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2006 Iowa Girls Hattie McBroom


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September 7, 2006


Just to let everyone know that Eric and I picked up HATTIE McBROOM this morning at 11:00 a.m. She was anxious to get out of her crate and went straight to the grass to explore once she was out. She's here at the house now and has been introduced to her "kerry family". The intros went very well and at the moment she's exploring (with companions) the entire back yard. Negotiating steps was her first hurdle but she came through like a pro. She doesn't seem to be hungry, not even for the chicken....but I suspect that will change before evening. My plan is to let her romp for another hour ...then, it's time for a full groom. I'll send before and after pics for all to see. She's a beauty with a terrific personality....someone's gonna be a very lucky person to have her.






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