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Is Your Kerry a “Calendar Girl” (or Boy)??


Is Your Kerry a “Calendar Girl” (or Boy)??

Your special dog could appear in our 2017 Kerry Calendar!

For the past several years, the Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation has produced a calendar, with each month featuring one of our rescued dogs. The calendar has been a successful fundraiser for Kerries.

This year, there’s one change: we have expanded the photos to include not only rescue KBTs but also any KBT that you think might be a great cover or month. And funds raised by the sale of the calendars will be used to support not only the rescue mission of the foundation but also its work in health/genetics and education.

So go to your photo archives AT ONCEand send us your best photos. The rules for submissions are below and the deadline for submission is SUNDAY JULY 24th, only a few days away!!!

This is an exciting new opportunity for you to show off your favorite Kerry in their best light. And remember that we need photos from all seasons so winter photos, summer photos, fall photos etc.--all are needed. Start looking over your photos NOW and send them off to me -- sooner rather than at the last minute is always appreciated! If you have questions, please contact Calendar Editor Judi Young directly at

Please go through all those photos of your Kerries that you have been taking over the years, and send me a whole bunch of them to look overand enjoy. I love seeing all your photos even if they don't make it on the calendar.

Here are the rules for photos to be considered for the calendar and further details concerning where to send them:

1. The photo must include a KBT. It does not have to be a current Kerry living with you but could be of your beloved Kerry who has crossed the rainbow bridge. Even if your Kerry has been featured on a calendar in other
years, new photos of the same Kerry are always welcome and will be considered. After all, if they were photogenic enough to make one calendar, they may well earn a spot on the Y2017 calendar! Kerry "cuteness" is always
hard to resist.

2. Photo must be jpg format. No other format will be considered.

3. To insure that the photos will produce the best and clearest images on the calendar, the resolution of the jpg photos should be 300 dpi or greater. Depending on software that you use, you should be able to find the resolution listed somewhere on the specific photos you want to submit. For example, when I work in Picasa, the dpi is always shown when I first open my photo before going in to edit. Other software should have a similar way to find the information. Also your camera will most likely tell you what dpi/resolution you are using. If you are unsure of the resolution, you can send the photos to me and I will check them out for you.

4. The person sending it in must "own" the photo. In other words, it cannot be a photo that you do not have permission to use and that we must go to a professional photographer or to anyone else to get permission. While
professional photos are certainly welcome, you must have permission for the KBTF to use them.

5. No people in photo please, just the Kerry alone or with other animal friends. It is perfectly fine and fun to have toys, swimming pools, squirrels, etc., but no people please.

6. Please include brief information/story on your Kerry: if it was a rescue, was it a puppy mill, an unhappy home rescue, what adjustment did the dog/you have to make when it arrived in your home, and where the dog is now living plus some little thing that the rescue loves about his/her new home. If it is not a rescue, tell me where the Kerry lives and any brief story that might help me know your Kerry a little better, like what is her favorite thing to do or how he likes to cuddle. As you know, there is not a lot of space on the calendar for the "story" but the information that you send to me helps me get just the right portrait of your dog for the calendar in just a few words. While we cannot use all of the information that you share, it provides important background material.

7. Send your Kerry photos directly to me please: do not send them to the KBT list as we want the calendar to hold some wonderful surprises for you when you purchase it. My private email

Send the photo and your story to me at the address above no later than SUNDAY, JULY 24, 2016. Be sure to include your current email and contact information in case I need more information or have a question about your
photo and story. Information on purchasing the Y2017 calendar as well as a small "sneak preview" will be available on the KBTF website once it is finalized this fall.

Please help make the Y2017 calendar another success. I am looking forward to my email filling up with great photos soon.


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