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2006 Shelbina Express: Junie Moon


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Female #111, Junie Moon

From: Barbara Kam <mutherwuther@MSN.COM>
Date: Fri May 5, 2006 8:43:41 PM US/Pacific

Junie Moon (#111) is making progress. It's slow but sure and full emergence into her real Kerry self is down the road a bit. She's met a sweet dog down the street and her tail is up and wagging furiously when they meet. Not so around here. Too much like a Chinese Fire Drill. Fini the Piglet and Zilla the WT puppy are zooming around here like they've been set on fire! They play tag until they drop, tug-of-war with a toy (I've gone through a spool of dental floss doing repairs), and each one is trying to horde as many chew things as possible. Junie Moon watches the antics and tries to stay out of the path of certain collision. She's had trouble recognizing when the patio door is open or closed so we had to put blue masking tape on the lower half of the door. She's getting better at coming in through the doorway at less than full speed and is starting to come when called. It's still at her discretion depending on how anxious she is at the moment.

In this picture of Kelly and her bubble machine with all the dogs,
Junie Moon is on the far right...curious but cautious.


Barbara Kam (almost ready for "the home")
Olympia, WA
Ziggy aka Mr. Crabass
Zilla, WT puppy 9 mos old
Fini the Piglet (now my daughter's "daughter" - Rescued by the KBTCSC six years ago)
Junie Moon (formerly #111, Shelbina Rescue, almost 3 y/o)
Raggedy Annie (April Surprise Rescue, dynamite Kerry in a teeny tiny body, 3 mos old)

From: Barbara Kam <mutherwuther@MSN.COM>
Date: Tue May 23, 2006 6:25:18 AM US/Pacific

Junie Moon (Shelbina Rescue #111) was united with her forever home on Sunday! She seemed to know these were her people and settled right in with them. I asked the children, ages 10 and 12, who she was going to sleep with that night and almost before I could finish the sentence, the 10 y/o boy said "with me." Junie will also live with two other dogs and will finally get to learn to be a real Kerry!  

Barbara Kam
Olympia, WA

From: Barbara Kam <mutherwuther@MSN.COM>
Date: Tue June 8, 2006 6:25:18 AM US/Pacific

Here are some pics from the O'Connells of Junie Moon! What progress she's making! I'm so thrilled!


Junie on her bed!

Junie on her bed!

Junie and Molly

Kyle and Junie

Junie and Shannon after a bath

July 17, 2006

Hi There!

Junie continues to make us laugh. She will growl at us and then we will pet her. She looks at us when we stop, like why are you stopping and then growls and runs away. She LOVES walks!!!! She is so happy!! Her tail is UP! She will spin and try to play with the other dogs. Such a great thing to see!!! She loves them so much that now whenever we open the garage door she thinks it could be time for a walk and runs in. She is still such a scared puppy in the house. But she loves outside. Funny? I know she loves the couch and the bed but she really loves going on walks. She gets better every day however she is still scared of me. She is fine when everyone is sitting down but as soon as one of us gets up she is off and running on her loop. She runs around the backyard or the house and then back to where she started. We have a grooming appointment coming up. All of the dogs are going in. I think that she will feel safer with everyone there.

Here are a few new pictures for you.

Murphy & Junie

Kate & Junie

The O'Connells

From: Brian and Theresa O'Connell
Sent: Monday, October 16, 2006 8:51 PM

Junie is doing better all the time. She still is afraid of us but will come to anyone with snacks!! She loves snacks! She is timid but will stay put if she is getting food. She is laying on the couch with Murphy right now. She has her head on him and a pillow covering her rear. She like to be covered, I guess it makes her feel more secure. She absoultly loves to go on walks. She will dive into the garage to get her leash on with the other dogs. And off we go. She is so happy tail up and prancing along. On the way home she gets timid and hides behind us. Not sure why that is? She is pretty good about the potty. She never potties in the house during the day. At night she does pee, usually in the kitchen. It saves on the carpet. She is a pro at the doggie door. We started her going through a paper towel and gradually put the flap down with a paper towel on both side. The towels are still on for now, it is working so why jink it. She sleeps in front of the vent in the bedroom with her back to a wall. Sometimes she will lay next to Murphy. During the day she is where ever the other dogs are. Usually on the bed napping. I think she is actually asleep on Murphy right now!! She does not relax much. Always on alert. She is a sweetie and we love her. Shannon and she have developed quite a bond. She will let Shannon pick her up and carry her around. She will sit with her on the couch and almost cuddle. One thing she does love are kids and other dogs. She will wag her tail and greet them on walks.

