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2006 Rocky Comfort: Addie


© 2006 Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

What's in a Name?

Imagine living for five years and never hearing your name or even knowing you had one. Imagine living for five years with little and no positive human contact. Imagine inadequate food, unclean water, no one to relieve your infected ears and eyes, or comb your thick, overgrown, and matted fur. Imaging having to have a litter of puppies every time you were able and knowing some of your puppies would be doomed to the same life, existence, you endured every day of your five years. Now multiply that by the usually accepted seven to convert a dog’s years to a person’s. That equals thirty-five long, agonizing years.

Addie didn’t know she had a name, she never heard it, but she did have a name. Her foster mom had labored all week to find the most elegant, most regal name for an Irish lass. She was Lady Adelaide Regina of Eire, but she would be affectionately called Addie. Her name meant one who was noble, kind, sweet, serene, and adorned. After the kindess and attention of many volunteers transforming this little girl from a mill survivor to a proper Kerry, her new life would begin with her name.

She didn’t know her foster mom had lovingly made a thick, soft blanket for her crate or that liver treats, quality dog food, and the same meat people eat were waiting for her. She didn’t know that her water bowl would always be clean. She didn’t know that Dr. Bob would heal her infections and help her so she wouldn’t have to have any more puppies. She never saw her yard or the chipmunks and squirrels that would keep her well exercised. Mostly, she didn’t know there were people who would love and care for her the rest of her days.

A few hours would have made a difference in this lady’s life. Kerry Blues have a strong spirit, but what dog can endure perhaps yet another auction knowing she would just be going to another greedy owner only to live in the same conditions she had all her life. Addie didn’t know there were angels from the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation waiting to rescue her today. She joined the angels, but not the ones waiting at the auction.

Addie was about to have the life she and every dog deserves if she could have survived another few hours, just a few hours. She didn’t have the opportunity to know that life, but Addie did indeed have a name.


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