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2006 Shelbina Express: Lil


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Female #108, Lil

Arrival in California

Left to right - Maggie Hall, Pam Champoux, and Sue Coliton
encouraging L'il #108 to come out.

Left to right - Maggie Hall and Sue Coliton's hands.

Left to right - Maggie Hall, Pam Champoux, and
Sue Coliton's arm again - encouraging L'il to come out of her crate.

Left to right - Maggie Hall, Pam Champoux and L'il #108.

March 29, 2006

Lil, formerly #108, loved and adopted by Pam Champoux, Quin & Macie.

From: Pam Champoux <pjchampx@SBCGLOBAL.NET>
Date: Fri Mar 31, 2006 5:48:57 PM US/Pacific
Subject: [KBL] Lil
Reply-To: Pam Champoux <pjchampx@SBCGLOBAL.NET>

Lil was one of the Selbina Express rescues, #108. She has been living with us for 10 days.
Us is Quin, a KBT who will be 4 on Monday, and Macie, a male orange cat, who will be 4 one month after Quin. Lil is 2 yrs old according to the papers that came with her.

When I first saw her, her head was one big fur ball.She is very small and we thought she was a puppy except she had her adult teeth, which are horribly dirty. She walked into everything and that was a problem because she paced constantly, mostly in circles. She had a bath the next day and was on the grooming table soon afterward. She didn't like the razor but after a few tries, she gave in and I could see her face. And she could see, too. That is great because she loves to watch TV. She thought she would chase a bird on TV one day. She is now realizing that isn't possible and only looks at the TV. Her curiosity never ends. I think she has explored the house many times. She keeps busy!

My back yard has grass and since the rescues need intensive work on pottying, we are out alot. It was so wonderful when Lil realized that she had grass. She joyfully rolled and somersaulted in the grass. I wonder when she knew about grass in the past that mde her so joyful.

Quin and Lil also run together. She is very small and can out manuever Quin but the happy smile on their faces is precious. I am nearly giggling watching them!

Macie even loves Lil. He courageously walks right under her nose without fear.
I am amazed how far this little girl has come in the few days she has been with us.
She knows her name, loves us all and is so HAPPY that my heart aches sometimes.
I am happily adopting Lil as one of the group since everyone is getting along and this is so very workable.

Thank you to Eileen Andrade for planting the seed of taking a rescue dog.
Further updates will be posted. Lil's picture is on the web site.

Pam Champoux


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