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2006 Shelbina Express: Keiron


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Male #129, Keiron

From: Janet Joers
Date: Thu Apr 13, 2006 11:16:58 AM US/Pacific
Subject: #129 Keiron (adopted)

Keiron, described by his foster mom, Janice Gessner, as a "lively, happy, smarty pants puppy" (!) is now owned and loved by Tricia Barton of British Colombia, who collected him in Calgary while on vacation.

October 11, 2006

Dear Fellow Shelbina Rescuers,

Hard to believe that it has been 6 months since I got my little boy.
It has been a tough battle but I think I am winning and know that 6
months from now he again will be different. I have enjoyed reading
about all the struggles others have had and nod and smile in
agreement, and at times take big sighs trying to hold back the tears.
All of our dogs are different and alike in so many ways. Kieron
( who was named before I even got him) has made so much progress. I
was on vacation in Calgary when I got Kieron not quite what I had
planned but it worked out in the end. He spent one day with a friend
of mine prior to my arrival, then we were 10 days at another friends
and then finally on our way back home to Tofino.

A skinny new arrival sits with Makaleigh.

Although he had a beautiful coat underneath he was skin and bones. He
has been to the vet so many times and it was great to finally know
that his only true problem was that he was underweight. He now weighs
12.2kgs, my girl Makaeleigh is 12.8kgs so there is not much
difference. At times Kieron pees like a boy and other times like a
girl, Makaeleigh my girl pees like a boy. What's up with that!!!!
Both of them have every toy under the sun and it has only been within
the last month that Kieron has been able to entertain himself. He now
runs around the house with the ball and the squeaky toys. It is nice
to see, not that fun when you are trying to sleep at 3 o'clock in the
morning. Although he is coming up to two years old in my opinion he
is going through the puppy stage.

On the beach in British Columbia.

In August I was transfered and we are back in the land of living -
Vancouver. We have started dog classes and after the first lesson I
noticed a difference in Kieron. At the end of the first class Kieron
was going up to Jeff (the trainer). Jeff says Kieron will always be "
a nervous Nelly" we are just going to make him more comfortable in
his skin.

Keiron after a groom.

Learning to play with toys.

Kieron loves to travel in the car and hates not being in the same
room as either myself or Makaeleigh. He is gradually learning his
boundaries and is slowly learning that you can't step on your master
or your sister. He rarely barks and when he does it surprises me. His
eats one bit of kibble at a time which takes forever for him to
finish, not good when one is in a rush and is the world's messiest
water drinker. Some how he always seems to find me to wipe his beard
off on and no its not with a towel.

Kieron is a typical male in that he loves women and is stand-off-ish
towards men. He loves his walks and likes going to bed even more as
both he and Makaeleigh get body rubs till mom gets tired.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day in Canada and I gave thanks to all
those who helped in Kierons' rescue Janice (Foster Mother), Janet
(American Co-ordinator),Linda (Canadian Co-ordinator),
Nan (Friend, Kerry Breeder, Groomer,
Trainer and all round knowledgeable person on Kerry's ) Leah ( friend
who saved my life in Calgary) and everyone else who made Kieron's
journey to my arms, heart, and household possible.




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