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2006 Shelbina Express: Emma


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Female #115, Emma, formerly Teeshee

April 18, 2006

Teeshee is available for adoption as her foster family is unable to keep her (although they wanted to adopt). Teeshee adores her 5 year old human sibling and gets along nicely with the family's male Kerry and female mini schnauzer. Teeshee is very timid so we are looking for a home with another dog to help her learn the ropes and continue to gain confidence. Her foster mom reports that Teesee is great on the grooming table and has a glorious coat -- soft, wavy, plush and a beautiful blue. I just sent in some pictures that show how pretty she is. Teeshee is being fostered in MA and will be 3 years old in June.

Tracey Fulmer
Rescue Coordinator


From: Tracey Fulmer <t_fulmer@YAHOO.COM>
Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 2:34:35 PM US/Pacific

Hi Listers,

Teeshee (now Emma) landed in the DC area and will have an Irish Terrier rescue -- a 3 year old male named Riley -- for a house pal, along with an 8yo human sister, Kate. Teeshee needed an outgoing dog to help her as she was one of our more timid rescues from Shelbina. As with Zoe, this appears to be a match made in heaven -- the dogs were running around the yard and enjoying each others company on the first day. Foster mom MaryLynn Farley has been a trooper throughout the experience as she moved from MA to FL with Teeshee in tow, and then dropped her off at the Atlanta airport on her move to IN. I sent in a picture of Teeshee/Emma with Kate. They make quite an adorable pair!

Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 09:10:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: Betsy <>

Thought I would send you an update on Emma.

Emma is doing great. She loves to run around with Riley. Their favorite game now is to catch the falling leaves with their mouths and attack them. Riley is the boss, but as Emma gets more comfortable she often jumps on him and tries to push him out of the way....especially if its to get pets from Mom.

Just last week Emma decided that its OK to jump on the beds and lay down. I could not get her to do this before. She now comes to my daughters room at night and gets in bed with us to reads books. I have a hard time getting her out of my daughters bed when its time for lights out. She ends up on my bed for awhile before retiring to her preferred crate for the night.

I am just starting to work on obedience. Emma has been so timid that my prior attempts didn't take. She is finally beginning to understand sit and stay. She doesn't always do it, but I know she can.

Unfortunately Emma is still afraid of Steve, but it seems to get a little better each month. She barks less at him and will actually lay down even when he's in the room. Of course if he starts talking or moves she jumps up on alert........we will keep working on this too

I am attaching a few photos.



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