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Anesthesia and Esophogitis Atropine 15 March 2016
by Heather E. Taylor

As a consequence of the above drug used as a preanesthetic agent for my dog, Ch Paxon's Ciara of Heathlor CDX, AGI, MADC, AAD, EAC, OJC, OGC (Ciara), any and all food consumed MUST be liquefied.

How Safe Is Anesthesia? 06 May 2016
by Ron Mandsager, D.V.M.

How safe is it to put my dog under anesthesia?

Sensitivity to Anesthesia 15 March 2016
by Daryl Enstone

If your dog is scheduled for surgery, you should discuss your concerns about sensitivity with the vet. Do this before you drop the dog off for the surgery. Take the Wheaten protocol, shown below, and point out how closely related the breeds are.

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