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If we knew any more about Kerries, we'd bark!

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2006 Iowa Girls Miss Ivy


Subject: [KBL] Miss Ivy- Has Arrived!!!! NOVEL 

Date: September 7, 2006 8:44:17 PM PDT

This morning Roger, Dora & LoGun were blessed to have a date to pick up Miss Ivy at DFW in Dallas Fort Worth TEXAS!

I don't know just how it all was for her but we started with a good
start! LoGun ate first thing, then waited in his carrier since it was near the
door. ( I guess he thought it might leave without him!) Once on the way he was
so excited, it was as if he knew what was about to happen. Took us about 1
1/2 to get there and we had a little trouble getting through to the shipping
company on the phone but everything else went VERY WELL.

When we walked in, there she sat patiently in her carrier for who knows what next?... The nice
gentleman behind the counter asked if I needed a leash and if I wanted to take
her for a walk before we put her in the truck for the 1 1/2 journey home. We
had our own supplies and quickly took his welcome to behind the counter to see
our little package. Roger took Pictures as I greeted her immediately. She was
a little apprehensive at first but quickly decided it was okay to come with
me. I put the leash on a martingale and retrieved her gently. As I did the
tears welled up in my eyes. I tried to control myself and be strong for her and
I couldn't help but notice the 3 gentlemen working in the immediate area
ease dropping on my tactics to get her to come out or the carrier. They were
amazed at her story, as I told it, it gave me the strength to go on.

We took a photo and then went for a walk and some water. She did very well on the leash just a few times she backed up from loud noises but overall she seemed to know we were there to help. Then into the Diesel truck we whisked her away. Looping out of the airport she did just fine, not scared at all just laid down and relaxed. We stopped for a quick bite to eat at Micky D's and LoGun & Ivy had water and chicken treats of which she was not really too interested in at fist but after a minute or so she ate hers. Roger offered her a french fry but she was a lady and chose to watch her figure! LoGun on the other hand who is a picky eater has NEVER eaten a french fry in his life ate one like there was no tomorrow! We could be on to something here.

Once Home they were introduced to the back yard and each was on a leash. We Let Ivy go free on the
leash when we felt comfortable and held LoGun's leash to allow her to explore
freely. He was a complete gentleman. Then when he was not looking I dropped his
leash and observed him so I could see how he would respond to her and she to
him. Before you knew it they were running and jumping and playing like love at
first site!... This went on for about 20 minutes.

Then she appeared hot with
all that extra hair so we took her inside and she gladly stood for a 4 hour
groom. She loved every minute of it and she was such a dream to work on. She
got the eyes cleaned then the full scissor groom and head neck butt & belly
shaved. She was sooooooo grateful!!! I thought she must be tired but she
ostensibly loved the touch and combing and before our eyes we saw a beautiful
little Kerry Bitch evolve. She's not perfect some mats had already been cut out
before she got here, her beard was cut off and she has not much of a fringe on
the front of her hind legs.

She has a nice coat, she is a VERY SWEET GIRL and VERY PATIENT. She stood for her first groom perfectly like a seasoned show dog! I was impressed. Maybe she will teach LoGun something. Oh yes he was right there to help groom her the entire time!!! It was the Wolfe pack if you will... all of us hung out in the groom room and then it was off to play in the yard agian... She unfolded like a flower. She is not shy as I was told but she is a little frightened of new noises and as they come she will learn what they are and overcome this small behavioral issue. It will just take some time of spending a lot of time with her and reassuring her. LoGun Loves her to death and she likes him ok too! *wink* he's borderline obnoxious with energy! She is the lead runner in the yard and he has started egging her on to play. After a 30 minute run in the yard the
second time we fed them together and they each left 2 tablespoons of food as any polite Kerry would. (At least that is what LoGun always does, so she did it too) LOL....then it was clean up and shower time for Mom & Dad so off to
the shower we all went and Ivy came right inside the shower unbeknownst to her there was water running, but believe it or not she was not afraid and came in several times while we Roger & I showered, LoGun already knows it IS NOT
BATH DAY!...After the shower It was off to the crates for some down time so Roger & I could eat dinner after a long day. 30 minutes in the crate and the out to run/potty one last time before nighty night. Then Dad will turn on the sprinkles, they will explore the garage as he does and we will all sleep VERY WELL.

From: GreatLinesLoGun@AOL.COM
Subject: [KBL] Day Two for Miss Ivy adjusting well
Date: September 8, 2006 9:21:29 PM PDT

Hello Listers,

Well we are just feeling high as a kite here in Texas over the love and support we are getting from you all. THANK YOU ALL FROM ALL OF US.

