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2006 Shelbina Express: Kyra


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Female #122, Kyra

April 18, 2006

Kyra was a favorite of our rescue group as she was rather fat and jolly. I had to ask the vet a few times to make sure she wasn't pregnant, which she wasn't. Kyra was the mother of a male (Archie) that was recently rescued in Maine, a Petland impulse purchase who had more than a few homes before he landed in his last one. Kyra required some mouth surgery, I suspect due to the neglect and lousy food she was fed. She lives with a Kerry male and while we weren't sure it was a good match at first, things have worked out and Krya has wormed her way into all their hearts. Her family is in New York. (Again, thank you to Carol Oddi who helped with the integration.)

Tracey Fulmer
Rescue Coordinator

November 9, 2006

JoAnn Bellia <> wrote:

My sister and I adopted one of the 36 rescues.

Her name used to be Eden's Fancy and we named her Kyra. I've enclosed a few photos so you can see how well she is doing. She's is
an attention hound and very loving. She absolutely adores my sister and drags anything that's Marion's out to make a bed when we're not here. She's a fast leaner and quickly got the "I will work and perform for food" down! She had to have her teeth cleaned but
fortunately all were well. She was spayed using a Friends of Animals certificate, it only cost $75.00.

The group photo is Pandora my sister's 10 year old female mix, Shadow, my 3 year old male Kerry, and Kyra. They really have made a little pack.





JoAnn Bellia

July 6, 2014

JoAnn Bellia <> wrote:

Soar bright spirit!

This is Kyra, she is one of the Shelbina rescues. She
was known as Eden's Fancy and came all the way from
Ireland to the dubious fate of the puppy mill. When my
sister and I adopted her the vet here told us she was 9
years old by examining her neglected teeth. We
received her papers which corrected the age to 5.
Anyone who was involved in the Shelbina rescue will
undoubtedly remember her for her joy and exuberance.
She could do a mean Irish Jig!

Today she lost her battle with bladder cancer and
crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. She was 13years 4

A piece of the heart she helped to expand went with
her. We will miss her.

JoAnn Bellia


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