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Kerries—fluffy and fierce

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2006 Shelbina Express: Lady Katie


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Female #116, Katie

March 24, 2006

#116 arrival in Dallas, TX

Rescue 116 now- Lady Katie Drew, Duchess of Coppell

Tom Sawyer

March 29, 2006

From: sawyertom <>
Date: Wed Mar 29, 2006 12:29:06 PM US/Pacific
Subject: [KBL] A Note from Katie
Reply-To: sawyertom <>

Hello List,

My name is Katie Drew Sawyer, the Duchess of Coppell. I was previously known as Number 116.

I arrived in Dallas, Texas on March 22nd. I met Murphy Blue at the park and we got to say hello. Later I met Sassy Sue in the front yard.

I have a nice crate; it's open and big and sits in the main family room, and there is a gravy biscuit waiting for me every time I go in. I can see what's going on around me. The food is wonderful. I get some kibble and canned together, it taste delicious. I'm scared of loud noises. I don't like doors opening or closing, and I don't like walking through them either. I like to sit with my new Mom or Dad on the cozy chair and just snuggle. I can't jump up, but I can put my paws up to say hello. I am very quiet and never say a word. However; I don't like Murphy and Sassy coming up to me when I'm with the folks. I get jealous and mad at them, and try to bite them. They try to be nice to me, but I'm still confused. My new Dad sometimes calls me Duchess. I don't know what it means but he say's it is a special name for a special girl. So I kind of like it when he say's it, makes me feel I'm important.

I didn't like the leash on my collar, but love my harness, the red sets off my curly dark coat just right. I love to go on walks with Murphy and Sassy, but I stay behind them and the folks. I used to walk in an S pattern, but now am trying to walk like Murphy, in a straight line. Yesterday, I tried sniffing at the lamp posts. Not sure what's been there, but it has an interesting smell.

I met my new doctor last Saturday; he seems to be very nice. I gave him some pee and poop and he was happy with that! He wants to see me again in 10 days for an overnight stay in his hotel! I'm going to be so much better when I come home again.

My main wish is to get to like Murphy & Sassy. I just don't know who to trust yet. It's only been a week! I do like my new home though and I even watch T.V. in the evening. Sometimes I get a chicken broth popsicle my Dad say's it's for his Duchess because you see, I'm important! Thank you "all" for rescuing me.

Coppell, Texas

From: sawyertom <>
Date: Sat Apr 29, 2006 6:53:50 AM US/Pacific
Subject: [KBL] To lead or not to lead?
Reply-To: sawyertom <>


The Duchess (Katie, AKA 116) and I are progressing really well with the leash. First she was on a harness dragging her leash all over the house. When we would go for our walks it was NOT a loose leash arrangement. She was held very close to my left leg thus giving her a feeling of security. She was only allowed to wonder to the left when it was time to relieve herself. Once she did relieve herself she would tug and lunge to go home. This was not allowed and she was required to walk back on a tight leash which she eventually really welcomed. We are now transitioning to the Martingale collar for our walks. This has turned out to be very effective as now with just a little wrist action it tightens if she goes forward or tries to back-up. Again it is a tight leash walk so she can feel my slight pressure as we walk. This slight pressure and close to the knee is her "security" as we walk. Yes, there is the occasional noise and distractions but she always knows I'm there because of the constant pressure. When we get home it is back to the harness and a drag leash.

Tom Sawyer
Coppell, Texas

From: sawyertom <>
Date: Sat May 27, 2006 2:27:39 PM US/Pacific

Hello List,

I am Katie Drew, the Duchess of Coppell. AKA #116 (DOB 4/9/03)

April 6th - My Dad and Mom took to me back to my Doctor for a short visit at his hotel. Someone mentioned spaying, but go figure! I don't remember too much of my visit, but the room service food was pretty decent; my folks provided the catering. I had my teeth cleaned, my paws trimmed of mats, plus they got all the hair out of my ears. When I came home the next day, I had to wear a funny saucer hat for a few days, kinda annoying when you bang into walls and chairs. I took a few pain pills, and felt better a few days later for my birthday on the 9th, when I turned 3 years old!


