heal and
she and I will get back on track. Finnean has just been Finn. He did miss
Moya for the last week - more than I would have thought, but he is fine and
he and Rosy get along just great. He was not involved in the fight at all.

I am grateful to Candi for helping and always cautioning me that Kerries can
get into trouble with fighting sometimes. I shudder to think what would
have happened if I had left the two girls alone together that morning. We
would not have had a happy ending.

Moya is off on her new adventure living at the beach! We wish her only the
best.........but we do miss her.

Carol Cain
Gig Harbor WA
Finnean & Rosy


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