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Canine Cyst Removal


Cysts in Kerries are common. Some breed lines are more affected than others. Cysts can be removed surgically, but may come back. They are not cancerous.

Below are some submissions about what to do when the cysts break open and how to avoid them.

John & Heather Van Boeyen of Lake Errock, B.C. Canada offered this "cure":


We have an 8 year old male Kerry Blue that was severely afflicted with sebaceous cysts. After several years of trial and error, we found a product that reduces the frequency of occurrence and the severity of the cysts. The product is "HOKAMIX 30, a completely natural product made of medicinal herbal extracts." After several weeks of using the food additive, the cysts dry up. Other local Kerry Blue owners have had similar success. We're not sure if the product is marketed where you live, however you may want to contact the British Columbia distributor for the name of a Contact: Lucid Distributors Inc. - Carey Milne, 1-604-596-3014, Fax: 1-604-596-3017

Niamh Gaston of Ireland


I was given an overwhelming response to the cysts question from the newsgroup. It was reasuring to read that so many others had the same problem. The common thread running through the advice was when a cysts pops ( or if you lance it using a sterile scapel blade) it should be flushed out with a solution of peroxide to either five or seven parts water to aid healing.

Well I tried this during the week and I can already see an improvement. Finn, after a post haircut examination had seven small cysts. These have now dired right up and I anticipate them to be gone in another week or so.

Another contributor mentioned using the supplement 'evening primrose oil'. I intend to give this a try too. I have found that a very weak dilution of tea tree oil applied to a burst cyst also dries it up and its antiseptic properties help prevent infection.

John Van den Bergh


Someone on KB-L suggested a treatment that has been used by several kerry folks with wonderful success.

Make a solution of one part common household bleach (Chlorox) mixed with 30 parts water. You then pull up in a syringe(without the needle) and insert in the wound and flush out until clear. Repeat this 2 or 3 times daily until the wound closes. The wound should closed up cleanly very quickly.

The bleach/water solution acts as an antiseptic and cauterization agent which cleans and encourages the wound to close. It closes right up with very little scar.

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