Today was a good day, Miss Ivy woke me up at 3:00 or 4:00am flapping her
ears, I figured they might be irritated but there was nothing I could do for her
really so I waited to see if she stopped. Just as I dozed of to sleep again
she flapped her ears again. I remembered that LoGun used to do that before he
knew how to let me know he wanted out. So I got up to let her out as I got to
the door LoGun cried as he wanted to go with her. I got distracted by him
and went back to get him. Mean while I am really not awake so I failed to
disarm the security alarm and poor little Miss Ivy & I were standing right under
the speaker. I grabber her, held her tight, told her it was okay and Roger
jumped up I turned off the alarm and he made the call in to say we had a false
alarm. Next while he was calling I continued with the two and they ran
straight to the tree in the back yard without me having to leave the door, did their
business and came running back like it was cold out or something, happy as a
lark like two bunnies. I put them back to bed in their carriers. Roger and I
couldn't go back to sleep so we had a bowl of cereal and then back to bed
for us too. We all slept in till about 8:00 am. Then we all got up, let the
dogs out on the veranda to pee and sunbathe for a few hours. Roger read the
paper and I did some emails while the Kerries took in the morning scent all of us
on the veranda. Then we all went inside for breakfast (well we fed the dogs)
and then it was play time. Miss Ivy likes to run around the yard already so
she got herself all hot so I wet her down with the hose and then she laid out
to dry, while LoGun stayed in the shade. It was an easy day once she was dry
we introduced toys in the house. LoGun loves to tug rope and chew his water
bottles and this makes a lot of noise for Miss Ivy but she is slowly getting
used to it. She likes squeaky toys but hasn't a clue what to do with one.
Then Roger did some work in the office while I gave Miss Ivy a full body
massage for an hour, and LoGun stood by as he knows the luxury and let her just
enjoy it. Then it was time to run in the yard a bit more, make a few calls
and then emails. Next thing you know it was lunch so we all ate again and then
we sat in the living room watched a little TV together. Miss Ivy got so tired
of standing all day that she finally laid down on her own to relax. I
praised her for being comfortable and after dinner was over we all went out to the
yard for a run again. Later LoGun kept ringing the chime on the door so we'd
let him out and the last time we let him in he came in to the office got Miss
Ivy, did a sexy growl at her and she kissed him... it was so cute. I guess he
wanted her to come in the yard and play by his tone... that is usually how
he gets us to play with him after dinner. So I took them back out and they
went crazy all over the yard, Miss Ivy decided her non-beard needed cleaning and
she ended up on her back rolling all over and squirming, nose in the grass
and she even did the belly walk! .... Yes the belly walk!....LOL.... I was
cracking up. I called Roger to join in the fun and all the sudden the sprinklers
went on and you'd have thought she was Ester Williams... she loves the
sprinklers! LoGun is humiliated (momentarily) if he gets wet so he runs as fast as
he can to get away from them but she kept running into them... it was great
to see her exploring and having such fun and for the first time she was doing
something for more than a minute and was not skittish. Roger & I enjoyed
that most of all she did today. Then I dried her off while LoGun stood in the
yard head high sniffing the wind... ( I think he likes the donkey across the
lake) and then it was time to turn on the Texas Star on dim on the veranda and
sit quietly Miss Ivy in my arms and LoGun in Roger's arms. Rocking wet
Kerries on a warm summer eve in Texas...nothing like it! it was about 5 minutes
and Miss Ivy was sprawled out like a resident Kerry in my lap. LoGun a fuss
budget as always!...As I let Miss Ivy down from my lap to go inside she came
over and licked my knee and then my arm a few times... I think she is settling
in... now its time for bed but we thought you'd like to here how we are all
getting along here... its going just fine. She's slow and scared of all the
new sounds and movements but she's doing fine. Also we took some more pictures
of her today and Jan posted them on the web site tonight. I am also (when I
am not so tired) going to make her a web site so I can share with you her
updates. Nothing like Kerry Photos! I don't know about you but I can never get
enough of them. Well, ya'll have a Kerry Good night. Texas size!

~ In Christ,
Roger & Dora Wolfe

From: GreatLinesLoGun@AOL.COM
Subject: [KBL] More for the "Miss Ivy" Fan Club!
Date: September 9, 2006 8:26:00 PM PDT

For those of you whom have enjoyed the "Miss Ivy" updates I will give
today's update.

First of all.... its soooooooo fun! So if you are not yet involved in
fostering by all means get involved!

Last night after the last post I let Miss Ivy & LoGun out in the yard to
do their business and what I didn't know was that the sprinklers were on. I
guess LoGun knew and that is why he wanted her to come outside. I think he
likes to see a Kerry having fun just as much as we humans do...LOL... so he comes
to get her with the sexy growl, remember... I let them out he leaps over all
four steps off the veranda (he hates stairs and avoids them at all costs if
it means going down them) Flying through the air he continues down to the
bottom of the yard enticing her to follow him. Then he goes into blarney mode.
He pretends that she is not out there with him totally ignoring her. She
looks out there see's him down at the bottom and thinks "ok, I'll go down and
see what he's up to". she gently does the steps and finds at the bottom a
sprinkler that is on. I figure oh no... no she'll never go pee and I'll never get
her off the steps-this is going to be a huge set back. Silly girl didn't
think twice she continued right into the sprinklers checking out each one of them
after 10:00 pm mind you. Learning the distance it took to stay IN THEM she
had a ball!... LoGun acting suave near the tree peeking at her out of the
corner of his eye ( thinking ha ha ha she is getting all wet ) well, the joke was
on him he was in for the treat of the evening., there would be a next
station about to come on, on him! We waited and had the parental laugh when your
kids think they know it all! He's a teen-ager at 2 he's 14! Smart butt!!!

Then into the shower again Miss Ivy followed us right inside the shower
doesn't seem to mind getting wet at all. Roger dropped his shirt on the floor and
I told him he should put that in her carrier for the night so she can smell
him all night and feel safe. It worked, she slept all the way till morning not
a peep out of either one.

Roger had a meeting to go to this morning so he
kissed us all goodbye and went on his way. The three of us remaining, LoGun
Miss Ivy & I...well... we got up... opened carriers ...sat for kissing session
of morning breath...till we were awake "disarmed the alarm" and went out for
potty and a romp before breakfast. Miss Ivy has been interested in the fact
that LoGun likes to sniff the flowers but can't get the courage up to try to
go into the flower bed on her own. Well this morning she decided to try it all
alone. As I looked on from the chair she got up on the ledge 3 1/2 ft. off
the ground and 1 ft wide. She walked the line! (maybe we should name her
Johnny Cash or June Carter)...I wanted so badly to help her and make sure she
didn't have a bad experience like falling off but I figured I'd let her explore
on her own and learn for herself. (yesterday she had shown interest so I had
taken her on the least for about a four foot walk on it and then turned her
around in case she tried this on her own at some point she'd know what to do)
So here she goes... around the corner out of sight and I figure she'll either
come back in the grass or she'll remember how to turn around on the ledge.
I sit hoping for the best and here she comes, slowly and carefully back in my
direction all on her own. just as she is almost back she slips off the edge
with one paw..."oh no", "I think"... and as most Kerries do she quickly
regains her dignity is if it never happened! She's going to be something else once
she relaxes a bit more and gets some more coordination and muscle tone..

