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Letter from the Editor - 2019 January


Happy 2019, to all kerries and all kerry owners – past, present, and prospective. The past year has had a couple of changes for our kerry, Gracie Lou – mainly, that mom is out of the house for way too much time, and dad is home more. Between fewer walks from mom and more treats from dad, Gracie went into the winter very well-insulated. Maybe all that insulation is why she keeps waking up at 4am and demanding to be let outside for a nice hour-long nap in the frozen backyard. (Gracie moves to her own drummer, in this and many other things.) In any case, I actually do believe in New Year’s resolutions, and this year, my most active one is to find more time to spend with my dog. This is going to require some attitude adjustment from me, because it will have to be time spent on Gracie’s terms. The psychologists like to advocate a philosophy of “mindfulness,” generally defined as a state of active, open attention on the present. Gracie is the grand-master-super-high-priestess of mindfulness. On walks, she stops every few feet to smell something or other, and even when she theoretically is in motion, she putters along at a speed guaranteed to make any fitness tracking app give up and shut itself off. When a smell catches Gracie’s attention, all else melts away. She takes in the smell with nose and with eyes, ears, and body – without haste or anxiety or, I’m pretty sure, any actual cognitive brilliance. Only when she feels that she has fully appreciated whatever she is investigation does she return to an awareness of the rest of the world. Accordingly, I’m going to try to be more like Gracie this year! I will stop and smell the roses. (I will not stop and smell whatever Gracie is smelling, thank you very much.) Because often our kerries teach us how to love life, and Gracie Lou shows me that while there are fascinating adventures around every corner, they are best enjoyed in their own time. Wishing all kerrydom a wonderful year of adventures and, hopefully, having time to appreciate them! - 

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