I’m still scared of the big doors, and any noise. My Dad put a muzzle on me for a while because I was a naughty girl with Murphy and Sassy, so he started taking me on walks with them. We are becoming a pack, and Dad thinks he is the Pack Leader, I think just because that’s what is on his hat! However, Dad says I’m doing better and don’t have to wear a muzzle anymore.

I stay close to my Dad all day, he plays and I wag my tail. I bark at Mom when she comes home – don’t think this makes her happy. She has patience though and sits with me every night when we watch TV. For some reason, I don’t know how to jump, but my Mom will always lift me up on the chair to snuggle.

I’m getting better with Murphy and Sassy. But I still don’t like them to come in my ‘space’. When I go on walks, and as soon as I potty, I always want to go home right away by pulling on my leash. Dad has to keep me on a short leash to stop me pulling. Do I have Agoraphobia? Dad thinks so!

Dad took some new pictures of me; hopefully you will get to see them. I’m really cute.

Here’s woofing at you!

Katie Drew, Duchess of Coppell

From: sawyertom <>
Date: Sun Jul 9, 2006 8:24:35 AM US/Pacific

Hello List,

I am Katie Drew, the Duchess of Coppell. AKA #116 (DOB 4/9/03)

My Dad has been using Cesar Millan's Pack Leader concepts to stop me from attacking Murphy and Sassy. So I have stopped. He thinks he's smart, but I just like to see him wear his hat that say's "Pack Leader". Now Murphy and I like to play every morning he is more like my big brother.

Ya know what? I suprised mom and jumped up on the chair May 29th. First time for me to jump. Kinda fun. The other day my crate was moved from the family room (where I watched T.V.!) to the bedroom where everyone disappeared to at night. I was scared to go in the bedroom because of the big doorway. Dad said I now only use my crate to sleep in at night, so I should sleep with everyone else. I thought that's not right what about my T.V? Ya know what? They have a T.V in the bedroom too! Dad said I no longer need the drag leash so he takes it off me when I am in the house. He tries to coax me with food, toys, and on his hands and knees to go through doorways but I'm too scared. At night I make Dad put the leash on to take me to my crate. I will walk through doorways easy with my leash. Dad takes me to my crate and takes off the leash and tells me to go in the crate. I quickly do, because mom puts a bedtime snack in my crate.

Ya know what? I went through the dog door from the outside-in June 3rd pretty good huh! I am still afraid to go outside through the dog door because I have to go through a big doorway first. They scare me. My Dad says he is proud of me because I haven't had any accidents in the house. I still do not go on my own, Dad or Mom have to take me out. Dad said he would give me a steak dinner if I would go out the dog door on my own and go potty. I really want the steak dinner but I'm still scared of the big doorways.

Ya know what? I suprised Dad last week and jumped up on his bed and said good morning to him. I licked him good bet he won't forget that. Mom gave me a bath yesterday and she said I was the best behaved in tub. I just stand and let her do all the work.

Ya know what? On July 4th "Independence Day" Mom, Dad, Murphy and Sassy officially adopted me and the whole country celebrated! Now I know what it is like to be a FREE American Kerry Blue Terrier.

A BIG thanks to all those who helped me gain my freedom - God Bless America.

Here's woofing at you!
Katie Drew, Duchess of Coppell

From: sawyertom <>
Date: Sat Aug 12, 2006 7:27:51 AM US/Pacific

Hello List,

My dad said I had better write and let ya'll know what I've been doing. Yep, ya'll, I'm getting my ears tuned to Texas accents!

However, life has been pretty rough. Do any of you know if there is a "dog protection agency" that I can complain to?