Then into the house for Mom..(the short order cook) to make Burgers & Kibble
yum!...we had a good breakfast much more comfortable each time we feed. Both
eating very well down to the last 2 table spoons!!
::: shakes head::: what manners! Then we went into the open living room for
"cleany cleany" (this is something I teach all my dogs that have facial hair
over the years). Once they eat I take them to a towel or blanket on the
floor and let them use that instead of things like my embroidered bedspread,
velvet table cloth, imperial royal rugs, or even my pant leg! The blanket that
LoGun uses he uses for several things but cleany cleany is probably the cutest.
So I take him in and say, " cleany cleany" and he rubs his beard clean with
butt in the air and snorting and flipping it from side to side till its
clean. Miss Ivy is not expected to do this for some time but she must learn for
now to let me wipe her beard gently after she eats and so I say, "cleany
cleany" to her too. LoGun is such a show off that he really did it good this
morning. Then we had a little play time as LoGun after he eats is a crazy man! I
held Ivy during this time of playing with LoGun. Before I knew it I showed her
the same dumbbell squeaky toy that she saw yesterday and I tossed it just a
foot or so and she took to it like it was her's. LoGun was happy!... So I got
three toys, a squirrel (she likes that one best) a Lama that looks like a
sheep from Herding sheep class, and the Dumbbell which was LoGun's first toy at
our house as a pup. Believe it or not she is already playing with a toy. She
went after it and picked it up and then quickly dropped it. A few times and we
stopped and just got hugs and petting on the floor with Mom. LoGun chewed a
bottle while I held Miss Ivy for about 20 minutes. Then we saw Roger go by on
his motorcycle, I said here comes Daddy!!! and LoGun gets excited and waits
at the door. I was afraid that Miss Ivy would be afraid of him since he'd
been gone for an hour or I held her through the entry telling her Daddy
is coming and making sure she could see how LoGun handled the situation
Wagging his tail and anticipating his Daddy coming back for him. She didn't even
flinch until he came toward us on the floor, then she got a little scared but
as soon as he came and sat and held her, she calmed down again. Bonding and
re-bonding very important with a dog like this. We all were together again for
about 20 minutes and then Roger wanted to change his clothes. She wanted to
go with him so she kept running between us in the master bedroom and I in the
first living room still sitting on the floor where she left me. Each time she
came to either of us I praised her and comforted her as did Roger when she
would go to him. LoGun loves the high voices and praise so he just goes along
side her wagging his tail to encourage her to do well. Its really such an
emotional thing to see a 2.5 year old dog that is like a new pup, knowing from
nothing, everything is new and different and scary at first. Rest assured she
is a normal fast learning Kerry and she is progressing rather nicely but has
bee abused badly in her past. Next was the treat of the day so far. Mom had a
13 lb brisket of beef sitting out ready for Dad to help filet the fat off
of.... and Yes the Kerry's got their first try at raw meat. Each got a little
tiny piece to see what they would do with it. Each was gracious and took their
portion like they'd been to charm school. Miss Ivy needed a little help with
the concept of accepting food period but once I opened her mouth for her and
put it in... she thought it tasted pretty darn good. Now you know they are
not going to run away at least till dinner is over!. The oven is on and all
are resting in the living room watching a bit of football and a movie. Miss Ivy
with carrier door open going in and out as she pleases, checking from time
to time to see where each member of the pack is and then laying back down. Ah
yes today she is getting the hang of this place. Rest & relaxation along with
play and exercise, 3 small meals a day and great humans that really love
her, and are never going to hurt her.

Play round 2 came along and I have great news!!! Miss Ivy had a choice of
three different mentioned earlier. She chose the Lama, took it ran
around the room and squeaked it, dropped it looked around and then picked it up
and put it safely in her carrier!!! Yaaaay! Miss Ivy, Big praise for you
claiming a toy!!! Then she took an empty plastic "noisy" water bottle and put
that in her carrier as well. LoGun is not to worry, there have always been more
toys where those came from so he is fine with sharing. Miss Ivy is
investigating the squirrel as well for possible theft later!. She's coming around.

They are each laying next to Roger on each side relaxing right now.

More later...I have a brisket to serve up!