Henry, Junie and Murphy

Molly, Junie and Murphy on the couch

Shannon and Junie

I love to see her with her tail up and ears perked!


From: Brian and Theresa O'Connell
Sent: Monday, January 15, 2007 3:15 PM
Subject: New shots of Junie

Just sending some new shots of Junie.


She is snuggled up on the couch with Mooly right now.


From: Brian and Theresa O'Connell
To: Barbara Kam
Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2007 5:20 PM
Subject: Junie update


It is almost a full year since we got our precious Junie. She has settled into quite a routine. She sits on the couch and oversees all that goes on. She does still get off and move if she thinks there is too much movement. Then back on the couch she goes. She sleeps next to our bed with Murphy. She jumps on the bed as soon as one of us gets up. The other night I heard her playing by herself in the living room. I think she may have seen herself in the window.


She loves her walks!!!! We say Want to go for a walk and she jumps around and barks a very happy bark. She is wagging her tail much more these days but is still a tail tucker most of the time. We had a scare about two weeks ago. The leash got dropped and it scared her. She bolted off!!! Needless to say we were running after her on the path. We lost her, she is fast, people along the way said yes they saw her. Then I saw my mother in law she said Junie ran home and was sitting on the door step waiting to get in.!!!!!!!!!! We have switched to a leather leash not a retractable leash. She is just as happy to go out!!!

She is getting better about going out to potty. I tell her Junie go outside, she flies through the dog door and then I follow and tell her to go potty. She usually will. Good Girl!!!!

She will come right up and have yummies. She loves pizza and cheese the best. She will even stay on the couch when all four of us are on watching TV. She does love to get petted. She absolutely loves Shannon best. Shannon can always hold her and she will just sit with her.

She is actually dozing off on the couch right now.

She has come along way from being the scared girl she was last May!!!!


From: Brian and Theresa O'Connell
Sent: Saturday, August 23, 2008 4:14 PM

Hi there,

Junie continues to get calmer each month. My mother-in-law got a terrier mix, a one year old. She seems to bring out the puppy in Junie. She wags her tail and almost plays with her. She has gotten very good at barking at the door when some one is at the door. She also is quite a instigator when she wants to go for a walk. She will follow me around and bark until all three dogs are barking and we "must" go for a walk. She is still a bit wary of me but if something scares her she will come find me to "protect" her. She has gotten so much more relaxed. She is flat on the couch right now. I think she is sound asleep. We have seen her drink water. Which we never saw for 2 years. She still is funny about food. She however will do almost anything to get pizza. Her favorite!!!! She gets better with each day and is enjoying being quite a spoiled girl.


The birthday girl turns 5.

From: Brian and Theresa O'Connell
Sent: Monday, September 01, 2008 4:27 PM
Subject: A beautiful picture of June

This is a senior picture that Shannon had taken with Junie! So Cute!! Notice the name of the photographer.


From: Brian and Theresa O'Connell
Sent: Tuesday, December 08, 2009 9:30 PM
Subject: Junie

Such exciting news!!!! Junie was PLAYING tonight!! She was jumping around wagging her tail and actually wrestling with Murphy and Molly, We discovered that she loves to get a tissue and rip it apart. Tonight she did that and also took a stuffed animal and played with it. The whole time tail UP and wagging. She has never looked so happy and been such a real dog!!! It was such fun to watch!

I thought you would love to hear that she has finally started to be a real dog!!



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