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KBTF Financial Condition of the KBTF


John Van den Bergh


The Foundation is lucky to have investments of about $65,000. This was only possible from bequests the Foundation received from people who put the Foundation in their will.

Unfortunately, we have to dip into this reserve to cover the current expenses of the Foundation.

Our donations fall off during the first half of the year and pick up during the fall.

At the middle of 2015, we were $3,500 in the red, and we finished the year with about $3,500 in the black—a wonderful turnaround.

At the middle of 2016, we are $10,000 in the red, and a turnaround before the finish of the year is only possible with an extra ordinary effort on your end.

Almost all our revenue comes from people like you—with the balance from meager interest earned on our investments.

Our volunteers have done an extraordinary job in cutting down on expenses; they were down about a third, yet our donations were cut in half.

We don’t know what causes this drop in donations. The generosity of our supporters has not changed. Maybe we’re not asking nicely enough!

We have posted several new products on our web site ( and more item will be available shortly.

But it is your direct donations that make the big difference.

The Foundation will survive this dry spell, but not without your support. Please give until it feels right.


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Today is September 27, 2016

In this month in 1996:

Ch. Lady Blue Magic, first champion Kerry bitch to complete her Utility Dog title in the US & Cananada was born. Bred by John Novey and owned by Rose & Bill Morris.

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