9:10 pm

Well the brisket has been served. The Kerries got a cooked piece of it as a
treat, they liked that. Salivating I then fed them their Kibble and
hamburger meat. They ate it right down.. In fact LoGun is eating better than ever at
least for now. He's been doing good for several months now but he is getting
right in there to go for it no shenanigans, no filibustering. Miss Ivy is
slowly eating a little more at each pass of the bowl. She is so frightened of
everything. I place the bowl on the floor and sit next to it and get her to come
to me and then tap on the bowl. This is working. She hears a noise and off
she goes. LoGun had similar problems early on although his issues are that he
is a typical busy-body Kerry, can't focus on the food just wonders what he
might be missing, Miss Ivy sadly is more afraid of "what horrible thing is
going to happen to me next" So I comfort her and walk her through it. She eats a
good portion it just takes patience and time to get her through the full
serving. LoGun eats on the edge of the kitchen so he can see what's going on,
and Miss Ivy eats inside the kitchen so she feels safe and doesn't have to
worry who's going to get her. They don't bother each others food they mind their
own business and all is good, then off to cleany cleany! They love it. After
that its play time again and tonight we had a brushing session for each and a
treat for getting brushed. We are not sure yet but we think Miss Ivy may be
saving up to go to college to become a "Thief" or maybe a bona fide "Counter
Surfer! " as in everything else she is unsure at this time what she really
wants to be. So far she has claimed 3 squeaky toys since earlier today and has
been enjoying play on the living room floor with Roger for the last hour. He
throws the toys one at a time into the carrier and she goes in to get them
and then brings them back to him... I'd call that fetch... wouldn't you?
Amazing the resilience of this breed. Its all about love and spending enough time
with them. She stood pretty for the brushing, it was informal on the floor
this time. After she was done she ostensibly thought she was somehow prettier
than before we started! LOL... Its not going to be long before she's got an
attitude. LoGun is pretty exhausted with all the goings on and takes a nap on
the cool tile often as he can slip a wink in!... he acts like he's an old man!
All she did was run him around the yard fifty times today! At one point Roger
& I took turns running them around the perimeter of the inside of the yard.
LoGun got the wrong idea and thought she was after Roger so he kept trying to
stop her from getting to Roger but she was agile enough to get around him
and kept up with Roger pretty good given all the interference!... I took them
around and she did the same thing. She thought he was a riot trying to stop
her so she took an alternate route to outsmart him. We've got her thinking and
acting like a Kerry you might say. Its all about keeping her mind busy with
new and fun things that are safe today. Otherwise she'd have paced all day
again. Soon as we sit down to rest she doesn't know what to do with herself so
we either hold her or find some new experience to share with her. She's a gas!!!

Scared to death but still really fun and sweet as can be. Today she has done things like, yawn, shake her coat out, and she even responded to a trip LoGun made to the fence to protect... with a cute little growl... its the first noise she has made. We know she will bark eventually but we are glad something finally came out of her. If we stay on top of her and monitor her the way we have been we will be able to help her learn the proper times to bark and the proper times not to. I have visited homes where Kerries are allowed to take over any visitor by barking to their hearts content, LoGun is not allowed to just bark all the time. He is allowed to voice his opinion and talk to us when its appropriate and not when it is not. We feel in this area that it is better for them to learn manners then to be sent back for being too unruly. Trust me LoGun has a mouth on him, so he is by no means restricted from being a normal Kerry Blue Terrier. Infact at the right times we expect him to be chatty. Now for instance when we stay in a hotel it is not the right time to show up late and have a barking bash with Daddy. Mom is trying to sleep for the next day of travel and so are others in the hotel I trust. But when we are home and it is play time its a free for all Kerries and their perspective playmates to voice their feeling and talk as much as they want to... Then there is a time when it stops immediately on command. For now we are working on Miss Ivy learning she "has" a voice. Roger has her running into the carrier excitedly to retrieve so she is well on her way with play time. She trusts he really wants to play with her and that he understands how much this means to her so
they are bonding as I write. Its Awesome. A just about dead dog comes alive tonight!!!

Well I've got some spider bites on my arm that need an oatmeal soak, and
unfortunately Texas Longhorns are not winning so I think we'll call it a night
after the game if we can hide the toys from Miss Ivy and divert her to bed!...

Y'all have a Kerry good night now y'hear?

~ In Christ,
Roger & Dora Wolfe

From: GreatLinesLoGun@AOL.COM
Subject: [KBL] Driving "Miss Ivy" Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Morning!

Ok so its Monday morning September 11, 2006 ( 9/11 God Bless America )
We got up in the usual manner and because it was the anniversary of 9/11 we
decided to watch all the ceremonies on T.V. instead of our regular routine. As
we entered the 2nd living area where a Big Screen T.V. is mounted in the
wall but not yet on "Miss Ivy" not yet fully awake saw her little self in that
big T.V. screen! She immediately took charge to protect us all... it was the
funniest thing she's done yet. She barked for the first time and it was not a
fearful bark it was a very confident bark. She kept barking as we tried to
compose ourselves, we quickly began to praise her profusely. As we did, LoGun
jumped in and encouraged her and we kept praising her for about 2 minutes.
LoGun had no idea what the heck she was barking about but since we were praising
her he thought he'd help us! It was a great way to wake up especially on a
morning like that. We were so glad to hear her voice after all it had been 5
days that we'd had her and not a peep, nothing. Talk about proud parents!
Later that day we had some thunder & lightning. We expected we might as the
sky drew darker and darker. We discussed how we would handle her in advance
and took charge when it actually came. Roger took her into his arms and held
her through the sounds of thunder and we showed her the rain and lightning
through the window so she could see what it was. She did better than we expected
but she did shake a little. After it was over instead of risking more we let
her lay in her carrier for a while to feel safe when not in our arms. She
decided that she was okay and came out of her carrier to sit by Dad (Roger) and
he then comforted her further by holding her and listening to "RUSH LIMBAUGH"
on the computer.

