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2006 Shelbina Express: Katie


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Female #119, Katie, a.k.a "Big Mama"

Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 08:09:25 -0800
From: Tracey Fulmer <t_fulmer@YAHOO.COM>
Subject: The Shelbina Express -- comments from ground zero  

My happiest moment was when I ran with "big mama" (who was kept in milk and used as a wet nurse) and it clicked with her that she was able to run again. Compared to other mill rescues, these Kerries don't suffer from extreme timidity issues -- all of them still have the ability to wag tails, and after a few days, tails were wagging all around save a few of the more severely neglected. I didn't witness one incident of dog aggression. This puppy mill was one of the largest suppliers of Kerries to pet stores. He sold off his prime breeding stock, including two bitches that gave him 17 puppies just last January     

Tracey Fulmer, back in Newton MA but wishing I were still there helping

Arrival in California

Left to right - Joan Ele and Maggie Hall (Sue's arm again)
with Katie, formerly Big Mama #119.

Left to right - Joan Ele and Sue Coliton (all of her this time)
with Katie.

Left to right - Jo Frederick and Maggie Hall
with Katie again.

Big Mama is now Katie. Katie is living with Roger and Joan Ele and their male Kerry, Riley. She is doing well and settling right in.

One morning early on Roger was hurrying to head to the studio and as he loaded the car he accidentally left the house door ajar. He realized this when he saw Katie three houses away and headed down the street. When he called her she kept right on going, so he whistled to get her attention and then turned and ran back to the house. By the time he was in the front door she was right on his heels - happy to be there. What a fun game! Roger was having palpatations but Katie didn't understand why.

Roger is a professional photographer so we are expecting pictures soon - but he is also a perfectionist so we must be patient. Katie goes to the studio with Roger most days and is a fine assistant. She is gentle and welcoming with the clients and seems to enjoy her time there, but at the end of the day she is glad to get home where she races Roger to the door in anticipation of seeing brother Riley. They are happily sharing a cow hoove which they take turns chewing on. All is well with the former Big Mama.

Eileen Andrade

Katie and Riley playing.



Katie and one with Roger's granddaughter Alessandra.


Katie and Riley in serious conversation.


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