Ya know what? Mom wakes me at 5:00am and I get up and go potty out back every morning. Isn't waking up that early some kind of punishment? Is there a dog protection agency that I can complain to? It's not fair having to get up so early, but mom is pleased, because she gives me a treat when I'm done. Yep, I come in and jump all over the place now. It is so much fun to get the toy and jump up on the chair so dad will throw it again. Dad and I do this every morning. I think Murphy wants to play and I nip him to get him to play but he just barks. Sassy steals my toys when we play and takes them to her cool mat. I let her keep them because I don't think she likes me very much.

Ya know what? I run into the bedroom and jump on the bed all the time now. This doorway no longer scares me. I still won't go into the kitchen though. Scary things happen in the kitchen and mom and dad make noise in there.

Ya know what? Mom and Dad go in a BIG Big water dish in the back yard! I just drink water but they do something called swimming - scares me! Dad put me in the big big water dish I didn't get my head wet but boy was I scared! Dad said, I needed to swim to the steps. I said no way, I'm outta here, and I scratched him good!! Isn't this cruel and unusual punishment? Where is this dog protection agency?

Ya know what? After he got me wet he took me out and gave me a bath. What a bummer! I don't like baths but it was better than that big big water dish! Are baths punishment for dogs? I need to know.

Ya know what? My mom put me on a table (with a noose around my neck) and I thought I was dinner or something. Then she started cutting my hair off. Gosh what kind of place is this? Is she trying to get information from me. I'm not a spy! She used this metal brush on me for torture and kept saying "stand still", "how's this", "hold it", "now turn around". Gee, I'm not talking no matter what they do to me! Is there a dog protection agency that I can complain to?

Ya know what? I sleep next to my dad now. However, when mom is getting ready to go to work she comes in the bedroom with her head wrapped up in a turban. I go ballistic, bark, bark, bark, she scares me. Just where is this dog protection agency?

People are funny, they swim in big water dishes, torture dogs on tables, wake you up at all hours, wash you with soap.

You know what? It's better than where I was before!
I was born to be FREE - thanks rescue.

Here's woofing at ya'll!

Katie Drew, Duchess of Coppell
Murphy (Who does she think she is?)
Sassy (They are ALL my toys)

Subject: [KBL] Life of Katie Drew 8 Months after Rescue
Date: November 10, 2006 11:52:03 AM PST

Hello List,

You know what? I really love people. They give you treats, take you on walks, feed you dinner, let you watch T.V. or take naps. I can play, check out the counters, or just sniff around for interesting things.

What I don't understand is why do we walk so I can poop? Do people need this? My dad always puts it in a bag and takes it home. Why do people want this? I sure don't. People are funny they don't poop when we are on our walks. Is it because I would have to pick-up after them? Yuk! I wouldn't want to do that!

When we walk I still get scared when people want to touch me. Why do they want to touch me? I don't want to touch them! I want to sniff them. Some smell good and others - well you know! They always say I'm cute. Well I know that! People can't be cute. They have no tail to wag and except for their head with little ears they have no hair! How could they be cute. Some ask my Dad if I can do tricks. I'm not a magician! I'm a Kerry, if I were a magician I would make them disappear.

You know what? My dad said I was a little monster then he winked. What does a wink mean? Does he have something in his eye? Is it a nervous twitch? I tried to wink but I can't. If I could, I would say dad get a life! and then wink.
You know what? My Dad is a control freak! and poor Murphy is a slave. Dad tells Murphy to sit, down, roll-over, dead dog, shake hands, heel etc. etc. and Murphy obeys! Would you believe! Dad say's, I have to learn to obey commands. Why? He doesn't obey me when I bark commands, so why do I have to obey him? That's not for me! Dad say's sit, I stand, he says stand, I sit. It won't take me long to get him trained because I'm a Kerry.