When the ceremonies were mostly over and the President George W. Bush had
spoken, I took "Miss Ivy" in to the Groom room / salon for a Dental deep
cleaning. Poor thing had 2 years of tarter caked on her back teeth and all the
teeth up to the canines. Front teeth weren't too bad at all. First I checked her
ears and cleaned them. She'd been cleaned on Wednesday before and I did a
follow-up on her ears to be sure there was no odor or yeast in them. They were
amazing clean and completely odor free. I did the r-7 1,2,3 steps and they were
fresh and lovely she just laid there for me not a flinch. Then on to her
teeth, I was not sure I could get them clean as they needed to be but I figured
anything I could do would help her and also save some money for the
Foundation so I gave it a shot. As I chipped the large pieces of tarter off her teeth
she laid still so I could do my best on her ostensibly she knew I was helping
her. She let me get every last bit of tarter off her teeth and even though
she is older than LoGun her teeth appeared to be somewhat protected by all
that gook that hung on from the "pig slop" fed in the mill. Some of the pieces
that came off sounded like a dime dropping on the table when I removed them.
Black in color near the gum but not under the gum. I was able to scale under
the gums as well.. and she was just a little dream to work on. We took a short
break and then did the other side. Then we brushed and they are the most
beautiful pearly stark white teeth just like a puppy white. She then got a
treat (which she can care less about- she hasn't got a clue what a treat is yet)
so I didn't force it I let her walk around praising her and loving her
verbally and petting her for being so good. She was so cute she didn't use her
mouth well when she got here for anything, eating, no kisses, no smiles, no
licking nothing... after the teeth were clean she had self esteem and began to
lick her lips a lot for the rest of the day... very sweet using her tongue a

So.... remember in the last paragraph where I say, "she could care less
about a treat?" well earlier in the day we'd gone to get the newspaper and check
the mail for her meds. LoGun brings the paper in to Daddy every morning, he
looks forward to it and he even wakes us up to do it if we sleep in because he
loves those chicken treats! well we have been letting "Miss Ivy" go for a
walk to the mail box while LoGun gets the paper since she is expecting a
package that will come in her name. She didn't want her treat so Roger just left it
on a TV tray that he had his laptop on when they were listening to "RUSH
LIMBAUGH". So now its hours later and she is feeling her oats and getting more
confident by the moment. Do you remember I diagnosed her also as a probable
thief or counter surfer in a previous email? Well sure enough... I was in the
kitchen ( wide open lake view floor plan) unbeknownst to her I can see her
every move and she goes right over to the TV tray and takes the treat off it!!!
can you believe this... Living the lap of luxury and she has the audacity to
counter surf on day 5 of her Foster-hood. I was so disappointed!! LOL...I was
too far away to stop her or even catch her at it so I just let it go... it
was her treat after all and ....well..... Roger was the one who left it there,
not me....<grin> We decided since she is doing well on the mail box walks
which are just to the end of a very long driveway, that maybe we'd take her
for a short walk and see how she does outside the yard. She was a perfect
angel so Roger thought we'd walk around the lake and I said ha ha ha, you'll be
carrying her 3/4 of the way... she's not in shape for that. So off we go over
the hill and into the wild "dry grass" yander (we're in a drought here). We
get about 1/4 mile from home and she stops dead in the street, just all the
sudden. No sign of tire nothing. We think ok... its time to pick her up and go
back she's done!... we turned around and bless her heart she walked all the
way home just fine but she let us know.. that's far enough. On the way she got
to hear other dogs in the distance bark. Then our neighbors were out for a
walk with their little doggy and she (Maggie) was off leash so "Miss Ivy" &
LoGun got to visit with the neighbor doggy on their walk. LoGun loves this
little doggy, shes so small I think He'd really like to eat her because she
poops in our front yard but he is nice to her anyway. Ivy was fine with her and
she (Maggie) thought they were way too big and black to play with. She's about
2 lbs soaking wet and stark white!

Once home we all ate dinner and watched TV for a while and then off to bed.
Poor "Miss Ivy" got so spooked by the lights going off that she ran right
into the stone around the fireplace so hard that she yelped, and I turned the
light on and carried her to bed comforting her. She is not shy she is scared of
every noise and every movement. The light switch even scares her. How sad.
Once in the master bathroom we showered and she soon forgot there she was in
the shower with us again. Scared of noise... loves water!

Tuesday 9/12/2006

"Miss Ivy" got to go to the Vet for a re-check. Her meds were ostensibly
lost in the mail and so to be sure she was ok we took her to meet her new "for
now" Vet. He gave her a very thorough check over and he said she has one very
strong heart. No ear yeast, no diarrhea, no physical problems at all but
needs lots of socializing. This was fantastic news for us and I trust for the
Foundation as well. The ride to and from the Vet was easy on her she rode like a
champ just she and I. Roger stayed home with LoGun. When we got there they
wanted to know if I needed help to get her inside since she is so scared and I
said I'd manage and she trusted me and once inside the voices thank God
(again) were all sweet high pitched female voices that were comforting to her.
She did very well and they were very nice to her and fell in love with her
immediately. They did the ear swab, then the butt swab and offered her a treat
but she said, " uh.. no thank you, not after that" and then we waited for the
Vet to come in. He was gentle and slowly opened the door as I told her he was
about to come in so she could prepare herself. She was not too frightened of
him he was sooooo gentle with her... best exam I have ever seen to be quite
honest with you. She let him do what he needed to and he took his time with her
very understanding of her condition, about 30 minutes. I was impressed that
he gave her so much love and attention. He promised her on a day when she
wasn't so scared that he'd take her around the clinic, for a full tour. I
thought that was so nice too. That Texas Hospitality!!!!
(today her meds arrived finally but Dr. says just keep them on hand in case
we need them in the future but for now she does not need anything she is
perfectly healthy)

