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2017 Financials


The Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation is almost 100% supported by people like you. Full disclosure of our finances is your right and our obligation.

The Foundation is run by volunteers; no one receives a salary.

Our total income for 2017 was $22,719 and our expenses were $15,464, which gave us a positive cash flow of $7,254. We have finally made up the losses incurred in 2014. 


We currently have assets of $86,847, which is mostly invested in CDs and bank deposits at insured banks.

The number of sponsors increased, but the donation per donor declined slightly.  Because our financial needs were less this year, we did not keep pushing for donations.  However, this may change at any time!

Our revenue of $22,719 was slightly up from $21,664 in 2017. Our expenses went slightly down from $15,464 in 2016 to $15,139 in 2017. This resulted in a positive cashflow of $7,254, up from $6,200 the prior year.  

The number of rescue dogs decreased 55%, from 14 in 2016 to 6 in 2017.  This decrease reflects the decrease of the popularity of the breed.  Rest assured that no Kerry was left behind and that all Kerries who required help, got it from the Foundation.

The average expense per rescue dog went up from $734 per dog to $1,060 per dog. This can largely be contributed to the health condition of the Kerries we rescued.

As usual, our sources of income are mostly from direct donations and merchandise sales. We were not able to secure any corporate grants during 2017.  However the interest earned on our investments doubled over 2016.

By far our biggest expenses relates to our rescue operation. Within that category, it is mostly used for veterinary care. Our educational activities, which include our newsletter and the web site, required substantial funds also. We value all our volunteers. To protect them from liability, the Foundation carries insurance, which is 24% of our expenses.

The Foundation’s reserves are $61,500 and reflect the Board’s frugal financial management and the wonderful support of our Kerry On Society members.

The most striking statistic of 2017 is the number of web site visitors.  Over 1.3 million people visited our site.  More than half of them used a mobile device.  Since the upgrade of our web site, most of the increased traffic has come from mobile users.

In Summary, the Foundation’s financial condition is strong thanks to the many donors who have supported us throughout the 16 years of our existence.

We are in a very good position to continue our work for the breed in the years to come.


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