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2006 Shelbina Express: Lola


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Female #104, Lola

April 4, 2006

Lola has come to rest in the Read household where she joins Suzy (a Spitz mix rescue through Smiley Dog), and Gato (a very large sable cat). Lola is recovering from surgery to repair an umbilical hernia and removal of her left eye. Just a puppy at some point in her past Lola was evidently attacked by another dog, witness the healing bite marks about her face, which caused perforation of her left eyeball resulting in loss of the eye. Lola accomodates quite well to monocular vision and has started to engage Suzy in play. She tried this with Gato also, but he looks at her disdainfully. At the moment she is spending lots of lap time with Helen Read and learning the joys of a stable home in the SF Bay area.

Lola with Eileen's mom

Eileen Andrade


April 5, 2006

From: my3kerries@COMCAST.NET
Date: Wed Apr 5, 2006 3:47:02 PM US/Pacific
Subject: [KBL] #104 - Lola

Just a quick report on #104 who is now named Lola. Lola is just coming up on her 9 month birthday and has come to stay with my mother, Helen Read. Lola has had some health issues that needed to be addressed. On Monday she was spayed, an umbilical hernia repaired, her ears flushed (terribly goopy ears) and she had her left eye removed. On initial examination it was felt that Lola had really bad conjunctivitis but as this began to clear it became obvious that there was more wrong. We sent her to Dr. Cynthia Cook, a Bedlington breeder and veterinary opthalmalogy specialist - only to find that Lola had an injury to her eye that was several months old resulting in a perforation of the eyeball. As a result she had no vision in that eye and it was degenerating, also leaving her open to continued infection. It was suggested that we remove the eye for her general health and comfort. We made arrangements to have all of her surgeries done at once so as not to stress her system with anesthesia any more than necessary.

Lola is coping just fine. She is a darling little girl and has settled into her home with my mom quickly and well. She has a spitz mix housemate named Suzy and while Suzy is a little bit grumpy about having to share they are getting along very well and beginning to play with each other. Lola has also tried to engage Gato, a very large sable cat, in play but he just looks at her with disdain and ignores the effort!

When I stopped by the house last night Lola was quick to jump up in my lap and install herself for a two hour lap session of petting and cuddling. I have a suspicion that Lola, Suzy and my mom spend a lot of lap time together!

I do have a question for anyone with a puppy from this particular litter (BD: 6/12/05) - do they have any rose thorn hairs? While I have experience of the occasional rose thorn hair in my kerries, usually as puppies in the muzzle but occasionally elsewhere, I find that Lola has a great number of these. They are discernible when I run my hand across his coat in that the usually very soft coat feels a little bristley and stickery. I locate the individual hairs with my fingers and pluck them out. These are occurring in her flanks, shoulders, back, everywhere. I must have plucked 4 dozen of these easily and there are still more.

If you don't know what I mean by rose thorn hairs, these are thick and brittle. They are relatively short and seem to have next to no root. Once you get hold of them they come out easily and unlike a normal hair they break if you bend them. At the root they feel like there is a tiny lump there. In my own puppies I have always plucked them as left alone they would sometimes get inflamed and develop pus, kind of like acne in people. Once plucked and the pus expressed they would heal over and not recur. I'm not sure if this true "spiculosis" or not. Would appreciate input from anyone familiar with this condition.

Overall, however, Lola is doing great. Potty wise she is totally compliant (unlike Suzy who doesn't like to go out in the rain), is eating well, learning to walk on a leash and loves toys. I'll send more pictures to the website as time goes on. Right now she looks funny with adhesive tape and stockinet around her head but she will be beautiful fairly soon.

Best wishes,
Eileen Andrade
Northern California
and Helen Read

April 26, 2006

From: "Eileen Andrade" <>
Date: Wed Apr 26, 2006 9:02:08 PM US/Pacific
Subject: Pictures

Helen Read with Lola (#104) and Lesley Garcia with Keeley (#124).
Lola and Keeley are doughter and mother. Helen Read and Lesley Garcia are neighbors.

Lola and Keeley

October 10, 2006

Eileen Andrade wrote:

Dear John & Jan:

Attached are pictures from the Blessing of the Animals at Hillside Church in El Cerrito last Saturday. The [...] picture shows (from left to right) Richard Olen with Ollie [Great Ohio Rescue], Francesca and Maria McCrossan with Lucy [Shelbina #113] and Helen Read with Lola [Shelbinea #104]. In the background you can see the flower arrangement sent by Kent and Georgia Lulewich and their Kerries, Blue and Sheamus.


January 10, 2010

From: Ken Knaus <>
Subject: Lola

Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2010 21:48:44 -0800

[...]Lola has settled in so well as part of the family. She has graduated from sleeping in the crate at night to sleeping on the carpet by our bed! She continues to get around 3 walks/day and just loves traveling in the car with us wherever we go.

She also is a fantastic guard dog as she always goes ballistic when the doorbell rings. She has made several other dog friends at a neighbor's home (they watch her when we're away traveling) and she just loves making friends with other humans as well. I mentioned to you on the phone that Lola visits a nursing home 2x/month as part of a group called Furry Friends. Her job is to look cute, wag her tail alot, and cheer other people up in the process. She's been very healthy and the only treatment she didn't enjoy is getting her teet cleaned (and I have to confess she doesn't like going to the groomers either). Needless to say, we're thrilled Lola's part of our family and, Lord willing, she will live another 12-15 years to give us the pleasure of her company.

The pictures below are some shots we've taken over the last several years.


Hope all is going well with you.

Take care,


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