Wednesday morning!!! Yee haw!!!! 9/13/2006

Slept in a bit all very tired from all the stress of Fostering and travel
and all involved. LoGun was let out of his carrier first so he can teach "Miss
Ivy" how we start the day each morning. KISSES AND MORNING BREATH FOR 5
MINUTES (that goes both ways you know)... "Miss Ivy" is not big on morning breath
yet but she'll come around, LoGun can't get enough of it, I think its his
favorite time of day! anyway...Roger decided that he was going out for a few
hours so he got right in the shower, so I followed and so did "Miss Ivy" so I
snagged LoGun up to and we all had a shower together
....::::::shhhhhh::::::...... don't tell anyone but yes they showered together LoGun & " Miss Ivy"....
It was the nicest shower LoGun has ever had, "Miss Ivy" really has a lot to
offer him and we are grateful to have this experience she is a perfect angel in
the shower too. Because of her, he is eating better and being such a good
big brother. More to come on that. So after the shower they had to wait in the
Mater bath to dry a little and let us get dressed. when it was time to go out
since they'd waited for about 5-8 minutes I figured they weren't going to go
"CRAZY" running all over the house but they did and "Miss Ivy" too!!!! tail
up! Yes tail up in the house!!!!! they ran for about 5 minutes more and then
time to eat breakfast.

Breakfast... oh boy!....
Okay so now Roger is gone I let them out for a quick potty they are almost
dry and I pray they don't ground themselves in the mulch from a week ago when I
last mowed the yard. I just got it all off of them. So I take them in to eat
and "Miss Ivy" actually did very well she was more focused with just me
there... only wandered from her bowl 10 times instead of 20! on the 11th time
though twas not good... you see the ice machine dropped a cube and scared the
livin ba-jee-bahs out of her.... she ran so fast past me and while she did ( I
was sitting on the floor next to her as she ate to comfort her) she stepped
in her bowl on the lip of it thus flipping it at high speed backyards ALL OVER
THE ENTIRE KITCHEN, Yes I was wearing white shorts... the good news is the
food is the same color as the floor, cabinets, and my face! ( just kidding
about the face part) I thought poor thing, she is so horribly scared and how
awful it must be to be that frightened. Shame on those who do this heinus crime
to animals. Getting off the soap box, I sat there and lo and behold who comes
in to the rescue but LoGun, the little piglet that he's become decides he
can be very helpful in cleaning up the mess she's made and takes it upon
himself to just start anywhere licking the food off the floor. I couldn't believe
my eyes, This snooty, picky, pouty, won't eat kibble hard Kerry LoGun, came
right in and helped himself. I regained her confidence in the meantime she
thought surely she was going to be in trouble but she was not. I comforted her
and sat there thinking didn't we all JUST take a shower?...before long she was
helping him clean it off the floor and I know have a beautifully decorated
with beard art tile floor! does it get any better than that?

When Roger came home we discussed our day and the Kerries gathered around.
We decided that "Miss Ivy" really should learn to kiss, so we put some butter
on Roger's cheek and she licked it off, then I put some on my hand and
said," kiss the hand" and she did, and she's been kissing us the rest of the
night. Amazing what a little butter will get you.

So Now that Roger is gone and I have to clean the kitchen thoroughly I
decide why not introduce the vacuum and try to clean the house a little since I
have an appointment here at the house tomorrow. Central Vac it is. The Dogs
went in their perspective carriers in the dinning room away from the noise and
away I went for about 2 hours. They basically napped through it until the end
when I decided they did so well I'd show "Miss Ivy" just how confident LoGun
is from working with him for 2 years on this. I vacuumed his carrier with
him in it and he just let me. He is so trusting that what ever I do with him he
trust's me. I can take the car vac to his coat after a groom and he is not
afraid... I use it on my clothes so he see's that and so if I put it on him he
just thinks its part of the drill. Maybe some day "Miss Ivy" will feel that
safe too, I'll give her my all.

Around dusk we all went for a walk, this time we went all the way around
lake (a couple miles). "Miss Ivy" tried to stop in the same spot as before so we
figured she was just bluffing us and the Blarney Butt was, she made it all
the way around the lake..and along the way get this, she heard gun shots from
the nearby woods and it didn't even bother her. Then we saw horses 7-8 wild
running free in the fenced meadow on an adjacent farm and up to the fence 10
feet from her. She stood right up to them!!!! was not afraid at all. Now it was
protect time again so she forgot she was scared and remembered she was a
Kerry. This was good, very very good. We came home and she ate a huge dinner
after that walk... I kept giving her more and more and she just kept eating. Now
it is 1:00 am and she is gently churping at Roger we can't figure her out so
we go through a process of elimination and discover that she wants to play
so he takes her out in the yard yes at 1:00 a.m. and they are frolicking and
running like crazy Kerries all three of them.

Thursday morning 9/14/2006

Well this morning started off good... kisses hugs and even some morning
breath!! Wow we are progressing.... "Miss Ivy was in a good mood just like the
rest of us when all the sudden she got all wiggy again... Scared to death. We
did the usual things to comfort her and then played with her with toys to
divert her fear to joy. She was seemingly fine again so we went out in to the back
yard to do some yard work and everything was good...He brought back a wheel
barrel and she barked at him as if to protect again (her yard) she really
kicks in to protect (maybe because she's been a mommy) and we praised her for
barking at what seemed to be the bad guy, Roger in a straw hat!. Then we showed
her the wheel barrel and walked her through it. Let me expound on the fenced
yard theory. Had we not had a fenced yard we may have lost her. She is
frightened of everything and is going to be that way for some time but each day
she learns to trust a little more. Before going into the yard we fed them and
she brushed her foot passed LoGuns water dish and thus spilled it
everywhere... I had her on a leash at the time and I was then dragged (also caught off
guard) through the wet tile floor that was very slippery. Its a good thing it
is my house and I have insurance! I could have broken my arm or leg or both.
If you are questioning leashes, collars, fenced yards, carriers or what ever
you think is a risk to them... think again. They are all necessary TOOLS for
success. Had I not had her on a leash she'd have been able to get away and
run who knows where... maybe into the stone fireplace again. THE DOG IS SCARED
TO DEATH. Get that through your heads when you ask why we have to use them.
You don't hand the car keys to your 2 year old to drive you in your car do you?
Love will eventually conquer but it can not always reach those who are lost
and My poor little "Miss Ivy" is lost in the Mill in her mind... even though
she is here and has been for a week now she is still VERY SCARED. So for us a
fenced yard is MANDITORY, a leash is MANDITORY, even in the house some of
the time depending on what we are doing. A collar is MANDITORY, we are not
perfect but we are going to give her the best shot we have and if we are asked to
have a solid home (owned by us-we're not moving soon no one can tell us we
can't have her all the sudden, etc.) a marked collar that she can't back out
of, a leash and a carrier and any other tools that are helpful to KEEP HER
SAFE then by God we're gonna follow the wishes of the Foundation and or our
breeder. If we all remain a part of rather than apart from we'll have much better
chance at getting help for the Kerries we rescue and foster and make
adoptable. I gotta go I am getting head butted in the knee!~ In Christ,

