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Acid Urine


Dead grass circles on lawns that result from dog urine can be prevented in several ways; either by additives to the dog food or to the lawn.

Here is a list of products in the R. C. Steele Wholesale Pet Supplies Catalog: 1-800-872-3773.

1. Green-Um-Tablets: add this all natural tablet to your dog's diet to keep lawns green and prevent burn-out due to dog waste.

2. Green-Um-Spray : protect your lawns by spraying on the lawn after each occurrence.

3. Grass Saver: neutralizes pet waste naturally a daily dose of this all natural food supplement.

4. G-Whiz: controls lawn burn add to dog's food or water.

5. Dogonit's: natural organic enzymes reduce toxicity from urine, stimulates microbe growth and root formation.

6. Spot Check: repairs yellow lawn spots, sprinkle on the pet damaged spots.

7. Dog Patch : re grows grass is a special mixture of seed and mulch containing carbon to neutralize nitrogen from urine.

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