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Acid Urine 31 March 2016
by Karen Laubach

Dead grass circles on lawns that result from dog urine can be prevented in several ways; either by additives to the dog food or to the lawn.

Cleaning Up Canine Messes 31 March 2016
by Mara Bovsun

Cleaning Up Canine Messes. Experts offer solutions for some common household disasters.

Come Fly With Me 31 March 2016
by Randy A. Hayes

The following information on how to best fly with or ship your Kerry Blue Terrier is summarized from the KBL newslist of August 4, 5 and 6, 2002. It is based on the advice of both veteran and novice shippers/receivers.

Composting Dog Waste 31 March 2016
by Katherine Long

Dog waste contains bacteria and pathogens, including parasitic worms, that can be harmful to humans. Like other animal manures, dog waste is high in nitrogen, so it significantly affects the carbon to nitrogen ratio, which significantly affects the decomposition process.

Dog waste can be successfully composted with these special precautions:

Do Kerries Overheat? 31 March 2016
by Craig Bohren, bohren@ems.psu.edu

Do Kerries Overheat?

Dog Walking 31 March 2016
by Judith Bruno

If you are new to dog walking, the good news is the more often you walk, the more it becomes a routine - which means the dogs better understand what is expected and acceptable ­ the more enjoyable it is for all.

I've seen just about everything in my hours on the road, and here are a few things that I have learned walking my Kerries, which might help you.

Is "Safe Dog Toy" an Oxymoron? 31 March 2016
by Randy Hayes

Dog toys potential dangers

Is a Head Halter Right for Your Dog? 11 December 2016
by Doug White

Why the head halter can be misunderstood.
Much of the problem with head halters is that using one correctly is not intuitive; it takes time to get the hang of it. In large part, that's because "most people who work with dogs are trained to use corrections, so they put a firm yank on the leash when they want a dog to come along or not antagonize another dog, or a person," Dr. Borns-Weil says. "But if you do that with a head halter, it undermines its potential for effectiveness.

Keeping the Outside Out Good grooming can keep your house clean, too 31 March 2016
by Eve Adamson

Keeping the Outside Out
Good grooming can keep your house clean, too
Kerry cleaning
dog cleaning

Picture Perfect A working guide to taking great pictures of your dog 31 March 2016
by Kerrin Winter Churchill

Picture Perfect
A working guide to taking great pictures of your dog
a budding dog photographer will benefit from planning. Taking the time to prepare for a picture will lower your frustration and heighten your level of success.

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