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2006 April Surprise Rescue: Hope now Nuala #7


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May 3, 2006

From: Eileen Andrade <my3kerries@COMCAST.NET>
Date: Wed May 3, 2006 12:28:09 AM US/Pacific
Subject: Hope Arrives

It is midnight and we are finally settling in at home. Despite all plans to
the contrary Hope is at my feet as I write this. We had planned to foster
her with a family in the Sacramento area so that is where she was flown to.
After several misadventures with the airlines - well not really
misadventures so much as mis-information, she arrived at Sacramento
International fully two hours before she was expected and I was still on the
road lead footing it towards her. By the time I got there I was feeling
desperately guilty that she had waited so long for me. I got her out of the
crate and hopefully "walked" her so that she could relieve herself.
"Walked" because all of us are now aware that this is not possible. Leash +
rescue Kerry = donkey action, won't go anywhere! So back in the car and off
to her planned foster home.

Once we reached the planned foster home, filled with anticipation and
several people who are possible adoptive families for her, in the first
light that we had to examine her we discovered that she is in season!
Either just coming in or just going out - my guess is coming in as the vet
that examined them yesterday didn't make note of this condition. I also
discovered some wire sutures that have me confused - so I made the decision
that she needed to come home with me for further investigation.
About 90 minutes later we arrived here at home. My kids are in their crates
in my bedroom and Hope is with me. She was encouraged to walk up the stairs
to my home and down the stairs to the back yard. Once in the run she
finally relieved herself, drank a fair amount of water, ate a healthy dinner
and made use of the comfy hammock bed that resides in the run. I wanted to
give her a chance to stretch and move about, but after a short while she
decided to bark at the wildlife in my neighborhood so in she came. She is
lying at my side quite relaxed and seemingly happy to be here. A warm bed
awaits her when I finish this note. Tomorrow she will have a bath and a
finish trim as she looks a little ragged, then off to my vet to determine
what is up with her.

I should mention that she doesn't appear as shy as the dogs from the last
group. She was ready and willing to go up to men, women and children alike,
gave kisses and settled down happily to display her tummy for pats. She
didn't startle when a motorcycle drove by nor a hopped up car with very
noisy engine. I think she is going to be a darling. At this point I have
decided to call her Hope. So for now, Hope and I wish you good night.

Eileen Andrade with Trudy, Tristan and Kitty
and Grant who will forever live in my heart and memories
Northern California

From: my3kerries@COMCAST.NET
Date: Wed May 10, 2006 2:50:56 PM US/Pacific

One week has gone by and Hope is blossoming a little more each day. This little 4.5 year old female has done her share and more for the puppy millers who used her so poorly and yet every day she presents the world with a sweet face and a willing heart.
Hope is still on antibiotics for the raging vaginitis she arrived with and we continue to lavage her ears daily. Physically she is improving and emotionally she seems to be healing as well.

Hope does well with other dogs, cats, and people. She is still very timid but every day her tail comes up a little more frequently. She gives kisses to people and exhibits interest in them. She is coming to work at the University with me where she spends most of her time napping under my desk though she will come out to share a tail-wag with Johann Sebastian Bark (the Hall Monitor dog of mixed breed heritage who works here) and to offer greetings to faculty, staff and students as they pass through my office. She has a fascination with kids and I hope to find her home where she can indulge this.

While I was out in the yard scooping poop the other night I pulled out the hose to wash down the patio - the sound of the water on pavement sent Hope flying into the house. When I finished cleaning up I went in looking for her to find that she had gone to her crate in the living room and was ensconced there, the better to be safe! She also retreats to her crate in the late evening, putting herself to bed long before the rest of us are ready.

Hope has been absolutely clean in the house, not one mistake. She prefers to take care of her bathroom duties in private and will go to the dog run out of sight to handle this. I have not yet been able to get her to pee during the day at work. We go out several times during the day to a grassy area that has been well used by other dogs (mine included) but she quivers and shakes, refusing to do anything. She is reluctant to come outside and eager to go back into the building. I have yet to hear a peep out of her - don't know if she has a voice or not!

Hope will play bow and run with my male, Tristan. While her contact with my female, Trudy, has been limited to one or the other being on the other side of the fence to my dog run there has been nothing but wagging tails on both sides. She has come nose to nose with my rather brassy cat and was totally unconcerned. She has seen canaries and parrots without a reaction other than mild curiousity. Her only trait which is less than exemplary is that she is more interested in my dinner than her own.

I would love to see Hope in a home somewhere in Northern California where she has another dog and ideally some children to play with. The alternative would be an adult home where she can be with her human 24/7. The only description for this little girl is "adorable and perfectly good". She will be a perfect family member for someone. If you know a possible someone for Hope please encourage them to look at her picture and read this note. Until such time as her perfect someone is found Hope will stay with me.

Eileen Andrade
Northern California
Truetype Kerry Blue Terriers


From: Jennifer Sims <>
Date: Wed Aug 23, 2006 10:35:47 PM US/Pacific

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to forward this picture! It turns out that Nuala (formerly Hope from the April Surprise Rescue) is not so fond of cameras - she leaves the room when she see's me pull one out - so most of my pictures of her are of her rear end in a doorway :).


Nuala is doing beautifully - she loves everyone and everything (including my cats who unfortunately do not return the warm feelings). She kisses for everyone and her tail NEVER stops wagging. She loves car rides and the dog park - she's less fond of walks around the block -- the cars make her a little nervous. She is very bonded to my fox terrier, Jack. In fact, Jack recently lost an eye to Glaucoma and Nuala (besides being gentle and careful with him) let's him eat first before she eats. Usually it's the exact opposite - Nuala is like a freight train when she hears the kibble going into the bowl - she knocks everything (including old Jack) out of her path to get there, then lays down with her paws circling the bowl and munching to her hearts content! Jack get's the leftovers.... She seems to think that any animal smaller than her is a puppy and will pin them down and lick them head to tail (this has happened to Jack and one of my cats).... When I take her to the dog park she loves making friends with other dogs -- and their owners! Sometimes if an owner is petting their dog she will worm her way in between them to try and get their attention. She can be shy still - but she's not scared. Her coat is beautiful! She is as soft as a bunny and a beautiful black and grey (blue). One of the attached pictures really shows off her coat. She's also a very silly dog. A regular goof-ball :) I thank you so much for this beautful gift of a dog - the entire household (excluding 1 cat) adores her and are thrilled to have her as part of our little family.



From: Jennifer Sims <>
Date: Thu Mar 1, 2007 10:25:15 PM US/Pacific


Nuala (formerly Hope) is a sweet and joyful dog. She wags her tail nonstop and will wag it twice as fast if you say her name. SHe also loves meals - she will do a 5 minute fully choreographed dance for every meal. If I put the food in her bowl before the dance is complete she will stop, eat, then finish off any part of the dance she missed before. She walks well on a leash but is still nervous around men (she will hide behind my legs like a child) and she loves all animals - she plays with other dogs and seems to think any furry animal smaller than she is is a puppy - including my 2 cats who she will try and pin and and then lick head to toe.... I've atached a picture of her - her gray/silver is really becoming dominant on her....


In December 2009, Jen Sims adopted another rescue Kerry: Paddy.


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