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New Year’s Resolutions for Kerry Owners 2019



Like our kerries, we’re not always sure we want to be told what to do. But, if we did want to be told what to do, here are some ideas from the people who are thinking that we ought to be listening…..

From your groomer:

  1. You will brush your kerry more often, so they don’t come in to the groomer’s matted.


  2. You will buy a new collar more than once a decade, so that the clasp is not fossilized closed such that the groomer can’t get the collar off when trying to bathe your kerry.


  3. You will take your dog on a walk before going in for your appointment, thus giving the groomer a pleasantly fatigued dog with an empty bladder and colon.


  4. You will not use people-shampoo and conditioner on your dog, as often these are too harsh for a kerry’s coat.


From your breeder:

  1. You will feed your kerry consistently with breeder recommendations for quantity and a simple ingredient list.


  2. You will socialize your kerry.


  3. You will go to training classes.


  4. You will be home on time in order to play with, walk, and love on your kerry.


  5. You will not bounce the puppy-deposit check.


  6. The teeth! The teeth! Don’t forget dental care!


From your vet:

  1. All of the above.


  2. Preventive medicine is good medicine: keep up to date on shots.


  3. Your dog did not run the New York City marathon this weekend, or any other weekend. She does not need to be fed as if she did.


  4. Bring on the puppy breath!


  5. If you love your pet, give them structure.


  6. Your relationship with your dog is not a romantic comedy. Give him structure and be a leader.

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