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So You're Going To Move... Now What?


© 2010 Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

As soon as the decision to move is made, there are major considerations which need to be examined.These could have a major impact on the well being of your dog and possibly even whether they survive the move.

Since a dog cannot ask questions to obtain re-assurance, we need to manage their environment well in order to provide it. For each of the following areas of concern, ask your self what the differences will be.

Write them out, review them, add more detail and then examine how you can prepare for and/or minimize the stress on your 4-legged companion.

Make sure you do this if you move to another area of your province or within Canada. Do it even if your move is within the same block. The noises, traffic flow and surrounding people will be different. Our great geographical, social and cultural diversity cannot be minimized.

Areas of concern

1. How major a change will there be?


  • Size of the house, types of flooring
  • Location of the dog's bed/rest or time out area, play area and poop area

Source of food:

  • If you feed a special diet, who in the area could provide it?
  • Which pet supply has fresh quality kibble?


  • Major seasonal differences - Will there be more rain, mud, cold winds, dry heat, etc?
  • Will you be in an urban, semi-urban or rural area?


  • Amount of vehicle traffic, high traffic noise and the time of day they occur
  • Will there be sirens or trains for the dogs to howl at?
  • Will there be neighbours with dogs? What attitudes will they have? Is there an anti-dog lobby
  • In the new area or are there any anti-dog political issues?
  • Issues with licensing or even breed impact on your house insurance How will the climate / weather affect your dog? e.g. frost bite, heat stroke
  • Wild animals -Coyotes can snatch dogs dogs being walked in your area? Are they on lead or allowed to run about?


  • Is there a prevalence for fleas, ticks, heart worm, or certain viruses in different seasons?

2. What will the dog's support be?

Veterinarian care:

  • Can your current veterinarian service recommend one in the new area? If not, check with other dog people in the new location or go to to ask the list.

Breed advice:

  • Who in the new area has the same breed?
  • Are there any breeders nearby and are they receptive to becoming a resource?

Training centres:

  • Find trainers with positive methods and breed familiarity. Ensure that trainers don't see a "Terrier" and immediately expect stubbornness and dog aggression.
  • Are there dog clubs or gyms where you can go and play constructively?
  • Are there dog clubs you could join to meet people and have fun with your pet?

3. Pet Packing

Prepare for your travels with your pooch for a fun and safe time.

  • Make sure vaccinations are up-to-date. keep medical records and medicines handy, and up date the ID tag with a cell phone number.
  • Take along plenty of bottled water. the water at your destination may upset your dog's system.
  • Take a favorite toy.
  • Always keep your dog on a sturdy Ieash,and
  • Carry a picture of your pet in case of loss.

Once these topics have been covered, you then need to plan for exact packing and moving strategies. All must be done to ensure a minimum of anxiety for your pet.

Remember that you will be stressed with everything that surrounds the move and so will your dog. It cannot ask questions to get reassurance; therefore, you need to manage their environment in order to provide it. Once you have covered all the bases, you and Fido will be better prepared to enjoy the move.

Feel free to contact me at gessnwhat©

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