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2006 Rocky Comfort Rescued Kerries: Maggie


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#379 Maggie, born 4/29/05


  Maggie on the day of her rescue.


July 25, 2006

My little darling Margaret Maggie is home! Three days after the wonderful volunteers from the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation rescued her from Rocky Comfort, Missouri, flights from Kansas City to Cleveland via Houston, a three and one half hour drive to a suburb of Buffalo, and Maggie is finally home.

Our introductions at the airport and the ride home accomplished much for this sweet little girl. My husband named her Maggie, but I of course had to give her a proper Irish name, so she is A Stoirin Máiréad or my little darling Margaret. She took liver treats from my hand and gave kisses in return. The best part was that we fell in love with her. As I write this, she is resting, but not napping in Ron’s lap.

There is no doubt that this little girl is very insecure around people, but she wants to please. She had her first look and smell of her backyard and each time we called to her she would eagerly come. However, it breaks my heart to see her come to my feet then cower and lie as if she were welded to the ground. Curiously, she interacts very well with our adult son, but is a little standoffish with Ron. When our son called her, she came, and out of habit, he asked for her paw. She gave it to him! I know this must be a typical behavior of some sort, but I prefer to think she is very intelligent.
Petting Maggie is pleasurable for all involved, but she is so thin. I think I can feel every vertebra of her backbone and all her ribs. That will soon change. She ate well tonight with a little turkey saved from yesterday’s dinner on her dry dog food. A little wary at first, it wasn’t long before she skillfully picked out the turkey and when that was finished, at the dry food.

After some exploration of the kitchen, she discovered her reflection in the oven door. Her tail went up and she let out a little woof. Discouraged when the “other dog” didn’t return the greeting, Maggie left. She continually returns to the oven door and I feel for her spending her first day away from canine companions. I didn’t think I wanted two dogs, but we might have to consider it! Will Maggie be spoiled? You better believe it.

Kathie Macfarlane

Date: Thu Jul 27, 2006 6:51:45 PM US/Pacific

Day 2 for Maggie (Rocky Comfort #379) went very well. Dianne said she sent Maggie to us because she is very timid and thought our home with only adults and no other dogs would be a good fit for her. She is timid but her temperament is very much like my last Kerry, perhaps not quite typical for the breed. She is so sweet and just a delight.

Date: Tue Aug 1, 2006 3:36:34 PM US/Pacific


Maggie likes to play frisbee, but doesn't quite have the idea of trying to catch it. She waits until it is on the ground, picks it up, and takes a victory lap around the yard.


At the New England Kerry Gathering, August 19, 2006



Little Maggie, owned and loved by Kathleen & Ronald MacFarlane, came to the picnic sporting a red scarf beautifully lettered with the words: "I survived Rocky Comfort." This little Kerry girl charmed everyone!
Subject: Maggie (Rocky Comfort #379) in her first snow
Date: October 21, 2006 12:03:04 PM PDT

After 8 days without power, we are once again getting back to normal. Maggie weathered Buffalo's Friday the 13th Storm quite well. However, 8 days without power presented some difficulty for all of us.


The first picture shows Maggie in the area of the yard that we shoveled so she could get out the door. The snow was 22 inches and she is about 16!

The second picture is Maggie in her sweatshirt. Although she didn't like the shirt, it did provide some warmth in the house when we were without heat for eight days.

Kathie Macfarlane




Subject: Update on Maggie (Rocky Comfort #37)
Date: December 23, 2006 9:37:33 AM PST


As we get ready to celebrate Maggie's first Christmas with us I am reflecting on the many changes since she came to us on July 25 this year from Rocky Comfort. She looks like a very different dog than she did in July. Her coat is full, thick, and shiny and she has gained some weight, especially muscle mass making her incredibly fast as she runs through the yard. Her diminutive size, about 16 inches, keeps her looking like a puppy, a trait I think she will always have. What I feel is most impressive is the way she now walks with confidence, tall and proud, a true Kerry. When she first came to us she walked with her body as close to the ground as she could and when we stopped, she lay down as if trying to disappear into the floor.

Having completed beginner obedience Maggie is currently enrolled in an intermediate class and doing well. She loves the camaraderie of the other dogs, eagerly greeting each one, but equally loves attention from people. She will sit and hope everyone will make a fuss over her. I think she looks at each person with whom she comes in contact as a new person for her to love.

