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If we knew any more about Kerries, we'd bark!

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2006 Shelbina Express: Lizzie


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Female #121, Lizzie

March 19, 2006

Dog #121 had serious open woods.

June 6, 2006

Sweet little Lizzie, affectionately known as "LizzieBelle" because she is such a princess, is one of the great success stories of the Shelbina Express Rescue. This "peanut" of a Kerry girl came to us weighing only 20 lbs, with bite wounds on her head and nose, and an open puncture wound on her neck that required stitches. Her face had to be completed shaved for healing to occur. Today, Lizzie has gained good weight, developed muscle tone and coordination, and her wounds have completely healed. All this has had a wonderful effect on her self image! Day by day she is overcoming her shyness around people, happily runs and plays with her Kerry housemates, savors every meal (and hopes for more), explores every inch of the back yard (often on her own), and jumps with great pride on her Foster Dad's bed!

Lizzie is in excellent health, has a beautiful coat, and wants someone to love. According to her foster family, she will be "painfully loyal" to her master, and is perfectly suited to any family who will dote on her and give her the love and attention she deserves. She does well with other dogs (she runs freely with 2 other Kerry girls and a male), but is her own dog, and responds with infinite sweetness to the people who have earned her trust. This petite little girl is a treasure and will make some lucky family a wonderful companion.

October 26, 2006

Lizzie Belle has been a wonderful addition to our home here in San Francisco. We have a 11 year old male Kerry,Tigger and they have become great house mates. The first couple of days Lizzie hurled insults at him when Tigger would do that sniffing and little "dance" in front of her but once she established that her puppy bearing years were behind her they have gotten along like the best of pals......well, there WAS that one night at 2am when she jumped off the bed and landed on him while he was sleeping but this is probably best left undiscussed......

I really want to credit her foster dad Jerry Perigo and his family of Kerries for really getting such a damaged dog ready for us. Jerry made our work soooooo much easier for us. Tigger our male dog who was also a rescue has become my best buddy. He is a great dog and very social. Bob my partner has always wanted a cuddly dog and let me tell you with Lizzie that is what he got. Lizzie Belle has bonded to him like she was a parrot! Everywhere her Dad is Lizzie Belle is! Jerry, her foster dad, told us you will be licked constantly and she still keeps that up. She has been yowling and making noises that almost sound like words. She has learned to counter surf even with her small size and loves to drink out of the hose in the back yard.

Her progress has just been amazing. Lizzie runs into the garage and leaps into the car for a car ride. So we park the car and get out at our destination. As soon as we close the door she hurls herself at the door with her little paws clammering as if to say "Nooooo...I don't want to go, let me in, let me in, let me in!!!!!". with a little tug on her leash resigns herself to the fact she is going for walk and does amazingly well. She walks next to Tigger in a fairly straight line. Cars don't seem to bother her but motorcycles and busses do and who could blame her. Last week end we took them up to Napa for the day. In the hills above the city of Napa there is a wonderful dog park where they can run off leash. Lizzie had no interest in being off leash but while a little scared seemed to really enjoy the wide open expanse. Napa Valley is very dog friendly so we had lunch on the patio of Tra Vigne in St. Helena. Lizzie was great and went to sleep under the table. 5 people came by to admire them and to inquire what breed they were. We joked that in a few years she will be able to say she has slept under the table of the best restaurants. in America.

When we come home, they are upstairs and Lizzie is still crated when we are away. We let Lizzie out and she gives us a gift of a little dance we lovingly refer to as "The Lizzie dance." Then they thunder down the stairs out into the back yard, spin around like to gray whilrling dirvishes, pee, then thunder back up the stairs for delicious meal of cottage cheese, chicken and kibbles, then thunder back down the stairs sniff around for the perfect spot for a constitutional, then bark until they are "saddled up for a long walk around the neighbor hood. Lizzie loves to "hunt" under the bushes and watches for the fluffy tail squirrel to run across the wisteria and down the fence. She is out there for hours invesitgating the back yard. Every day at 6:04 pm one of our neighbors walks his fluffy tail Dachsounds across the street and our gang is there to bark at them. I never cease to be amazed at the "clock" they have in them
and how the develop quite a routine. On occasion I take Lizzie to work with me and she has melted the hearts of everyone I work with as well as clients who come in. She is cautious when strangers approach her but will often give them a sniff and then hide back behind my desk. I take her out every two hours but from 1pm until 4pm she is sound asleep under my desk.


Here are some pictures after her first trip the the parlor. The first one is the day she arrived and she was just getting aquainted with Bob and Tigger. I don't think she liked the camera and she wasn't a willing subject but you can see how thick her coat is.
John Keplar, Bob Eggleston, and Tigger

June 9, 2011

Just wanted to give you an update on Lizzie #121 rescue from the Shelbina Express. After a struggle with bladder cancer Lizzie left her forever home but not our hearts on June 6, 2011. She was a sweet shy girl that looks begged people to want to pet her but reserved that treat to those humans she learned to trust or gave her a treat at a quiet gathering at our house. We will forever remember her shy ways, sweet character and her profile of one half ear a badge of courage from her years in the mill. It was a pleasure to have her share her all too short life with us.

Bob Eggleston and John Keplar


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