Roger & Dora Wolfe

From: GreatLinesLoGun@AOL.COM
Subject: [KBL] "Miss Ivy" weekend highlights
Date: September 18, 2006 1:13:19 PM PDT

Friday 9/15/06

"Miss Ivy" got to go in the front yard with LoGun & I for some gardening.
This was a test to see what she would do with herself while she thought I was
busy and only on a lead. She was very interested in what I was doing LoGun
just laid in the shade while Ivy was more inquisitive about all the new
surroundings. I trimmed two ornamental trees and then we came inside, it was too hot.
She did very well. Oh yes, and she got to see the Canadian Geese grazing in
the neighbors yard.

Later we walked around the lake and this time we decided to give her some
new stimuli. We walked her down onto the floating "U" shaped dock on the lake as
we crossed over the dam. At first she really didn't want to go, but we had
LoGun go first so she figured it was sort of OK. As we walked down the steps
to the dock there was tall grass and she was not too sure of that but we took
our time. Then once on the dock I was ready for her to bolt or be scared and
she actually did well. She likes water so it didn't seem to be an issue even
the fact that the dock is only about 3 foot wide with a railing along the top
waist high, the rest is open. The lake is down and the dock was at an angle
and even that didn't seem to bother her much. Then Roger rocked it a little
to see how she'd do and she was fine for a first time experience. She got lots
of praise for this one! We fish so she'll need to be able to go in the boat
or hang at the shore of go on the dock soon.

Later in the evening 12:00 midnight!!!! it was another free for all. She
kept trying to tell Roger something so we finally figured out that she might be
wanting to play and doesn't know how to tell us. Sure enough. We set up an
obstacle course on the Veranda and away we went. LoGun likes to play chase with
Roger. Its the funniest thing I think he does with LoGun. They just get crazy
and laugh till we are all in tears!!!... so Miss Ivy has decided we do this
often and she might like to do it too. Last night she chased us and even
grabbed on to our pant legs at the knee like they do in the pack as puppies!
These signs make me so happy because she is accepting us as her pack and she is
trying to find out where she is in the pack. She is trying to work her way up
above LoGun but we can't let her dominate him so she plays along as 4th
string in the pack and wags her little tail the whole time. Soon as we stop
playtime her tail is down again. We'll get that tail up yet!~ In Christ,

Roger & Dora Wolfe

From: GreatLinesLoGun@AOL.COM
Subject: [KBL] "Miss Ivy" Weekend Highlights Part 2
Date: September 19, 2006 9:52:58 PM PDT

Well its football season so here we are in front of the big screen again.

This time "Miss Ivy" see's the Corona commercial where the Parrot fly's into the
screen and sits on the dock next to the bottle of Corona beer. For some
reason "Miss Ivy" didn't like the Parrot and started barking at it. LOL... we
suspect she might be "one of us" and recovering from Alcoholism!!! Don't be
surprised if you see a post that reads Hi my name is Miss Ivy and I'm
Alcoholic!!! ROFL....(just kidding- and know that we are both sober 15 & 20 years so we
do no drink smoke or do drugs make no mistake) One of the reasons we feel
this way is that shortly there after we allowed her the enjoyment of recycling
each bottle of "water" Roger & I drank today. This is a favorite pass-time of
LoGun, its kept him busy many of road trip! Don't worry we are the designated
drivers! Anyway she must have flattened as many bottles as we drank (bottled
water). She's been busy, She hasn't had any time to pace in several days
now. She mostly likes to play with toys and play with us and lay around waiting
to go out and run or eat. We are not trying to exercise her in a big way
right now we are just trying to get her to relax, and that she is doing pretty
well now a week later.

Not sure how good all the relaxing is though... I let them out for a potty
break and "Miss Ivy" always goes straight to the water, then runs to the tree
and goes potty. I guess she did that and then suddenly for the first time
(other than her bath) she decided she had to get a bowl movement going so she
took off like a bat out of hell, and she was racing the perimeter of the fenced
yard and she got speeds upwards of 30 MPH LOL... I was watching from inside
and she made 2 loops and as she passed a sand pile left over from a swing-set,
she slipped, lost her footing went on her side and slid for about 12
feet!!!! At first I thought she might have hurt herself but she got up and started
running again... she was having a ball!... then she pooped!