You know what? My ears were never pasted. Am I a freak? My tail was cut too short but I can wag it like a big tail. I heard say Dad say Confirmation was out for me. Does that mean I'm no good? Do you have to be perfect for Confirmation? Dad's not perfect! So guess he's out too! HA! I can run, jump and play really good. Does any of that count? I can kiss, tease, counter surf, and cuddle do I get a ribbon?
Dad said, you get trophies in Confirmation competition. What is a trophy? Does it make you better than someone? I should have a trophy. I can run faster than Dad, I'm cuter than Dad and Dad doesn't know how to bark. I should have a trophy.
O.K. I guess you want to know how I am doing since my prison break. "Prison Break" Isn't that a TV show? am I a star? Will they make a movie of my puppy mill break? I would be the star. I don't know how to smile. Would that be a problem? I have pretty hair but I don't like to get it washed. Gee, I can see it now. "Puppy Mill Break" starring The Duchess of Coppell. Wow the money I would get. What do you do with money? You can't eat it. I could hide it in the chair.

You know what? Early in the morning Dad, Murphy, Sassy and I go around our block together but I am the fastest. I am good about turning around and crossing the leash in front of Dad. It is really fun but I don't think Dad likes it. We all run down the block like Cesar Milan does on TV so I must already be a star!

You know what? I own the bed now! I let Murphy stay and watch TV for about an hour then I nose him until he gets up and goes into his floor bed to get away from me. See, I'm King of the Hill so I must be a star!

You should see me in the morning. Mom moves (about 5am) and I shoot off the bed and head for the dog door and Murphy follows. I wait though to see if she is following me. Then when I see her coming I wait by the dog door. I jump through it and dash around the corner, but I don't go pee unless she follows. When she does I do my thing and race Murphy back to the bed. I always beat him because I have to kiss my Dad's face to wake him up - that's my job. Then we wait for Mom to bring us a treat. She always tells me that I was a good girl, but I know that! Why do I have to go outside to pee? I never see people go outside to pee. That's not fair because sometimes it's cold or wet outside. When I'm a star one of my bedrooms will grow grass so I can stay inside.

Where is Hollywood? My Dad said you have to go to Hollywood to be a star. I thought stars were in the sky. I am already a star I don't have to go to Hollywood. Dad said I would never make it in Hollywood because I don't behave. I can sit, lay down, stand, and walk when ever I want, so there!

I love my new home. Dad said it was my assisted living retirement home. I guess if your a star this is what you can expect. People waiting on you all the time. Yep, this is the life. I love people.

Here's Woofing you...............
Katie Drew, Duchess of Coppell


From: Verizon (sawyertom) <sawyertom@VERIZON.NET>
Subject: [KBL] Katie Drew Sawyer - Over the Rainbow Bridge this Morning
Date: September 17, 2011 9:09:55 AM PDT

Katie Drew passed away this morning at 6:45 AM. Katie was a Shelbina Express rescue and initially had a very hard time adjusting to people and other dogs. (It took me almost two months to get her to come out of her crate right after the rescue) She finally adapted to the family and became my shadow for the rest of her life. Later she was diagnosed with PLE (protein-losing enteropathies) which meant special food, and medication all her life. Her last few years she learned that people were not so bad. In fact she would always cuddle up next to someone sitting in her Vets office. Getting that much needed pat. This last year she discovered the pool and loved to just stand on the second step. (her liver extended because of PLE) I believe the water removed some of the weight she was burdened to carry. She would never go outside without me, which meant potty time was also my time. Be it 3:30 am when she would lick my face saying its time to go Dad, or paw me at my desk. Katie had been very sick this last two months and we actually thought we had things under control. She ate well and took her pills this morning. Then she said Dad I gotta go potty (licking my face) we rushed outside and all of a sudden she stumbled. Her back leg buckled as she laid down. Her heavy breathing stopped and she joined our Sassy Sue and Murphy Blue. I will miss this very special girl but I thank god that the Kerry Blue Foundation brought her to us through rescue. We tried to give her the life she deserved. 

Tom Sawyer
Coppell, Texas



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