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Spring Cleaning your Kerry’s Routine


Finally, the days are getting longer, temperatures are starting to warm up after weeks of polar vortex, and no matter whether we live north or south, east, west, or middle, we’re all coming out of winter mode and paying more attention to what’s around us. Just as Spring is a good time for Spring housecleaning, it’s a good time to examine your furry friend and his routine, and see if any maintenance is in order.

Toward the top of your to-do list, check your yard. If you live in a snowy area, as the snow melts, you may find all sorts of unsightliness emerging from the snow. Time for a good clean-up of any doggy piles, sodden dog toys, etc. If you have a fenced yard, scope around for any loosened or rotted fence boards that might create a hazard for your kerry --- or create a tempting opportunity to break out and go visiting. Remember to look up: hanging tree branches, drooping wires, and damaged roof gutters at risk of falling down create risks for your kerry playing innocently under them, as well as for you.


And now that you can see your kerry in the light of day, how is her weight? Has she gained too much weight, or lost a significant amount? Maybe it’s time to reassess her diet; her nutritional needs may have changed over the winter, or maybe your feeding routine needs tweaking.
Does she seem comfortable outside, or is she squinting in bright light and rubbing her face? These could be symptoms of eye irritation. Pay some attention, too, to your kerry’s activity level. Is he less energetic, and less enthusiastic for walks and outdoor gallops or squirrel chasing than he was before the winter? Consider a vet exam to see if your dog has come down with any illness associated with decreased energy and joie de vivre.
And even the healthiest kerry (maybe especially the healthiest kerry) may need a Spring tune-up in terms of training. Test that busy kerry brain on the basics of “sit,” “down,” “stay,” and “come,” as these commands protect your dog, and help ensure that your companion is well-behaved and loved by all, on all those upcoming walks around the neighborhood and on family field trips.


Finally, use the Spring to prepare for summertime (whoo-hoo!). Does your kerry have all vaccinations up to date, including localized diseases such as Lyme? And many kerries don’t care for the heat; if you expect hot temperatures in a few months, check now to see that air-conditioners are in good repair, so that your kerry can live in the comfort to which he aspires even if it is hazy, hot, and humid outside.
Enjoy the return of longer days and nicer walking weather! Nothing beats a nice walk with a happy kerry on a beautiful Spring day.


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