Later we went for a walk half way around the lake and back so its the same
as around the lake only this time its all on asphalt. Her nails are pretty long
and we are determined to get them down naturally so we are walking her on
the asphalt everyday. First couple days you could hear the nails dragging when
she took steps, but now its about every 10 steps. Eventually they will be
worn down on their own. When she first got here she had a hard time walking even
though her nails had been cut they were still very long. She did so well on
her walk tonight that she has begun obedience!!. Tonight she learned not to
weave all over like a drunk but to heel nicely next to Roger or I whom ever is
the walker. We even did some jogging tonight too. She likes it, whatever it
is, she likes it but she does still just stop all the sudden right in the
middle of the road. Oh and before someone gets the wrong idea. We live in the
country, in a quiet neighborhood of mostly elderly people so there is little to
no traffic and we do not have side walks so that is why we always refer to
walking her in the street.

Sunday 9/17/06

From: GreatLinesLoGun@AOL.COM
Subject: [KBL] Shots of "Miss Ivy" just moments ago!
Date: October 27, 2006 4:33:15 PM PDT
"Miss Ivy" is adjusting to life out of the mill slowly. She's still scared of
most everything but is very interested in trying over and over to get this
"normal thing" called life as most Kerries know it. She still paces if she's not
kept busy and even though we are with her 24-7 she doesn't always know /
trust its us when we come out to get her from a potty break outside. She is
showing great progress in other areas like she loves to go for her walks around the
lake, She loves to eat!, she loves to play with toys, Roger & I and even LoGun
here lately. Most of all she just loves to be loved and held. She's not big
on talking "Praise God" and she does go out to do her business (most of the
time). She is learning to do some things off lead and she does come when called
but again she comes so far and then decides to be careful not to come too close
at first, she still gets scared. Protection dog? She's the first out the door
when there is a noise and she always barks to alarm the "Little Pistol" LoGun
to come rescue her from whatever she's gotten herself into! LOL... she quite
cute actually... all bark no bite. She is gentle and kind but don't come on
her domain or she'll send LoGun after you. Once he comes she is right there to
eat who ever is intruding on their space. Or at least make them thing so. Her
coat has come in rather nicely she is thick and curly/wavy now and she is
turning rapidly as well. In the dark one can see her hind end glimmer in the yard
at night. When someone comes to the door she is on duty. Good Girl. She does
let LoGun take over once someone comes in, as I said she is still scared of some
things, but she doesn't go and hide, she begins the pace and tries over and
over to get the courage up to get involved and after she feels safe (usually
just moments) she comes to join in the activity with company, but keeps her
guard up never really knowing when her world is going to fall in. "Miss Ivy" if
you've been following her story had a fearful experience with the ice machine
making an ice cube while she had her breakfast one day. This was a month or more
ago. Yesterday for the first time since that happened, she came into the
kitchen to see what was cookin' for dinner. So we praised her profusely and gave
her all the dry kibble she wanted to keep her there for a time so she could
walk through the old fear and perhaps maybe she is even over it. She's come along
way and we will hate to see her go in some respects we wish we could keep her
and in others we have to be strong and keep our home open to future Foster
Kerries and let an adoptive family give her the best forever home she could ever
dream of. We are so grateful to have been able to be of service to the
Foundation and the breed and though it has not been the easiest, it has certainly been worth it.

From: AL Fay <>
Date: Mon Dec 4, 2006 9:04:16 AM US/Pacific
Subject: Ivy

Miss Ivy is adapting beautifully and just adores Reagan and the neighbor dogs. She is now also known as Ivy Pie, Pie Pie, Princess Pie and Pie-Etta and loves all her names. She had some potty communication problems at first but is now so trustworthy that the only time she spends in her kennel is when she wants some private time and that is becoming very rare. The Pie Pie loves running with Regan in the back yard, going for long walks, killing one of her many(many!) stuffed babies, riding in the car, visiting Petco and Lowes but her favorite is sleeping in all day on our bed upstairs where she can see right down the whole street from her perch and sass at anything that moves. She has absolutely blossomed in the past couple of weeks, where at first she was reserved and unsure, now she is in your face with her 'devil may care' attitude and we love it!! She is picking up basic obedience quickly and has developed a love for anything made of potatoes (I think it's her Irish roots :) or my bad influence hehe) especially tater-tots and has gained a few pounds but is solid as a rock. She and Reagan met their new doctor, made such a good impression and did not even notice the two 'shop' cats and we are just so proud to have two such well behaved and lets face it beautiful terriers! They both got clean bills of health and are now micro-chipped with AKC-Companion Animal Recovery, #2211262E65. Pie-Etta is still adjusting, we know that she has so much more to show us and we are all just enjoying each other so much!!! I have some pictures but have yet to find where I packed the cable to be able to download them to our computer, rest assured it's in a 'safe' place, but as soon as I find it I will send pictures.

Brett and I are so grateful to get to have her in our lives and we have you and Dora and the KTBF to thank so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Gratefully and Sincerely
Aubrey Weldon

From: AL Fay <>
Date: Sat Dec 30, 2006 7:27:59 AM US/Pacific
Subject: Pictures of Ivy Pie

[...] I finally found the camera cord and have down loaded pictures of our little PiePie, no action shots though as she is way too fast for our digital cameras shutter :) She and Reagan are always pal-ing around now and when they play...LOOK OUT they are fast and loud and we love it! Her favorite spot is still on our bed, and sometimes on us :) and the 'kids' got quite a few new toys for the holiday they are busy trying to de-squeak and de-stuff. I don't know which one started it but now they are both complete sissies when it comes to rainy days and they only go out to potty it's so funny considering they are terriers but whatever they are royalty in this house. They are both learning new tricks, Regan to sit up and beg, Pie to sit and come on command, and their education is progressing quite nicely. We are so blessed to have two such sweet, smart and wonderful kids. Thanks to the KBTF and Dora.

Brett and Aubrey Weldon



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