Maggie is a patient dog, rarely asking for anything, just waiting until it is offered. She moves so quietly as she follows us from room to room that we don't realize she is there until we turn around to find her sitting or laying nearby, her eyes always watching us. She does suffer from separation anxiety at which time she becomes very destructive so we restrict her to the kitchen with her bed and toys when we both have to be gone. That seems to have eliminated the compulsive chewing and we have salvaged what's left of the family room sofa and pillows!

Without a doubt, Maggie is a dear, sweet dog. The trait I treasure most is at meal time. She sits and waits for breakfast or dinner. When her warm, homemade meal is put down, she sniffs it, then looks up with those beautiful Kerry eyes as if to say thank you before eating. I respond with, "You're welcome." Whatever her life was before, Maggie always seems grateful for every kindness afforded her.
Christmas will be special this year. There will be a tug at our hearts for Kiery who celebrated her fifteenth Christmas with us last year, and a new place in our hearts filled with love for a little rescue who has brought us so much joy.

Kathie Macfarlane

July 22, 2007

Dear Jan and John,

I wish I could meet you because I would like to give you my best Kerry kisses in thanks for all you do to help place Kerries like me into loving homes. I wish I could thank the many volunteers that helped all of us one year ago today as they anxiously waited during that long hot Missouri day for the auction of the Kerry Blue Terriers at Rocky Comfort.

What a day that was! I was so scared by all of the commotion of the auction. I had accepted my life as it was because I didn’t know there was any other way to live. That was about to change. I understand now that seven of us were rescued by the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation and that some wonderful volunteers were waiting to take us where we would be bathed, groomed, given medicine we needed along with good food and water, and most of all loved. I was so comforted by the soft voices and gentle hands of these volunteers, something I had not known before. Just as I was becoming accustomed to this new life things changed again.

Early one morning I was separated from the rest of the dogs, placed in my crate and taken away. After a scary, lonely day flying on two planes, I arrived at the Cleveland airport. Two people were waiting there for me. I now know them as Mom and Dad. They were just like the volunteers with soft voices and gentle hands. I was scared, but I liked them immediately. We had a very long ride home. Mom allowed me to come out of my crate in the car and she petted me, talked to me, and offered me the greatest liver treats. I had never tasted anything as good as they were.
I couldn’t believe my home. It had a large backyard where I ran and played with my humans, the rugs were so comfortable for sleeping, and Dad let me sleep on the sofa next to him in the evening. My new life was so wonderful that I don’t like to think of my life before that wonderful rescue day. However, I frequently have nightmares. I must cry out loud because Mom or Dad usually wakes me and I am so relieved to find myself in the familiar surroundings of my home that I wag my tail and give them kisses. My life was perfect, except that I missed the companionship of other dogs. I think Mom realized that when we went to obedience classes. I tried to learn, but I just wanted to play with the other dogs.
In February, my parents contacted the Kerry Blue Foundation about a dog who needed a home. They took me to meet Cavan Blu. He was a big dog compared to me, but I like big dogs! We brought Cavan home with us and he and I have been inseparable ever since.

Cavan’s story is a little different from mine. He spent a long time in a pet store before he was purchased. He’s such a handsome dog, I can understand why his previous family purchased him, but I don’t think they really understood Kerries. We terriers do have a mind of our own and do things in our own way and time. That was compounded in Cavan because he is a young dog who likes to play 24-7. Mom says he’ll grow up, but I wonder. Sometimes I think I hear him singing, “I don’t want to grow up, I’ll never grow up” and I have heard Mom call him Peter Pan.

Cavan’s owners surrendered him to the Foundation and we adopted him. That was so lucky for both of us.

Cavan really likes to run and is he ever fast. My legs are much shorter than his so he does have an advantage, but I can catch him if I try really hard. When I do, I nip his tail to let him know I am there and is he ever surprised. We love to play tug-of-war, but he is much stronger than I am so I just hold the rope, roll over on my back, and enjoy the ride across the family room.

As I’m sure you can tell, my life today is very different from my life a year ago. I am so grateful to all of the people who volunteer to help those of us who are in need. I am so grateful to all of the people who support the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation, because without all of them, Cavan and I wouldn’t know what it is like to live in a loving home.

Formerly Rocky Comfort #379











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